New Music from Nick Garrie

Nick Garrie released the stunning The Nightmare of JB Stanislas back in 1969, but went mostly quiet, despite how revered his work was at the time. Luckily, Elefant got him to reissue it, which led to a few more albums on various labels in the following years. Now, word has come that we might see a new LP in 2019 via Tapete Records….at the very least we have a new single. His music seems timeless, even now, gentle and soothing, with the focus on great wordplay. It’s going to be hard for you to listen to this song and not feel someone pulling at your insides, tugging every emotion out of you.

Laid Back Rocker From Stef Chura

12247971_1672787559654622_1822489805624074009_oStef Chura, out of Detroit, is an act you need to keep an eye out for. She’s got that perfect blend of slackerpop and rock with a hint of power vocals to round the mix out nicely. “You,” starts and you are reminded immediately of The Cranberries– mellow grunge guitars create this almost sinister sounding atmosphere, while Chura’s vocals are twangy but a definite force to be reckoned with. It’s a lovely laid back rocker that slowly transitions to outright jam.

Her debut record, Messes, will be out in a few months on January 27th via Urinal Cake Records.

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Sleepy Lo-Fi Track From Good Morning

0005442881_10When I stumbled upon this track, at first I didn’t really know what to think about it, as it starts out incredibly slow and kind of just stays in that low place, but there was something about it that kept me coming back to listen to it more and more. “You,” from these Melbourne gentlemen that call themselves Good Morning, is the perfect combination of jam and chill. You see, the guitars have this sort of zen jangle to them, just distorted enough with twang but arranged in such a way that you are lulled into a trance by their constant motion. Then there are the vocals, which are just as distorted, but   ever so delicate. Check out the track below and be sure to listen to “On The Street” as well from the band over here.

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Dark Mood from YOU

uIt’s easy to get caught up in the pulsing rhythm of the synthesized beats that drive this new single from YOU.  But, if you listen closely, you’ll hear a bit of light flowing from the chords in the guitar.  It works pretty well, balancing out the darker attitude that comes from the hollow sounding vocals, even as another pulsing beat jumps into the mix.  This track is the lead single to Sunchaser, the band’s third LP, and first for Dais Records.  The album will be out in just a few short weeks on August 26th.

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