Blast This Young Mammals Track

youngmammalsMan. Houston and their “young” bands! We released the latest Young Girls record this past spring, and now we’re rocking out to this new Young Mammals tune. The bands have similar sounds, maximizing the blend between rock n’ roll and huge pop hooks; you’ll find all the songs just as infectious as this new single…hopefully getting your attention as they blast towards the release of their full length. This track wears the name of the album’s title, Jaguar, and Odd Hour Records will be releasing it on October 28th. Stomp those feet and dig the hooks!

Show Pics: ATH Goes Back To School

Summer SaltNathan summed it up in a book face post. He, with Mike’s help, runs a label that is proud of the content, proud of the people, happy to be helping bands in Austin have merch to sell and fund the next project. It is a ton of work; pursuing, promoting, logistics and coordination. I am happy to be associated with ATH records.

Hit the read more and view the greatness of Pollen Rx, Mean Jolene, Rose Selavy, Plantation Band, Young Girls, Basketball Shorts, Summer Salt and Shivery Shakes (in drag).

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ATH Records Back to School Bash w/ 101X Homegrown

backtoschoolSaturday night folks! There’s only one place you should be come the end of the night (after you attend the PRIDE parade, of course): Barracuda for our Back to School Bash. Our label is about to celebrate it’s 10th official release with Mean Jolene…but ATH is also a home to teachers, so we wanted to celebrate back to school! What better way than to bring out the bands on our label and throw a big party with our friends from 101x Homegrown, who’ve graciously supported the label since its inception. You’ll have 8 bands, 2 stages, so please come celebrate with us. The night will include sets from Pollen Rx, Mean Jolene, Rose Selavy, Plantation Band, Young Girls, Basketball Shorts, Summer Salt and Shivery Shakes. If you’re not in town, be sure to check out our little stable of great Austin acts HERE. And stream the latest label hit from MJ below.

Doors are at 9 PM and it’s a measly $5. I’ll be on hand to sell you stuff.


Young Girls Record Release @ Cheer Ups (7/10)

Young Girls

Young Girls

Date Friday, June 10th
Location Cheer Up Charlies
Doors Happy Hour 4-8pm, bands after
Tickets $3 for 21+ & $10 for minors

This Friday at Cheer up Charlies is a celebration of a lot of hard work by everyone involved in the release of Young Girls new album Party Blood. I know ATH considers Young Girls as more than just label mates at this point and more like good friends. So come out and support us and support our band as they play you some sweet tunes. This is truly an ATH Records show as support is provided by Shivery Shakes, Quiet Kids, and Rose Selavy. Hell and it’s cheap too.

Stream the new album in full below and buy a copy here. Facebook event page here.


Stream the Young Girls Album, Party Blood

younggirlsWe’ve long been fans of Houston’s Young Girls, helping the band whenever we could, and even putting out this, their sophomore album. I’ve been waiting to share the entirety of Party Blood with you; it’s my favorite thing they’ve done, and I think you’re all just going to fall in love. We don’t need any more hyperbole though, so stream it below. If you want, order it from the ATH Records site (it comes with a free 7″ for the first few weeks).

Did You Hear That New Young Girls Track

younggirlsFriday afternoon, Impose Magazine ran a short piece on Young Girls, promoting their brand new single/album. Since we’re the kids behind the release of the album, we wanted to make sure it ended up on your radar! The album’s titled Party Blood, filled with the catchiest jams the band have created to date; I can’t wait for you to hear the album in its entirety. We’ve got PRE-ORDER up for you to grab it early, and if you do, you get a complimentary (FREE!) copy of the band’s last 7″ EP, which we also put out…grab it HERE. This is the summer of Young Girls; look for the LP on May 20th!


Announcing Young Girls Party Blood LP

2016-01-25 Young Girls Party Blood Final FRONT SMALLThose of you who weren’t checking the Internet yesterday might have missed this announcement, so I wanted to be sure you knew we’ve officially announced the release of the new LP from Young Girls. This record follows up their excellent self-titled EP (which we also put out), but I think you’ll be amazed at just how complete the trio sounds on Party Blood. Like the best tunes, every song begs to be played on repeat, like the single below. Pete’s got those churning guitar licks and the Mr. Dudek’s drums pound furiously til the end. Pre-order for the record is HERE, or just grab it on May 20th when it meets the rest of the world.

Death By Unga Bunga Will Rock Your Thursday

unnamed-13Oh, you don’t know too much about Norwegian Garage Rock? Well, sit on down and then get ready to stand right back up because Death By Unga Bunga have got a ripping track for you with “Young Girls.” This song is a three minute whirlwind of glam rock guitar riffs, carefree vocals, crashing cymbals and general garage rock good times. To me, they’ve got a bit of the same sort of attitude that bands like Twin Peaks bring to the table; that self-assured, modern-day garage punk aesthetic that doesn’t apologize for rocking your face off.

Their first North American release and full length, Pineapple Pizza, will be out March 4th viaJansen Plateproduksjon.

ATH Records 2015 Wrap-Up — Looking at 2016

athrecordsWe’re about to move forward to a new year, so I wanted to take a brief look back at our ATH Records releases in 2015, and give you a hint at what’s coming your way from us in 2016. We only had a few releases in 2015 (3), but we’ve already got four on the slates for 2016, so let’s look back and hint at what’s next. I threw in some songs so you could see/hear what we’ve been doing. Make sure to go like the bands on FB (it’s sad that it helps) and if you’re inclined, you can like our FB Page too.  Read more

ATX Saturday Show Spotlight – 12/19

Austin, I love you.The weekend is filled with Holiday parties and various shows celebrating such a time, but Saturday night is where you’ll find your money best spent; there are two incredible shows that are must sees in my eyes. On one hand, you’ve got the 12XU XXXMas Revue at Beerland, featuring Sweet Talk, OBN IIIs, Flesh Lights, Xetas and more; it’s important to note that all those bands have at some point been at the top in our year end lists. While that’s a rock laden show, a block away you can indulge your pop fandom by hitting up Moving Panoramas, Ramesh and Young Girls over at Barracuda. A few of these acts are on our label (with a new Young Girls LP on its way), so you know we’ll be there…though considering the line-up, I’m looking to bounce back and forth all night long.

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