Zone Out With Steve Hauschildt

How’s that World Cup going? My beloved Spurs are all having good showings for their respective countries, so far. Kane has two goals, Eriksen another and Trippier was wrecking defensive tactics with quality service from the wing. I digress.

There is no mystery that Ghostly International is one of my favorite labels, from Tycho to Beacon to Matthew Dear. They have another gem of a release pending with Steve Hauschildt‘s full-length album Dissolvi, due early August. Currently working out of Chicago, the Cleveland born producer employs texture and an ethereal vocal from Julianna Barwick to create a haze inducing atmosphere with progressive weight while percussion echoes with subtlety. This record is gonna be good.

Still Corners Announce New LP

Still Corners recorded their brand new album here in the heart of Texas, so we’ve got to write about it, no? Doesn’t matter anyways, as the song’s definitely something that will grab you. The first minute of the track is spent with little guitar chords being plucked while synths build the sound in the background. Then the percussive element unfolds, sharp and to the point…waiting for Tessa to enter the picture. Her voice has this smoky resonance that blankets the subtle electronic groove of the track. The group drop Slow Air on August 17th via Wrecking Light, followed by a solid chunk of North American tour dates starting in September.

Stream Proud Parents New LP

Drawing nearer to the weekend, we could all use a little jumpstart in our lives, so why not put on the new LP from Proud Parents today. It’s 13 tracks of power-pop goodness, both energetic and catchy, from start to finish. The band trade off lead vocalists between Claire, Heather and Tyler; they also all join in on each other’s song, leaving you with an album’s worth of sing-a-long hits that will keep your thirst satiated. If you love what you hear, check the stream below, then grab the whole self-titled LP from the good people at Dirtnap Records.

The Mary Onettes Drop New Tune

We’ve been writing about the Mary Onettes since their inception back in the 00s; we continue our support as the band ready the release of a new single this Friday. The central groove of this song is sensational, slowly cascading through your speakers with these little gurgles of bass bouncing in and out. Then the bread and butter for the band is they way they’ve always draped the vocals across the entire mix; they always sort of feel like atmospherics coating the musical instrumentation. This track will be released as a single by Cascine on Friday with a B-Side to boot!

Slumberland to Release The Wolfhounds Peel Sessions

The Wolfhounds might not be a household name, but their role in the lineage of all things indiepop is definitely important. The band appeared on the C86 tape, which, as you know, is a vital piece, if not the holy grail of the genre. While they’ve remained active as of late, this post is about the issuing of three sessions of music recorded with legendary John Peel. Of course the reissue is being handled by Slumberland Records who will release Hands in the Till on July 27th…allowing you to complete your own Wolfhounds collection. So lovely to have these songs before us.

Mothers Return with New LP

Now this is a Mothers tune I can assuredly get behind. Guitars twinkle in an angular fashion, with quick cymbal work emphasizing the sharpness of the guitar. Of course, Kristine’s voice is juxtaposed to the frantic pace, seemingly swirling about the work of her bandmates. And then it all stops. Allowing the song to fall into a subdued fashion where listeners can revel in the patient approach. It wraps things up in a warm cocoon of dreamy slow-core; it’s a fantastic return for the group. Their new LP, Render Another Ugly Method, will be released in early September by Anti.

Crazy Night of Shows in Austin.

A few folks come in here from time to time to hear about shows in the ATX…and tonight there is an abundance of options. No need for words…just a quick point to tonight’s gigs.

Why Bonnie EP Release w/ Ama, Being Dead and Littlefoot @ Cheer Up Charlies – 9 PM

Guided by Voices @ Mohawk – 6:30 PM

Kissing is a Crime, The Oysters, The Sophies and Brendan Bond @ Hotel Vegas – 9 PM

Hockey Dad, Cold Fronts and Mt. Eddy @ Barracuda – 9 PM.

Want to hear these bands? Hit the jump! Read more

Drawing Boards Drop New Video

Our friends over at Gentle Reminder Records released the self-titled debut from Drawing Boards, which we’ve already covered in small fashion. And now, as the album cycle continues, the band have dropped a video for “Bee into the Wave,” which should win you over with the presence of puppets! The song’s one of my favorites from the LP with a memorable chorus that sticks in your head; the track has a natural bounce that also employs the hook-factor to keep you coming back. Go ahead, try not to be charmed!

We Have a New Sportique Single

Now, I don’t know where this single is going, or if it’s merely a one-off appearance for Sportique, but I’m going to celebrate this song’s arrival nonetheless. As always, this single is emblematic of the group’s approach to including a variety of influences. It has a leisurely bound to it, with sort of a punk barroom chant jumping in throughout; it still carries an undeniable hook that’s just asking for you to spin it again and again. The group’s been around forever, so whatever the purpose, it’s always glad to have a revered act pop its head back up in the limelight. Head over to WIAIWYA to grab it.

New Track from Tony Molina

I thought I had already had my favorite album of 2018 wrapped up; I’m still keeping it secret for when I change my mind. But, with that in mind, I’m also going to hold a spot next to it for Tony Molina and his new LP. I mean, this song barely comes in over a minute, and I think I’ve already played it at least six times. It’s so gentle and captivating from the get-go…little crisp guitar chords matched by melodic vocals at every turn. Kill the Lights is the name of Tony’s new record, and it’s dropping on July 27th via Slumberland.

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