Pleased to Meet You: Soft Shelter

Just as we’re about to wrap up a year, and apparently a decade, there’s still some new acts popping up on the horizon, like Cali’s Soft Shelter. I thought this was a great way to enter into a Monday, as the song has this gradual pop climb to make; the beat almost trickles in atop the lightly jangling guitar, setting the tone from the first few seconds. In the vocals, there’s this sort of misty haze in the way they sort of ebb and flow in between the riffs, riding out the pop vibes to a nice little close.

A New Ditty from The She’s

I think the next year could be an incredible ride if you’re following San Fran’s The She’s. They’ve already had some buzz about them, but I see that getting bigger with song’s like this new single filling up their sophomore release. There are a few moments on this song when they seem to employ a nod towards the Pixies, with a guitar chord in the background that seems to work against the track’s natural progression. They’ve also got this knack for crafting intoxicating harmonies within the confines of rock standards, especially when they draw out the syllables such as the line “lost in your sunken eyes” just near the 1.20 mark. Look for their all female rock and roll quartet to hit stores on November 11th via the consistently reliable Empty Cellar Records.