• Top Albums of 2021

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Some Albums to Stream and Such

Didn’t really find a lot of stuff that I wanted to run up on the site today, so here I am to let you find some albums you can stream and enjoy today. With bandcamp links, because the band’s deserve the money!

Good Good BloodThe Dizzying Parade

The album title is apt here, as the construction throughout these ten songs take light guitar pop and filter it through this dizzying blend of atmospherics that help you to escape the classic feel of a Friday.

ArtsickFingers Crossed

We’ve written about this record quite a bit, and watching my kid dance around our playroom while it spins in the background has been a real joy. She only has one move, but its sweet. This record, on the other hand, has 11 rambunctious pop jams to enjoy.

Jana HornOptimism

Our friend Jana has the most spectacular voice for your Friday, or your every day. We’ve been fans of her work for some time, and now you can all join in the joys by streaming the release of her latest batch of tunes. It’s such a striking listen.

Kids on a Crime SpreeFall In Love Not in Line

This is the second album dropped by Slumberland Record today that’s just full of pogo-power; you can blend dreaminess with infectious hooks and smash the pop charts! Plus, if you grab the album, it comes on a cool LP format. Bop on my friends!

The SuncharmsDistant Lights EP

After releasing their debut LP, the Suncharms follow that up with this quick little collection of tunes that give you a new glimpse at one of the tune’s from said record. Plus, that “Telescope” ditty should get you through the day.


Clear Capsule Ready Gravity Licker EP

Los Angeles outfit Clear Capsule are gearing up for you to indulge in their melting pop of indie influences; you get some heavy-handed riff work akin to your favorite shoegaze acts, melodic pop influences in Bryce Pulaski’s vocals (which remind me of Wares), then a little mixture here of energetic post-punk dance beats, all stirred up for a delicious earworm treat. I’m captivated by my inability to really separate the various influences within this track; they all seem like they fit so seamlessly in the track, yet my brain’s hearing this swirl of musical textures. Gravity Licker is getting dropped in your lap on February 1st!

Crystal Eyes Share Wishes Video

You’ve always go to keep an eye upon what’s coming through the Bobo Integral pipeline, and their latest singing, Crystal Eyes, are sure to captivate many a pop fan. The Montreal group namecheck the Cure and the Beatles, but when I listened the first few times through, it feels like a DJ Skrew version of Blondie’s “Dreaming” getting spun at the dance club. The vocals are a little more coy, toying with a little bend in the ending of lyrical syllables while the rhythm section hammers away there. That’s when you start to hear the angular Cure guitar sound dangling in there. Definitely a hit; the band will release The Sweetness Restored on April 22nd via Bobo Integral.

Die! Die! Die! Share Video for Losing Sight, Keep on Kicking

I’ve already written about what a ripper this latest Die! Die! Die! single is, but now that it’s got this great gory video to go along, feel like that gives us another chance to turn it up and get things real loud. I love the pummeling pace of the tune, and the vocals definitely have that post-hardcore howl that hits the spot. This still feels like one of those rippers that is destined to tear through your speakers, in the best way of course! The New Zealand outfit will release This is Not an Island Anymore on February 18th.


Eades Share Delusion Spree

Really just wanted to get up something warm and punchy today, as it’s a blistering day outside my window here. That said, the frantic rock n’ roll of Eades seems a little calmed here, and I don’t mind that one bit, as we can all use a nice little pop rock ditty that’s not rushing in the same direction as everyone else out there. There’s something in the riff work as it kind of slides into the background in the tune’s middle that kind of hints at some of the Sonic Youth influences I think might slide under your radar; just listen carefully while the guitar solo is going about and tell me you don’t hear that! The band will be releasing Delusion Spree on March 4th via Heist or Hit.

Bodega Drops Lyric Video for Thrown

Bodega are set to drop their sophomore LP in March, and as they build, they drop another new tune with this emphatic beat cut up by sharp little guitar riffs. The composition provides a post-punk style that’s built to get you bouncing on the dancefloor, euphorically letting yourself run free. Lyrically, Ben Hozie and Nikki Belfligio use the song as a reflection of sorts, admitting the amount of influence their own interest in art, literature, music has influenced or “thrown” them. Sitting here typing this up, I’m like “yeah, same.” Can we trust ourselves and our tastes? Does it even matter? Watch the video and you make the call. Broken Equipment hits on March 11th via What’s Your Rupture.

Bart Davenport Announces Episodes

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard a proper Bart Davenport record, and it feels like this year already deserves his craft. His songwriting has a very classic pop vibe, though there are these little touches that make him seem masterful and timeless. At times, you can hear little flirtations with the Beatles or the like, maybe even a touch of Beach Boys in the chorus to boot. But, in truth, I feel like he evades these trappings; his voice has its own intoxicating style that supersedes all the musical nods, leaving us with a pop song that we won’t soon forget. His new album Episodes is out March 25th via Tapete.

Sad Eyed Beatniks Share Hysterical Rooters

Kevin Linn’s Sad Eyed Beatniks project will be dropping the new album, Claudia’s Ethereal Weaver, next Friday, but there’s one more beautiful sample to grab your ears before the release date hits. This really feels like one of those perfect tunes written in a bedroom that surely drove the neighbors crazy; it’s got this intimacy and sharpness in the vocals, though the volume of the mix almost makes it feel like its a full-on rock n’ roll hit. There’s just something that swells in this song, as the jangling riffs and heavy beats come crashing billowing through your speaker; it’s like a lo-fi tape recording disguised as noise rock, and I absolutely love it! The new album is out January 28th via Meritorio Records.

Bollards Share Plate Up Single from Harbour Dance EP

London outfit Bollards are crafting some funky punky dance grooves, disguised with some clever modern touches that’ll have you scratching your head wondering why you’re having so much fun. Their new single has this propulsive nature to it, and these sharp guitar line that get some added punctuation from the cymbal and drum work. Honestly, there are moments when you recall the best of Chk! Chk! Chk!, but then the band get more explorative, dragging in some hazy washes of atmosphere to catch you off guard. The band’s debut Harbour Dance EP is shaping up to be a nice introduction to an exciting new act.

The Latest Video from Shout Out Louds

We’re avowed Shout Out Louds fanboys over here, and while Adam Olenius voice has dominated the band’s sound throughout their releases, the latest single builds in another layer, keyboardist Bebban Stenborg. Her voice offers the band this new layer of velvety pop that serves as the perfect foil to Adam’s voice, particularly when its set up in the open expanse of pop songwriting. I’m enjoying that the band seem to have evolved, and while the track’s not filled with that anthemic urgency from their earliest works, the melodic hooks are still driving the songwriting; I’m really a sucker for the way Bebban and Adam join up at the song’s closing moments, charming us in unison. If you dig, the band will be releasing House on February 18th via Bud Fox Recordings.

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