Deep Time – Deep Time

Rating: ★★★½☆

Working to cover the music scene in a town like Austin can sometimes be a bit much, and the sad truth is, you sometimes don’t give much attention to deserving bands.  Personally, I feel like all of Austin has largely ignored the continuous rise of Deep Time (the artists formerly known as Yellow Fever). Based on the music alone, their self-titled debut for Hardly Art Records, that should definitely change.

Immediately the duo of Jennifer Moore and Adam “not Pacman” Jones make their presence felt.  “Bermuda Triangle” features an opening angular guitar knife, before the rolling rhythm moves into the track.  Moore’s vocals loom large here, especially with her coy delivery of “oooohs.”  It’s a minimal sound for sure, with the band keeping things to the basics, but they add slight finishing touches here and there that bring the songs to life, such as on “Sgt. Sierra” where light keyboard/bell sounds come in and out of the track.

For the most part, this is the group’s formula, and while it’s not necessarily the most inventive out there, it’s a formula that functions well throughout the duration of Deep Time. Listening to a track like “Homebody” you can’t help but to fall for the way Jones rolls in with his drums, perfectly accenting Moore’s vocal delivery.  While her sharp vocal jabs are often more prominent, I really enjoy the warmth of her voice when it’s steady, as fans of her old band The Carrots can attest to I’m sure. One listen to the chorus here of “who cares if you never go home” and you’ll have as much appreciation for Deep Time as I do. There’s always this underlaying steadiness to the group’s songs that might go unnoticed, but maintaing a constant level of cool is difficult to do throughout an entire record, but they definitely accomplish that feat marvelously.

You can listen to “Gilligan,” which has sort of an abstract reference to the television show, and really appreciate the songwriting capabilities, particularly if you’re listening to the guitar work and the chorus.  These might be my favorite moments on the whole record itself, but that’s one man’s opinion.  And through it all, the band is still pushing themselves sonically; you’ll notice this when you listen to the album’s bookend track, “Horse.”  This is perhaps the most diverse track on the whole record, with changing paces, switching directions, and even a hint of a galloping horse…let’s hope the the band keeps pushing themselves like this.

At times, the duo walks the line of tedium, but they’re able to get beyond that on this self-titled effort by sheer talent alone.  Moore and Jones have always played well together, and changing their name to Deep Time isn’t going to change that.  All in all, it’s a pretty artful record, filled with ambition and creativity that any listener should be able to enjoy.


Download:Deep Time – Homebody [MP3]

New Track from Deep Time (formerly Yellow Fever)

It’s been a great couple of weeks for Austin artists (depsite Michael C.’s hatred); releases by Whitman, Zoltars, Literature and leaks of songs by Eastern Sea, Little Radar (coming tomorrow) and now Deep Time. Formerly the group was known as Yellow Fever here in our fair city, but as they’ve signed to Hardly Art, it’s time to move on up in the world–and move in new directions.  As Deep Time, the duo will release a self-titled debut as a sign of new things to come; it’ll be in stores on July 10th. I really like the sound of Jennifer’s voice on this track, and it’s definitely a stronger (if only in production) sound for the group. Congrats Austin…seems like you’ve got a lot going on afterall.


Download: Deep Time – Clouds [MP3]

Show Preview: Yellow Fever @ Emos (1/20)

Date Thursday, Feb. 20th
Location Emos
Doors 900p
Tickets $9 @ The Door

Here lives one of those shows that hasn’t gotten much discussion, yet it’s probably one of the best shows you’ll get a chance to see this week.  Yellow Fever puts on a quiet little show, but the intricacy of their songs, as well as the duo’s interplay never ceases to provide enjoyment.  Then you’ve got Air Waves bringing up the rear, and they’ve been one of the more popular bands on the Net in recent months, so you definitely owe it to yourself to at least check them out, right?  And you can kick start the evening with Hidden Ritual right around 10 PM.  Gives you time to get your nap on, grab a few early beers, then rejoice in the fact that you only have to pay $8! It’s going to be a good night folks.


Download: Airwaves – Knock Out [MP3]

Show Preview: Screaming Females @ Mohawk (9/8)

Date Wednesday, September 8th
Location Mohawk
Doors 1000p
Tickets @ the Door only

The first time I was able to catch Screaming Females, I was rather impressed.  Admittedly, I had gone to see if Ted Leo would sweat all over me, which he did, but this threesome kicked out some powerful jams all the same. They had a knifes-edge tilt, rushing through their set with fury and female vocal prowess.  You’ll definitely have a harder time finding such a sweet evening of tunes.  They’ll be backed up by Yellow Fever, who should definitely fit this bill a great deal, and The Crackpipes.  See you inside the Mohawk, and grab the band’s record Castle Talk–if they have it early.


Download: Screaming Females – I Don’t Mind It [MP3]

Titus Andronicus @ Emo’s (9/1)

Date 9/1/10
Location Emos
Doors 9pm
Tickets $12 @ Ticketweb

Well ladies and gentleman summer has come to a close and we suggest the best way to celebrate/mourn would be to heal your wounds with some solid rock music.  We think the best way to do that is to head to Emo’s on Wednesday night for indie-rock n roll band Titus Andronicus.  Joining the band on stage are two solid locals Yellow Fever and Whitman.  Also don’t forget that The Strange Boys will be getting down on the inside stage!  All in all, this show should rock from start to finish and your face will be left on the floor.


Download: Titus Andronicus – Four Score and Seven (Part Two) [MP3]

Austin Psych Fest Preview

In 2008, Austin Psych Fest was just a one day event meant to display the collision between the visual and musical.  Two years later, the fest has grown into a three day ordeal.  It still holds to its mission of gathering bands that are pushing the envelop of expanding your mind on various levels, which makes it more than just a festival of great music.  It will take place this Friday thru Sunday, and it features some incredible bands we know you’ll love.

Friday features great acts such as The Raveonettes, Warpaint (so good live) and Indian Jewelry.  Saturday you want to get there to see local favorites The Black Angels.  Sunday’s line-up is ridiculous: The Black Angels, The Dutchess and the Duke, Warlocks and Yellow Fever.

Be Sure to go and grab your tickets and spend your weekend at the always enjoyable Mohawk.  Keep it local, keep it rocking.


Download: Dutchess & The Duke – Reservoir Park [MP3]

A2W: Yellow Fever

yellowAt the end of the year, we had a hard time keeping our heads above water, trying to grasp our end of the year lists and what not.  In doing so, we missed the chance to alert you to the duo that is Yellow Fever.  Sure, they’ve been running around Austin for several years, but recently, they’ve seen their star rising in their musical horoscope.  Vivian Girls opted to release the groups self-titled debut album on their label Wild World.  It’s an album full of simple ditty’s a la early K Records groups such as the Beat Happening, but instead of Calvin as the front man, you have the wonderful Jennifer Moore.  It’s got enough hooks to grab the casual listener, and enough depth to instill true adoration from Austin fans. You’ll want to keep an eye on this group in 2010, especially on February 19th when they take the stage with Chain and the Gang and The Strange Boys.  Sounds like a line-up of classic indie rock, and by that, I mean the stuff pre-Pitchfork. Do yourself a favor and head on out to grab a copy of Yellow Fever so you’ll know all the songs in time for the show.

Vivian Girls @ Red 7 (10/16)


Date 10/16/09
Location Red 7
Doors 9pm
Tickets $10 from Frontgate

Blogger favorite fuzz-pop band Vivian Girls are stopping in town at Red 7 on Friday.  Support for this one will be provided by Yellow Fever, Deskonocidos, and Cowabunga Babez.  Not so sure how Vivian Girls will be live so someone check it out and let us know what you think.


Download: Vivian Girls – Can’t Get Over You [MP3]

Ariel Pink @ Mohawk (4/10)

041009_mohawk_arielpink2Ariel Pink is one of those artists who is fairly unpredictable when it comes to the live show and you never really know what the hell the guy is gonna do.  Make your way out to Mohawk on Friday night to catch Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti along with blog hyped band Vivian Girls and opener Yellow Fever.  If nothing else, Vivian girls proved by their SXSW sets that they can put on a decent show.  Tickets for this show will be sold only at the door with music starting around 9:30.


Download: Vivian Girls – Where Do You Run To [MP3]