Friday Facts: 40,000 Years Ago

So you may have missed the story a couple weeks back about the oldest musical instrument found to date. It is a flute, 40,000 years old found in southern Germany made from mammoth and bird bones. With a discovery like this, there are typically other things learned about our ancestors.


  1. This pushes back the first time someone tried to “talk” during a show. Scientists assume there was grunting from a female about how her caveman wouldn’t “commit”.
  2. Cave paintings of performances were limited in scope. Apparently, they were made during the first three songs, no torch allowed.
  3. Distant relatives of Gerard from Matador was at the first show and bought a band pelt along with early members of Jim Eno’s lineage and the actual Lemmy.
  4. The flutists eventually signed a new tribe and lost all indie cred in the cave.
  5. Flute/penis euphemisms were born.

Image courtesy Oxford: Full Story.

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