• Rock N’ Recipes: R.E. Seraphin

    As we continue our Rock n’ Recipes feature, we wanted to reach out to our old friend R.E. Seraphin, who has connections all the way to one of the earliest

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  • Rock n’ Recipes: Outer World

    Hopefully you took our suggestion last week when we encouraged you to give a listen to Who Does the Music Love, the debut LP from Outer World. Members of the

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  • ATH Top Songs – 2023

    Well, we did it folks. We made it through another year. Your ATH crew was busy as ever, posting well over 1,000 songs this year(!!!), sharing album reviews, and covering

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  • Top Albums for Nathan

    Honestly, I thought about foregoing a year-end list this year. I mean, if you read our site, you know what we love. But, list making can be fun, especially if

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  • Rock n’ Recipes: Lightheaded

    One of the more pleasant musical surprises, for me anyways, has been New Jersey’s Lightheaded. They just released the Good Good Great EP, a teaser of sorts for their forthcoming

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Book Review: Depeche Mode’s 101 by Mary Valle

When digging into the vast catalog of books from the 33 and 1/3 series (Bloomsbury), you get all sorts of approaches to the discussion of an album. You’ll the biographical, the narrative, the political, a “Behind the Scenes,” and even the autobiographical from time to time. When Mary Valle takes on Depeche Mode’s 101, she sort of skips around all the formats to craft her own approach, which is both successful, and not.

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JW Francis Announces Sunshine

Traditionally, Fridays are meant to be invigorating, a promise of a carefree aura on the horizon. Today, might we implore you to settle in with this new single from JW Francis, as it’s got the same sort of promise for his forthcoming album. There’s a driving bit of synth throughout the verses, delivering this spirited sprint that maximizes the tension in the tune. It all comes to a full-head though when the chorus drops and the song just rains melody atop your head; it’s a sublime moment that just pulls you into the depths of the tune, unable to pull yourself away from it’s pop magnetism. Sunshine, the new LP, will drop officially on September 11th via Born Losers.

WUT Share Title Track from Mingling with the Thorns

It’s been a great week for the Pacific Northwest indiepop scene, with the Softies announcing their return. But, you can look to another great pop act, WUT, if you’re willing to double-down on candy earworms; I mean, there’s some pop cross-pollination if you’re reading your line notes. Alas, the song itself definitely wears the style of the PNW (in my mind anyways); it almost feels like the spirit of Calvin Johnson just bled into the songwriting process for this one, long ago during some Indian Summer. While the rhythmic rumbled works its cathartic magic, the sharpness of the vocals during the verses shines like the sun through the windows, illuminating your listening room…the chorus group vocal and bobbing bass is perfect. Look for Mingling with the Thorns to drop on August 18th via HHBTM.

Max Blansjaar Shares Like a Bad Dream + Drops False Comforts

Today, Max Blansjaar celebrates the release of his brand new record, False Comforts, which we’ve covered pretty extensively on this site. But, before you go jump off and listen, Max wanted to offer one more tease, enticing you to get the full listen on today. There’s something about Blansjaar that exudes confidence; he’s able to coolly deliver each line with stated indifference, just letting the track’s natural charm draw you into the fray. In a way, there’s a lot on this song, and the whole record that remind me of Jeffrey Lewis, offering up classic pop styles that just feel slightly left of center, just enough to make it feel like you’re rooting for the outsider. False Comforts can be streamed HERE.

Teenage Tom Petties Share Kissed Me in Seattle

The folks at Repeating Cloud and Safe Suburban Home have been hinting at new music from Teenage Tom Petties all week, and boy do we deserve this treat. On this new single, there’s almost a classic ditty feel, something that would have been catchy as hell back in the 50s, but gets a modern dust up by fueling it with walls of distortion that take the hook into the present. They’ve been flirting with catchy hooks since their inception, but this might be the peak, as you’re not going to find something as infectious as this new tune. Bonus points for an Alamo nod! You’ll hear this on the group’s new self-titled LP, which drop via the aforementioned labels on August 2nd.

Tom Emlyn Drops Double Crossed Video

Swansea’s Tom Emlyn is set to release Rehearsal for the Rain: Scaredycat Vol 2 this August, and when he dropped this new video, I was instantly drawn towards it. There are certain elements that reflect a touch of of baroque pop influences, yet other moments Tom feels like he’s channeling more traditional songwriter fare like a Cohen or Banhart (more recently). When its done by Emlyn, there’s certainly an intimacy built in the careful craft of the bedroom pop brandished, vocals rising in just the right spots to drop the proper melodic hook in on the listener. Keep your eyes and ears peeled if you’re into that crafty brand of pop n’ roll.

Emma Russack Shares About the Girl Title Track

When we first encountered Melbourne’s Emma Russack, she was doing collaboration work with Lachlan Denton (Ocean Party/Pop Filter), but then dropped an excellent collection of soft strummers on Winter Blues. But, as she prepares to release About the Girl, perhaps there’s a little bit more of an electronic underbelly on this tune, perhaps providing Emma with the freedom to craft her own visions entirely unencumbered by bandmates or collaborators. There’s something in the synth work that feels very Broadcast adjacent, though the way the strum is built atop that fuzzy beat allows Russack to stay true to her origin story while pushing herself musically forward. Another reason you should pencil in About the Girl as a record to pick up; it drops via Dinosaur City on August 23rd.

Robber Robber Release Dial Tone

Robber Robber rules. They’re sound is aggressive and yet just melodic enough to offer up a hook that will keep you coming back for more. In the latest musical excursion from the band, they’re pitching the listener back and forth, rocking you with angular cuts then rolling you back with the coy vocal delivery from Nina Cates. While each roll of the dice hints at post-punk undertones, their ability to roll that into a full-on barrage of noise rock makes them incredibly dangerous, musically speaking. Packing both bravado and creativity, you’re not going to be able to turn away from this fresh single; it features on their new Wild Guess LP, out July 26th.

Blood Share TV for a Reason Single

One of the great things about listening to a single by a band you’re familiar with is envisioning their sound filling out your local club; you can hear the live energy coursing through this new single from former ATX band Blood. Walls of noise smash through the speakers, almost immediately meeting up with singer Tim O’Brien’s voice to soften the blow. Tim’s range is really showing through on the group’s latest batch of singles, illustrating how much he’s come into his own; I love the way the tune slows to offer a bit of a whisper near the 1 minute mark. And for all their bombast, they incredibly build at the song’s end, only to hold onto the climactic release you’re likely seeking. Their new LP, Loving You Backwards is slated for a release on August 2nd via Ramp Local.

Capitol Announce Sounds Like a Place

While I’m sure that Ontario’s Capitol likely may not like the unfashionable comparison to the Walkmen, they’re going to get it when folks grab on to their new single…all the way down to the imagery presented in the video of their latest single. Opening with a tricky little bob and weave, it sets the scene for Josh Kemp to enter, offering up these baritone notes that sit happily in the textured indie grooves. I love how there’s a chorus, but then there’s not; they don’t really give you a circular lyrical return, rather they let the voice fall silent in favor of a wall of shattering noise that blows your hair back. This tune features on their new LP, Sounds Like a Place, which is slated to come out in November via Meritorio Records.

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