Warbly Pop from Oro Swimming Hour

At its core, this new track from Oro Swimming Hour is a great ballad. But, in order to up the ante a bit, the duo fill the song with wobbling atmospheric elements, throwing listeners off-kilter a bit with an intoxicating murkiness. They wrap up the natural warmth in shared harmonies, only furthering the understated enchantment that’s coming through your speakers right now. It should come as no surprise then that the band’sforthcoming Penrose Winoa will be handled by Orchid Tapes and Art is Hard Records; it hits on July 21st.

New Rocker From Teen Vice

Ah yes it is Friday and it’s a great time to end the week with some rock. My Brooklyn friends in Teen Vice are prepared to give us just what the doctor ordered. The song is “Kiss it Goodbye” and is sure to offer some goodness to those of you who are into high energy, female lead punk rock. Check it out below.

The Saddest Summer EP drops on July 14th.

New Music from Francisco the Man

Really needed a pick me up this morning after a late night at Hole in the Wall, and what better than this energetic tune from Francisco the Man (no relation to Portugal). Just after the 7 second mark the drums kick in, guitars buzz and you’re off. Vocals hit a high pitch, and soar on towards exuberance. I’m really enjoying the finer touches that are hanging out behind the front of the song, from ringing guitars to little synth touches; it helps to flesh the song out so it’s more than just a one emotion kind of hit. This single comes with the announcement of the band’s new album, Bodies in the Sun, which comes out today.

More New Music from RG Lowe

When RG Lowe stepped to the side of Balmorhea to focus on his new project, I was really interested, as I always gravitate towards more lyrically based music. And, with his latest single, he’s completely heading in a pure pop direction. While the song begins slowly, almost ornately, the pace jumps and guitar stabs create that infectious stomp in your toes. You could see this song sliding right up against a handful of mainstream acts, and you’d be proud for Mr. Lowe, just knowing how much he works to perfect his craft. It’s adult contemporary pop for the cool kids. Look for Slow Time on June 2nd via Western Vinyl.

Never Sleep on Sea Pinks

Sea Pinks are one of my favorite bands that I wish I could get more people into, if only to see their faces light up with joy. They just dropped a single from their next LP, and while it still has remnants of the group’s early work, I think it also shows just how far they’ve pushed themselves with this new release. Machine gun drums and jangling guitar notes, but you almost get the feeling that 60s pop played a part in the construction of everything on Watercourse. It’s good to see progression, as well as slight nods to the bands early hits…look for the LP this Friday via CF Records.

Brand New Cattle Hit

It’s not too often that bands from Japan break in the US, and that might never happen for Tokyo’s Cattle, but as long as they promise to right great hits, I don’t think anyone (namely myself) will care. The last I heard of the band they had released Somehow Hear Songs via Jigsaw Records, and it looks like the esteemed label has another offering for the group coming soon. This new tune sheds a little of the shoegaze vibe, instead just hitting you straight in the face with pure pop rock. Not sure when it hits or what its called, but you should definitely listen to this track today.

New Music from Vansire

Those of you longing for that void left by early Animal Collective might find something appealing in the craftwork of Vansire, though the tunes are a little bit more subtle. Just imagine that you, like all folks, have grown older, and traded it in heavy beeps for dreamier notes; you’re going to easily let these musical notes float about your office or your home today. Take the trade and you’ll find this melodic jauntlurking in every corner of your day today. It’s just a new single, but let’s hope these Minnesotans keep up the good vibes.

New Video From Fallow Land

Fallow Land are a two piece who hail from Ann Arbor who are crafting dreamy indie rock music. They’ve shared a new video for their track “Faux,” off their upcoming EP release and it’s one you shouldn’t miss. The guitars are crisp and tight, building spirals around the stop-and-start percussion. The video for the track alludes to imagery you’d expect from a thriller movie trailer and puts you a little on edge as you travel through the woods. Check it out below and then go pre-ordertheir upcoming PinscherEP, which will be out June 30th.


Brand New Pop Number from The Luxembourg Signal

As much as I relished the debut album from The Luxembourg Signal, I’m going out on a short limb and claiming this new single as the best work they’ve done to date…might just be one of the best songs I’ve heard this month, in fact. When the song came in, mixing guitars with speedy hi-hat work, I thought the band might jump off into an upbeat affair. Soon, however, synths washed over my speakers and Betsy Moyer’s smoky voice slowly billowed. For me, that combination would be enough to call it a winner, but the band won’t rest there; they bring in some walls of distortion and bending chords from the distance, building a dreamily infectious moment…Moyer’s voice almost takes on a playful tone during the chorus. And, as the song fades to a close, they throw in a slightly heavier hand and some vocal “bah bah bahdop,” only increasing my adoration. They’ve got their follow-up, Blue Field, in the works, but they’ll be releasing this song via 7″ on June 23rd via Shelflife. Sit back and fall in love here.

Thrasher From Dasher

Dasher have recently signed to Jagjaguwar Records,announced their debut album, Sodium, and shared the title track from this upcoming record. While I’m not prone to listen to music such as heavy as this, there’s definitely something pulling about the post-punk instrumentation that caught my ear. The vocals are a harsh scream that may take some getting used to, but the band does a great job building the track to its climactic finish. Take a listen below and then go pre-order their forthcoming record right here.

Sodium will be out July 14.



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