Last Week’s Jams (5.29 – 6.2)

Felt like we covered a whole lot of territory last week, which was mostly me just working super hard to keep myself occupied over summer vacation. There were so many great songs that I felt people overlooked in the big indie world, such as the new stuff from Wireheads and Big Blood. Or maybe you can go on with the old dependable from Balmorhea, the Clienteleor High Water Marks. Going back through, definitely appreciating stuff like the Sheeps track and the Chopper tune too, so you’ve got plenty to be excited about when you burn through this playlist. Get on it.

Youth Valley Ready Lullabies for Adults, Share Single

Grecian outfit Youth Valley are all set to release their new record, Lullabies for Adults, so figured we’d toss our hat in the ring here and let you sway to the sounds of their latest single. “February” immediately takes you deep into the cavernous world of post-punk, letting the guitar work and the brooding rhythm beneath move the track, and the listener. But, just as the song feels like it should erupt, it settles into more of a soar, like a bird just catching the wind beneath its wings and riding it out to the end. Where other artists might force a climactic push, Youth Valley hold tight to their calm…letting it guide you, letting it hold you. If you’re digging on it, the new LP is out on June 23rd.

Last Week’s Jams (5.8 – 5.12)

Last week kicked off with a bang; we covered a whole bunch of tunes right off the bat, only to kind of fade towards the end of the week. Still, we managed to get up 20 tunes you should listen to, though the Mope City single isn’t out there yet on streaming services. Some Austin love came our way with Tearjerk and Balmorhea getting solid mentions, while we couldn’t help but to continue our fawning over Night Beats and their latest barrage of bangers. Threw in some new Shelflife releases from Lost Tapes and Youth Valley, and in the end, the new stuff from Shrapnel and Special Friend definitely won awards for my faves of the week. You’ve got an hour of legendary streams below!

Catching Up with Shelflife Records: Lost Tapes + Youth Valley

As much as I might hate to admit it, I feel like sometimes I take Shelflife Records for granted. Much like a Slumberland or Trouble in Mind, they just put out such consistently great albums, that I’m like “Yeah, of course I’ll love it, I’ll come back to it.” But, as was the case the last few weeks, we missed some real gems from bands we love: Lost Tapes and Youth Valley. Lost Tapes has a new Crossing Towns EP coming out in June (6.21), and the first single has a slight jangle, perhaps melted a bit in the global warming crisis, turning into a mellower slow churn that flirts with dreams. Over in Greece, Youth Valley are dropping a quicker bit of jangle pop, bringing sharp notes that open up for the melodic vocals to hide in the song’s middle; they’ll release their new Lullabies for Adults LP in June (6.25) too! Don’t take your favorite labels for granted! Go check out all the other stuff Shelflife has for you!

Last Week’s Jams, Today (6.20 – 6.24)

I don’t even want to look back at last week. But, we had songs, there were some really good songs coming out of a really awful week. Our friend Ram Vela and his band had a new single, plus it never hurts to get a Voxtrot tune in your inbox. Think I kept coming back to these Bastien Keb, Flowertown and Tan Cologne tunes the most, well, and that Tony Molina track. There’s about 20 jams to sort through, so find a favorite. Or don’t.

Youth Valley Share New Single

Grecian popsters Youth Valley really have the charms to get us into the rest of this week; they’re bringing in this delightful new track, with promises that their will be more like-minded gems come the release of their LP this Winter. Listening, there’s definitely something faintly Morrissey in the vocals (before we all decided that guy was awful); they have this shyness to them that seems fitting for the band’s lyrical parable on how we’ve all grown to shy to go out and enjoy the night. And, if the voice wasn’t enough to seduce you, listen to the sharpness of those guitar chords, dancing and distorting in the distance, twirling their little fingers through your hair, playfully; it’s all sheer charm, and I can’t wait to hear more from the outfit.