Friday Top 5: Austin Artists to Watch in 2012

Usually the year begins in January, but I typically don’t get my musical gears started until after SXSW.  So I started thinking about the Austin scene, and honestly, I think it’s really struggling right now (and I don’t quite know who to blame).  But, I wanted to give a shout out to five bands that I think are going to make a huge impact this year in Austin and/or Texas, at least that’s what I’m hoping to see from them.  These aren’t in any particular order, so just go with it, and if you see that one of these bands is playing…do Austin a favor and actually go watch them play. Oh, and we included one Houston act because they’re here all the time and we love them. Deal with it.


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Show Pics: 2nd St. Showdown @ SxSW 2012 (3/16)

I was a happy kid. Sure, things could have gone a tiny bit smoother with sponsor issues and sound-guy car troubles early, but we pulled together like a community and put on an excellent day of music. Big thanks to all involved, my +1 for bartending early, the bands for helping each other out, whatever it took was whatever it took and the party felt like SxSW of old.

So here are a bounty of pics from the 2nd St. Showdown

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ATH SXSW Show & Sampler (3/16/12)

It’s that time again folks, time for SXSW and another awesome show by yours truly here at ATH.  This year we’re teaming up with our amigos over at local label Sonora Records to bring what is arguably the best SXSW show around.  We’ve got a sweet lineup that’s been worked on behind the scenes for months now with some equally incredible local sponsors.  Here are the deets on the show after the jump.

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Show Preview: NYE 2 @ Cheer Up Charlies (12/31)

Date 12/31/11
Location Cheer up Charlies
Doors 8pm
Tickets $5 @ Door

New Years Eve is upon us, and I doubt any of you people have really solid plans for what you’re doing to celebrate.  Well, let us assist you in that department with news of a party we’re helping sponsor going down at Cheer Up Charlies on the East Side.  The show features an awesome “locals only” line-up in the form of Gold Spine, TV Torso, Ringo Deathstarr, Young Girls, Marmalakes, Sleep Good, The Zoltars, The Sour Notes and a Mouthfeel DJ set to end the night.  Giveaways will also be handed out out in between each set by Fricano’s Deli, Strut Boutique, Birds Barbershop, Tiffs Treats, and The Highball.  More information on this badass event with complete set times for each band can be seen over on the event’s facebook page.


Download: Sour Notes – Hot Pink Flares [MP3]


Download: Young Girls – Mexico in December [MP3]

Show Preview: The Villas @ Scoot Inn (7/8)

Date 7/8/11
Location Scoot Inn
Doors 9pm
Tickets $5 @ Door

A recent Austin find to us ATH staffers, The Villas, are playing a great local show at Scoot Inn tonight.  Joining the Austin kids on stage are fellow recent ATH faves Young Girls from Houston and Austinites Magnet School.  It’s rumored that some ATH kids may be on hand so we hope to see you all there.


Download: The Villas – Spyglass [MP3]

More New Music From Young Girls

Earlier this month I posted a new song by up and coming Houston outfit Young Girls called “Six Pack Back Stab”.  Apparently that song wasn’t quite as new as I thought and the band has since sent me a more recent jam entitled “Mexico in December”.  It’s a very well written pop song that’s sure to grab them some attention this spring.  A full length album featuring this song and a few others is said to hopefully be available some time later this month.  Stay tuned.


Download: Young Girls – Mexico in December [MP3]

New Music From Young Girls

We rarely get a lot of music out of our neighbors to the east in Houston so imagine our surprise when we were sent this new song from H-town based Young Girls.  I’ve seen these guys on some local Austin bills before, but have never seen them live or given their music much of a listen.  After a few spins of this new track “Six Pack Back Stab” I’m really glad I gave the band a chance.  This jam has some great surf rock style guitar riffs with those muddled vocals eerily similar to our friends Surf City of New Zealand.  Whoever you want to compare them to, you have to admit that they’ve got some great pop melodies.  A debut LP from Young Girls is said to be on its way in mid-March so stay tuned here and to their myspace page for updates.


Download: Young Girls – Six Pack Back Stab [MP3]

Show Preview: Friday Night Alright @ Ruta Maya (9/24)

Date 9/24/10
Location Ruta Maya
Doors 8pm
Tickets $6 @ Door

Local friends Superpop! and Bleu French Laundry have teamed up for a show at Ruta Maya Friday night featuring some of the best bands Austin has to offer.  Your lineup includes The Vitamins, Houston band Young Girls, Tiger Thrust, Sex Dragon, She Sir, and Ideal Soul Mart.  That’s one packed lineup of up and coming locals!  Oh and it’s cheap!


Download: Ideal Soul Mart – Wrk [MP3]

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