More New Music from The Octopus Project

This brand new Octopus Project is a pretty big jump, sonically, and it should be clear in the track’s title, roughly translated to “watch out” or “beware.” It opens with a fuzzy bass, shattered by guitars and crashing cymbals; it’s not like the band we’ve come to known…until you get the lyrics. While the song seems heavy-handed, the light feel of the vocals sort of reminds me of a happier version of Angus from Liars; it’s a touch post rock, fueled by an artful exploration. I’m a big fan of bands going out to mixing things up, making the forthcoming Memory Mirror something we can all look forward to (hits on April 7th).

ATX Spotlight: More from The Octopus Project

Local Austin act The Octopus Project have continuously morphed and change from their inception, and with Memory Mirror just a few months away, it looks like they’re really pushing the usage of vocals as their albums progress (I hear something like 80% of the tracks on this one wear vocals). Here you get female and male vocals, though the male role serves more for emphasis on the melodic notes. It seems like a more spaced-out version of early Air, pulling in the sexualized side of electronica, then altering it with this pulsating, dreamy wash. I know a lot of people who can’t wait until the April 7th release date via Robot High School. Are you one of those?