Emma Kupa Shares Happy Birthday

How does one follow up an excellent LP like It Will Come Easier? Well, Emma Kupa aims to please by wishing us all a “Happy Birthday.” Of course, the song’s more than just a birthday wish, more akin to a call to celebrate those you loved every day while you can. I love the way Emma’s song seems addressed to an individual, while also seeming like its aimed at the masses…such are the perks of songs addressed in second person. The single is a standalone number curated by Lost Map, but if you fall for its charms, as I hope you do, please consider looking into the rest of Emma’s work!

Another Single from Massage

Bobo Integral is out there proclaiming that this Massage LP might be the best indiepop record of the year; while I’m pretty sure Glenn Donaldson might have something to day, I think that’s reason enough to give an added push to the sounds. Clearly everyone involved isn’t far off, particularly with the sort of soft pop underbelly of this tune; this gives you sort of that dreaming whimsy, that smiling as you stare longingly out the window feels. Twinkling guitar notes and some great arrangement really do make you feel like this could be the stellar indiepop record we were promised. Still Life is being supported by Bobo Integral/Tear Jerk/Mt. St. Mtn. on June 25th.

Teddy Glass Drop Ultra Violet

Friday’s are great for new music, and what’s better than new music from your friends? Well, here we are with an upbeat number from our friends over in Teddy Glass, which features Peter from Daphne Tunes and Josh from ATH alum Marmalakes. They’ve crafted this tune with a little spin on their sound, adding a more lively groove to Peter’s great guitar play; it almost has an R&B pop groove working through it, particularly when he stretches his voice to hit those high notes. If you’re in the mood for a nice little smooth pop jam to slide into that breakfast booth with ya, then look no further! They’ll be celebrating the release of his new single with a live performance on their Insta!

Comet Gain Release Slew of Family EPs

Disclaimer, I’m a bit of a Comet Gain fanboy, so lets just put that out on the table. So, without a further swoon, lets talk about the 3 EPs the band release digitally today via Bandcamp…only one of which is a true Comet Gain EP (from the Tiger Town era!). The band’s lineage runs all over the indiepop realm, from Ladybug Transistor to Crystal Stilts to Love, Burns…so naturally, you’re all going to find a little something to adore here. You get an EP from Cinema Red and Blue, Adult Babies and Comet Gain. In total, its a collection of 12 songs, some of which you might not have heard before, all of which seem like a worthy addition to your digital collection. As of right now, they’re online only, but rumor has it they may see the light of day physically…but we’ll save that news for another day!


A New Tune from Sonny & the Sunsets

So yeah, you should have likely heard this song yesterday, but if you didn’t, then perhaps celebrate the joys of listening to Sonny & the Sunsets on this fine Friday morning. As it opens, we find the band in familiar territory, toying with a catchy strum and Sonny’s sun-drenched tones. Things move forward and a little twang jumps on board, but the melodic nature never strays too far away, which is as pleasant a way to pass the morning as I can find for you. This tune’s on the forthcoming New Day with New Possibilities LP, out via Rocks In Your Head on July 30th.

The Tubs Announce Names EP

While the Tubs will most likely draw you in due to their association (and participation for that matter) in the now defunct Joanna Gruesome, don’t line up thinking you’ll get some brand of rehash for your time! Instead, they’re looking back on the great sounds that have informed so many of us: the obscurity of mid-80s guitar pop. Right up front you have those guitar licks, chopping up the song with sharp notes and ringing jangles, all bobbing along the tops of a steady rhythmic pulse. You can hear a love for Felt in the way the vocals have this softness, contrasted pleasantly against the anxiousness of the song’s push. Even more fitting is that the band find themselves a home on Trouble in Mind Records for the release of their Names EP, which will drop this July!

Did You Miss Tony Jay

There’s probably only a handful of labels that I’m ride or die for of late, but certainly have to admit that Paisley Shirt Records is one of them…especially with this new Tony Jay on the horizon. My joy comes here in listening to the recordings, like bedroom pop for the outsiders; the pop made at home for no one else, with the occasional friend throwing in a note here and there. In listening through a few times on repeat, there’s this really subtle little movement around the 1:30 mark where a faint little guitar line sort of flutters around like a moth looking for light. I’m just totally mesmerized, and can’t wait to hear the whole LP; Hey There Flower drops on May 14th.

Bnny Signs to Fire Talk, Readies New Single

Seeing as we’re in the mood for hot labels and hot tracks, lets look over to Fire Talk Records, the powerhouse label giving us the likes of Dehd, PACKS, Deeper and more…and speaking of more, today they announce the singing of Bnny. The band is the project of Jess Viscius, who sort of stumbled into the group after someone left behind a guitar at her apartment in Chicago. Musically, she’s crafting this brand that’s somewhere in between the Cate Le Bon and Sharon Van Etten, with these sort of smoky pipes and snaking guitar psychedelic guitar lines. Apparently this song’s going to be a big deal, as its featured prominently in the final season of Shrill (out Friday!).

Shitkid Shares Runt Pa Stranden Single

I’m about to endure the joys of being a teacher in the modern age; I’m set to spend the next six hours administering a state standardized test! Such joy. Such fun. So why not prepare for that with this great little jam from Swedish band Shitkid. It makes sense that the tune’s title translates to “Around the Beach,” as you can clearly see the nod to beach pop rock…a little steady beat pushing forward while the guitar fuzzes out the front of the mix. It’s just a straight ahead rocker that makes you want to pump your fists in the air and sing along as you walk up and down the rows of desks staring down the boredom of your favorite students. This tune’s on the final Shitkid LP, Sort Sternje, which drops June 11th via PNKSLM.

Geoffrey O’Connor Announces Duets Album

Geoffrey O’Connor was a major gateway drug for me getting into Australian music; I fawned over his Crayon Fields outfit, which led me down the Chapter Music wormhole…and, well, you see where that led! Today I’m excited to hear the debut single from his forthcoming solo effort, which seems like it might not be a solo effort at all; it’s a duets album featuring the likes of Laura Jean, Jess Ribeiro, Nicole Thibault and more. On the first single, he’s paired up with Laura Jean, and it’s incredible just how well their voices match up; at times they seem to operate the same tonal space, while there are other moments when the song allows for one or the other to highlight their own gifts. Geoffrey, for his part, has this weird little lift in syllabic notes that gets me every time; he just kind of lifts the last note to give it this added breath. Oh, and as if O’Connor’s voice and songwriting wasn’t enough; he directed the video here too! For As Long as I Can Remember will be out August 6th via Chapter Music.

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