Show Pics: Pure X @ Holy Mountain (5/23)

Went out for some politicking and a little live music.

Topics: “The scene”, New Orleans, Google Fiber, flip flops, Cyndi Lauper, food trailers, camera.

Bands: Versis, Troller, Pure X

Head past the break for grabs from big little buddy (the new to me camera) and notes…

Playing with new toys is fun, especially when the new toy is so lovingly easy to use. I rarely talk gear here, but I am a Nikon type and when I don’t feel like lugging the big guns, I use J1 mirrorless and recently added a V1 body. So there. If anyone has questions, leave comment. I’ll help.

Versis – One person show. Dark and moody synth soundscapes. Well received, didn’t stand out for me.

Troller – Heavy vocal effects as though the performance was in the bat cave. I had trouble getting engaged here, as well. Crowd seemed to dig it. Dark and moody again, layered and digitally-affected psych rock.

Pure X – Focusing on new material. Seems like they have sorted the new songs fully in the live setting. Mix was great, even with the lows seemed a little hollow. Wanted more hits from the past, but I understand.

More pics at the photo site

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