Hibou Unleashes Perfect Pop Gem

Although my tastes have been all over the place this morning, it’s good to settle on a brand new track from Hibou that hits right where my daily musical tastes trend. Peter Michel’s project has a new EP coming our way in January, and this single offers a hint at the treats in store. It’s got that sweetness indiepop fans adore, just barely coated in a bit of heavy atmospherics to let it swim in the pools of dream pop. Ultimately, I always land on those crisp guitar jangles, juxtaposed with the pulsing rhythm and warm wash of the vocal play. This lands in that territory between early Wild Nothing and late Pains of Being Pure at Heart, so if that sounds like you, just press play. Arc EP is out on January 13th!

Another Jam From Tearing Up

Ontario based musician Graham Caldwell has really been wowing me with his new music coming out this year under the recording moniker Tearing Up. Already he’s shared the drum heavy, noise rock track called “Your Flame” and today we’ve got another new single “Said Something” for you to take into the weekend. I absolutely love the frantic nature of this song, which can often be messy or sloppy, but this one is frantic and full of energy while also keeping everything incredibly tight and enjoyable. December is off to a solid start with tunes like this one.

Tearing Up’s debut LP entitled Heavy is due out on January 23rd. Pre-save it now.

Bad Bad Hats Share Super America Video

It’s Friday, so you likely need something to brighten your day, especially if you’re around Austin and seeing the drizzle drip down your window. So, why not celebrate with the Bad Bad Hats; the band are dropping this fresh video of their hit single “Super America,” which features a remastered take on the band’s song from a decade ago. Originally, the song popped up on their It Hurts EP, but that’s ten years past, so we’ve got to throw it a birthday party, with this heavily catchy tune. It’s a reminder of the band’s ability to sprinkle hook after hook into their songwriting…and might it even encourage you to listen to their most recent LP, Walkman? Tap your toes, spin about, take these pop vibes into your weekend.

An Echoic Begs Take Me With You to Outer Space

There’s something in this season of the year that always makes us reflect, for whatever reason; I blame all the family time. Still, you need a soundtrack, and this morning this track from Sweden’s An Echoic just magically works. It’s got this adventure in it, be that in the song’s title itself, or the way the vocals get stretched to the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere. Something in the way the vocals just kind of hang on to the edge of certain tones reeks of the longing, the sense that we’re all barely hanging on, the fragility of it all…thus the need for that new adventure into outer space.

Long Winded Modest Mouse Show Preview

While The Moon & Antarctica is widely considered Modest Mouse‘s crowning achievement, there are some, like myself who consider The Lonesome Crowded West a near perfect album. Dropped in 1997, it didn’t make its way into my regular rotation until a year or so after. But, I was a fickle college music fan, gravitating to various bands and styles, then moving onto the next. Still, upon graduation in 2002, I packed my old Honda Accord with one of those traveling cases of CDs, a few packs of smokes and my sleeping bag…and I drove from Austin to my new home, Yellowstone National Park. It was that first 24 hour road trip that really made me indebted to that LP, so much so, that now, some 20 years on from that adventure, I can still recall every twist and turn of the songs, and every little nuanced moment where Modest Mouse made it into my life in those months. I’m fortunate to be able to catch the band touring behind the entirety of said LP here in Austin on Monday; tickets are SOLD OUT, so perhaps ask a friend..

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Stunning New Single From Angel Apricot

As I think I’ve previously mentioned, I often spend time perusing the bandcamp new and notable section for music I may have missed to add to ATH or to my daily playlists. While skimming the new tunes this morning, I came across this captivating new song called “Sparks” from Toronto based artist angel apricot. Not a lot of information is out there about the artist outside of an IG and youtube channel, but this is truly one of those songs that can speak for itself. Sort of a Grizzly Bear inspiration with heavy bass and delicate vocals.

If you’re into these sounds, angel apricot has an entire 13 song album entitled the pink sunset over you available to stream in full on bandcamp.

Equal Parts Share Debut Single

Australia has been kicking out rad jams all week long, and it looks like this new band Equal Parts is just adding to the brilliant hits coming our way. The band’s made up of members from CLAMM and Floodlights, so they’ve already got the pedigree to win us over here, but they’ve also got the musical chops to back it up. This track has the push and pull of an off-kilter post-punk piece, tugging at you with this driving rhythm, only to shove you forth with this emphatic backing call-and-response vocal approach. All the while, the band’s got faint backing vocals, mixed in with trumpet blasts and that angular explosiveness that makes the group one to keep an eye on today! This song comes our way courtesy of Tiny Town Records.

Dancing with Abracadabra’s Talk Talk

Sometimes I have to remind myself that there really is no point in feigning to be cool or pretend like I’m some magical gatekeeper of indie cool. Instead, I’m merely here every day or so to promote jams that I’m loving, and right now, I’m grooving with this new tune from Abracadabra. This Oakland outfit is throwing out some Caribbean beats fused with elements of post-punk and crafty early beat work from the likes of ESG. Plus, they spin it with these playful vocals that ultimately make you feel like you’re the cool one just for partaking in this dance party. Put down your cool patch and slide right into this tune on your way to super fun times. Their album, Shapes & Colors drops in January via Melodic.

Swansea Sound Share Video for Music Lover

A few weeks back we shared a new single from our friends in Swansea Sound; it was a stellar rock number attached to a Christmas single for the Holidays. Well, the band enjoy keeping things old-school DIY, and they’ve made their own video with the song’s stars: Daniel Ek, The Zuck, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. The video features raining Bitcoin running like a spinning slot machine, with Ek, Bezos and the Zuck banging out the tune. But, you’ve got to wait for Elon’s dance solo near the song’s end. So, before you run out and post your Spotify Festival lineup, jam to someone still willing to take the piss out of the man! Oh…and keep in mind that the EP comes with a signed Christmas Card…and let’s not forget their label Skep Wax is also responsible for reissuing all those great Heavenly LPs, which I forgot to mention weeks ago.

Balmorhea Film the Wind Live in Marfa

Over the last few decades, instrumental music, be it ambient or post-rock or what-have-you, has really made its moment known on the independent music scene. And, Austin’s been home to some of the best, like Explosions in the Sky and Balmorhea. But, what I’ve always loved about Balmorhea is their attention to performance spaces as part of their craft, which the world will get to see tomorrow when their new film, The Wind – Live in Marfa is released unto the world, courtesy of Deutsche Grammophon. RG Lowe and Michael Muller brought along some old friends like Aisha Burns to record the entirety of the record at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, and the cavernous feel of the space playing into the sound reminds me of the time I caught the group on a quiet night at the Austin Ballet. If, like me, you marvel at the intersection between music and performance, then be sure you get a chance to watch this film. DG will be streaming the incredible performance for free for 72 hours starting tomorrow, with a digital soundtrack following Friday!

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