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The Black Watch Share Get Me Out of Echo Park

Of course, The Black Watch never hold back from writing material; for fans, they’re almost always on your mind, like the fuzzier pop version of Guided by Voices. Today they announced a bunch of cool things, like a new LP featuring the great tune below, but they also seem to have put together a couple of fun compilations, you know, for the collectors out there trying to polish off their collection (one even has the band’s entire catalog on a USB). The guitar sound here is phenomenal, giving plenty of space for Fredrick to cast his hallowed croon while the rhythm section works beneath it all. This song appears on Magic Johnson, which will be released June 21st via Atom Records.

Pop Gem From Talkboy

Looking for some pop goodness to improve your mood today? If you answered yes, I suggest you check out this new single called “Wasting Time” from Leeds pop band Talkboy. I personally am loving the swirling guitars and harmonized vocals helping to create a true gem of pop music. Have a lovely day.

This single is available now on 7″ single via the Come Play With Me label.


Show Preview: Ministry with Cold Cave (4/18)

I will be among the lucky ones to watch Industrial Accident: The Story of Wax Trax! Records before Cold Cave and Ministry perform live. Wax Trax! was massively influential on me bringing bands like (aside from the aforementioned Ministry) Front 242, Revolting Cocks, A Split Second, KMFDM and My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult to my ears. We tweeted out info on RSD about the move/concert combo tix when they were available. Now, if you have the will and are more interested in the concert than the movie, you can still be mong the free GA admission people to attend the show which will feature Ministry doing all late 80’s and 90’s set. Register your RSVP HERE and get in line at Fair Market now.

Scott Yoder Shares Epic Track

Self proclaimed ‘glitter folk’ artist, Scott Yoder, has a new video out for the track, “How’s It Gonna End.” The Seattle artist is releasing a series of six singles, and this is the second to drop.Vocally, I’m reminded a bit of David Berman of the Silver Jews, and Yoder’s vocals control the track with their swagger. There’s a ton of great touches on this song as well, which you’ll pick up on repeated listens. Take for example, the horns that majestically follow you through the duration, or the organ sounds that come and go. It’s a different–almost nostalgic–sound, but one that has compelled me to come back again and again. Take a listen below.

Divino Nino Share Maria

Three out of four folks working on this site at one time studied Spanish or lived in Spanish speaking countries, so you could say it runs through out site. This track from Divino Nino is sung entirely in Spanish, though I don’t think that really detracts from non-speakers. It all begins with this casual strum, aided by a sort of keyboard wash in the background. When the vocals come through, I loved the way the syllables were sort of drawn out to match the speed of the strummed guitar; and then came the light little textural arrangements that brought the song to life. Que hermosa! The band will release Foam on June 21st via Winspear.

Kick On This Podge Tune

Admittedly, Podge just popped up recently in my world, but I’m super intrigued by what the young artists is doing. His latest single reminds me of a sort of stripped down version of Architecture in Helsinki or Boy Least Likely To; it really hones in on the song’s natural melody, letting that really course through the track as the main focal point. Dammit…this song has possessed my soul and I can’t stop playing it over and over. Join me in playing this tune on repeat..and while you’re at it, check out his reworking of “God Only Knows.”

Bedroom Pop from Rebounder

There’s something in the simplicity of what Rebounder is doing that has made me gravitate towards his latest single. The track is predominantly simple beats and the voice of Dylan Chenfeld, but I find something about his vocal delivery that drags me in like a tractor beam. It’s a very matter of fact delivery, maybe like something you’d hear in the early 00s, where the lyrical content was more important than hitting that exact note. It’s a chilled out track that recently got the video treatment, so sit back and just enjoy a nice little pop ditty as we draw near the weekend.

Check This New NOTS

Slimming the band down is bound to change the way a group like NOTSsounds, and I think for the first 20 seconds or so, you can feel a change in the direction; there’s an electronic pulse sort of quivering in the opening moments. But, once that’s on, the vocals begin to straddle the rhythm section, delivered in such a fashion as to sort of intoxicate the listener; I feel like I’m being drawn into some sort of dark seance and I can’t turn away. This track has the band leaning more towards that psychedelic vibe, but you can still here that ominous tone of punk rock lurking in there. Look for 3 on May 10th via Goner Records.

Absolute Banger From Night Moves

As I look out on yet another dreary and rainy spring day in Austin, I am finding myself in need of a little musical inspiration. Much to my pleasure, this new song called “Strands Align” from Minneapolis based pop hit makers Night Moves just pinged my inbox. It reminds me of a time before The Killers sucked if their sound had some elements of Tame Impala mixed with driving rock songs. Basically, it’s a hit and you should check it out right now.

Night Moves will release new album Can You Really Find Me on June 28th via Domino.

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