Show Pics: Crocodiles @ Holy Mountain (5/6)

We are still catching up on unfinished business from last week. Psych Fest Levitation took over all things on Friday and I was stuck in prep mode before being able to post these pics from a lovely little show at Holy Mountain last week. We ran the Stephin Merritt shots from that night, Crocodiles is next up as we finish out our double-header night with jams. Along for the ride, we had Unknown Relatives and Que Pasa.

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Unknown Relatives was on stage when I got to Holy Mountain after walking downhill(?) from the church. See what I did there? Anyway, big chords pounded out at speed with reverb followed by jangled happiness, tons of energy. Take a listen to this song and imagine what should be going on on stage and that is what is going on. It was a solid set accompanied by a confident-cocky-opener swagger that could be off-putting, but they kind of get away with it.

Que Pasa started there set with a sparse, slow burner of a western dirge and then moved on to jams. There is space between the guitar and bass that many three-pieces fill with fuzz and effects, but the honesty in their sound assists the straightforward delivery of messages and lyrics, best exemplified by the “single” off their current release “My Friends”. The band is loveable.

Crocodiles likes red lights. I, however, do not. I try not to let such things sway my commentary on a band’s set, but it is hard to let go of such transgressions against live music photography. Not really. The band came across as pretty tight playing material that technically isn’t available yet (though you could get it at the show). The show was a warm-up send off to Mexico City, Monterrey and El Paso, followed by a run up the west coast and through the northern part of the US back to the east coast. Catch them if you can.

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