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Friday Album Streams: Motorists, Aluminum and More

This week doesn’t seem as nearly as crazy with releases as last week, and perhaps that’s a good thing, as you’ll get a moment to really dive into some great records that we’d like to turn your attention towards. Several Oakland area bands decided today was a good day to drop tracks (so good thing that Neutrals LP is out next week!), plus I threw in a new ambient collection from our friend Buildings and Food! Click on some stuff, see what you love. Couldn’t hurt!

MotoristsTouched by the Stuff (Bobo Integral)

AluminumFully Beat (Felte Records)

Yea-Ming and the RumoursI Can’t Have It All (Dandy Boy Records)

Buildings and FoodEcho the Field (Self-Released)

Stuart Pearce Shares The Bosses Are Stealing Your Days/Rules of Threes

Lest we remind you, Stuart Pearce is a band, not a singular man, and today, the band has dropped a fresh new set of tunes for your ears. You get a little different dose of styles here, with one of the tunes taking on an Ian Dury/Dan Treacy bit of playfulness, while the flipside of the single offers up something a whole lot more aggressive. Both tunes are set to appear on the band’s forthcoming record, All This Vast Overproduction, so it should be interesting to see how this all plays out when that day comes: will they go pop? will they tie into the abrasive? Both options have an upside, but we’ll have to wait until we hear more from the band’s label Safe Suburban Home.

Great Earthquake Shares Trauma and Impact

Noah Symons has a catalog chock-full of explorative pop music under the name Great Earthquake, and it looks like we’re set to see another album from the songwriter come out this August. Beginning with a little metronomic beat, the track starts at a crawl, letting Symons settle into the moment as guitar lines dangle themselves into the mix. As it progresses, a synth line of atmospherics and a snappier bit of cymbals and snares build the texture beneath Noah’s voice, giving the tune this nice little dosage of sweetness that elevates the emotional ties here. The new LP Abstract Expression will be out on August 2 via Lost and Lonesome.

My Best Unbeaten Brother Share Extraordinary Times

When My Best Unbeaten Brother popped onto my radar back in February, I knew I liked it, but was certainly interested to see where the band would go as they moved forward. Well, they’ve quickly become one of my favorite new acts, on the backs of another rad single playing below. It opens in what I kind of consider a come-hither finger wag; the softly spoken lyrical style with a bending guitar line beckons you into the track. Then backing vocals build texture just as the drums snap into their role. Suddenly, the guitars take on a different, distorted tone, almost swinging from side to side. And as if you were getting used that, one of the Ben’s ramps up his vocal delivery, frantically delivering line after line as it was the last thing he might ever say. Everything is catchy and crunchy, and there’s even a bit of Morrissey slander. Earnest pop rock of the best should have everyone in love with this lot. Pessimistic Pizza will be out on June 28th via Audio Antihero.

Moon Under Water Share Greene Around the Gills

There’s a soft spot in my heart for grandiose orchestral pop rock, but as of late, there haven’t been too many execute the style…though I think Moon Under Water might turn your head. They open up with this bounding rhythm, springing along with great arrangement work that seems to add a textural spirit to the tune itself. While that folk pop explosion builds, the band aren’t afraid to pull back from the rocking elements, which you’ll get in loads during the chorus moments, anchored by blasting horns and emphatic drum work, letting us all know that our hearts are still beating. If you’re digging this tune, might we suggest turning up their new LP, Some of Us Were Islands, out today!

Manatee Commune Drop Faulted Single

When I was a young teen in the mid90s we used to hit up raves and dance clubs, just wilding away into the night, driven by thundering beats and house music. But, we balanced that with equal doses of rock and hip hop and country, and eventually I went full punk/emo kid. It wasn’t until Postal Service popped up in early 00s that I was reminded of how joyous electronic music can be. And while I’ve digressed, that’s the exact sentiment I get from this new Manatee Commune tune. It’s vocal free, but there’s definitely a great bit of movement, and certainly enough to make you move out of your chair. I love how the tune pulls back to offer up little glimmers of dreaminess, tugs it back, then lets the beat bound down through the speaker tubes. It’s light and fun, and definitely makes me wish I was carefree enough to break out the glow-sticks and play with that invisible ball I carried around on the dance floor. If you’re totally into this, there’s a new LP coming out in July via Bastard Jazz.


IDLES Divide, Conquer and LOVE Austin’s Moody Ampitheater

We’re anti-Fascist, we’re anti-violence, we’re anti-racist and we’re pro-creative. -Joe Strummer (The Clash)

We all listen to music for a myriad of reasons but, for many of us, it is our source of connection to humanity. A connection that informs us that we are not alone in this world with our own experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Over 7 years and 5 studio albums, Bristols IDLES have found that connection with an audience that spans generations, race, creed, and sexual identity.Their sound explores the typical musical landscape of punk/post-punk/hardcore, brash, aggressive, and thunderous while delivering poignant, timeless messaging, political and personal, softening the edges with tongue-in-cheek humor and pushing the musical confines of a genre sometimes limiting in sound.

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Blood Announce Loving You Backwards

Former Austin outfit Blood moved off to Philadelphia to find their sound and build themselves a new foundation. Through the process, various members found new paths and chose to leave the band, but not before the completing the record that would become Loving You Backwards. Their sound will likely draw some comparisons to early Shame records, taking post-punk sounds and flexing them into new territory that’s simultaneously bright and dangerous. That said, frontperson Tim O’Brien embraced the more femme shades of his voice, building in a softness to the record that we might not have gotten when they were all back in Texas. Really excited to hear the whole of Loving You Backwards, which drops in August via Ramp Local.

Julie Sophie Shares Numb Single

When you first click on this Julie Sophie tune, you might be taken aback a bit. The tune operates from the get-go, as a bit of spoken word, something that forces your ears to adjust. Beneath the spoken words, you can begin to hear a bubbling bit of electronica, carefully building its tension. When it releases, the vocals are peeled back and the tune works in a thumping groove with sampled cymbal work, while the vocals crawl along in the background. It’s a nice little twisted tune, working between sedative spoken words and techno beats that should have Julie Sophie on your radar; her Forgive Too Slow LP will be out on July 26th via Ba Da Bing.

Rui Gabriel Shares Church of Nashville

While it it may have taken multiple versions to get here, Rui Gabriel‘s newest single, “Church of Nashville” feels like the perfect final revision. When the electronic loop gets going at the beginning, it immediately brings you into the confines of the track, letting you settle in your seat before Gabriel even walks onto the stage. When his voice begins to work over that hurried strum, there was something about it that was reminiscent of Lou Reed, sort of that whispering cool that makes you want to tie yourself wherever he goes. Plus, as the track gets underway, there are all these little elements of atmospheric brushstrokes that elevate the tune beyond that whisper, lifting it magically into your ear canals. Compassion will be out on Carpark on June 21st.

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