Whitney’s Playland Share Sunset Sea Breeze

What? Another day and another track from Meritorio Records? And from San Francisco no less? Whitney’s Playland should be high on everyone’s anticipatory lists, particularly if you’re giving time to this new single. It incorporates some of the fogginess that is omnipresent in that scene at the moment, but there’s this melodic 90s nature to it too. I feel like it’s a San Francisco version of the Breeders, and to be honest, I’m totally on board to get behind that vibe. Sunset Sea Breeze is going to just add to the lore of the Bay Area; it drops on March 17th via Meritorio.

Holiday Ghosts Share Vulture Video + Announce LP

Much lauded UK outfit Holiday Ghosts have announced their brand new LP, and with that, the signing to FatCat Records. This fresh single is perfect for my tastes, it has this driving cinematic rhythm you might in a Tarantino movie, but the guitars and dancing and jangling all about like their at some classic indiepop show. Plus, I’m a sucker when bands employ dual vocals running out the same lyrics; it really makes it feel like the song’s are truly a group effort, and a joyous effort at that. Vulture is the first listen to what sounds to be a really promising LP; Absolute Reality will drop on April 21st.

Animal Scream Prep Heartbroke Motel + Share Cannibals

Pittsburgh’s Animal Scream are just around the corner from releasing their sophomore LP, Heartbroke Motel, and what better way to get you into their sound than offer a listen to the record’s first single. If you go back (as you should) and listen to Nightwalk, you’ll realize that the band pull from all sorts of influences in that record, hitting on dub reggae and extensive beat work. But, the new record, based on this tune below seems to live off the beat work, apply textural synths and even build in melodic psychedelia. When the chorus hits, heavy riffs ride through the background, while the vocals hit the hook hard, like something you would have found in the classic period of Of Montreal. It’s funky and dark, drawing from the “nocturnal” influences that are abundant on the new LP. Enjoy this Friday treat.

Washing Machina Drop New EP

Friday’s are always a great way to go and spend time listening to fresh new tunes, so might I suggest the heavy pop vibes from Sweden’s Washing Machina. Today marks the release of Last Bag on the Belt, but let’s focus on my favorite tune that’s ripping through your stereo below. Honestly, it feels like two songs, carefully woven together to create one uber banger. In one hand, you get this driving rhythm and smashing distortion; it’s the noise that will echo through your house as you turn this up. Dig deeper and there’s this inner core that seems sated in melody, careful not to push too far so as to let you taste the good bits as your neighbors scream at you to turn it down.

Telephone Numbers Share Weird Sisters

After the masses fell in love with the Ballad of Doug, San Francisco’s Telephone Numbers are back with a brand new 7″, and we’ve got that fresh A-side below for you. I love how huge and classic this new single feels; there’s a level of brightness in the craft here that seems to leap right out of your speakers. For me, it’s all about the vocals, carrying that sunshine beyond and giving off this natural enthusiasm and fervor that makes the future seem so promising. If you’re digging on it, then you can grab it on February 24th from Prefect Records or Meritorio Records!

babybaby_explores Share Pants Video

Despite my tendency to get caught up in the easy fun of guitar pop, I definitely continue to look for tunes outside of the beaten path, like babybaby_explores. The group have recently signed with Angus Andrew’s art imprint No Gold to release their forthcoming LP, Food Near Me, Weather Tomorrow. The first half of the tune has this warped version of the modern post-punk, sort of distorting the slowed delivery with these angular cuts that mess with your ears. Then when you’re a minute out from the finish line, the group hit on this sort of creative pop vibe that’s got some lineage to acts like Broadcast. If you’re willing to take some risks, the group drop their LP on March 3rd.

Austin Psych Fest Lineup + Tickets

Austin’s favorite left of center festival Psych Fest is making a come back this year and will return to its original, single location style event at The Far Out Lounge April 28th-30th. After the excitement of the initial festival announcement, we are happy to share the full lineup drop with you all today. The days are packed with heavy hitters and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of reason to spend your days and nights at The Far Out in April. Tickets for the weekend and individual days are also on sale now!

Full lineup:








THE BLACK ANGELS: playing Directions to See a Ghost








Species Traitor Drop Self-Titled LP

Over the years, Vancouver’s been delivering some quality acts, so let’s go ahead and add Species Traitor to that list of rad bands from the area. Having just released their self-titled LP, I wanted to point folks ears in their direction, particularly for those in love with the sounds of Silver Jews. A great many of the tracks have that playful folk style, drawing on heavy vocal tones and the ambiance of the accompaniment. I tossed up the song below as it gives a bit of a glimpse of the band’s capabilities when they put their foot on the pedal, as it picks up a bit more flare and drive. Something I reckon you oughta check out now that we’re back in it!

Bodywash Share Massif Central Video

You’re not going to want to miss out on this new Bodywash track, particularly if you’re dabbling the darkened corners of the post-punk industrial complex. For starters, the video’s really great, mixing in various components to build this futuristic world that meets up with the musical element. That music is both propulsive and noisy, though it remains wholly tied to the central melody that drives the band’s creation. Guitar notes swirl angularly, until they forced to skitter off into the noisier realms; the vocals lurk somewhere in the song’s shadows, careful not to outshine everything that surrounds them. The duo will release I Held the Shape While I Could on April 14th via Light Organ Records.

Terry Are Back with Call Me Terry

A few years have passed since we’ve had a proper Terry full length out there, and now the group return with a fresh collection of tunes to carry with their joyous approach. Upon pressing play, you’re instantly greeted by the group’s knack for penning a pop tune on the scuzzy side of DIY. I love how the initial vocals walk this fine line between warmth and springy, making way for the rest of the group to come in with this sort of pseudo-echo that punctuates the natural melody. And then, because its the only way they know how, the band spin off into this frizzling pop realm that closes off the tune. Call Me Terry is out in April via Upset the Rhythm and Anti Fade.

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