Watch Get Wrong’s Purple Video

It’s always crazy to me how a video can completely sell a song, or a band as is the case with Get Wrong. The band, comprised of Adam from Spook School and Naomi from Martha, have just released their debut EP, which offers their pop sensibility spun through a more beat-oriented world. But, this video manages to catch the spirit of the two artists, grinning from ear to ear as they walk about the countryside, even scrubbing down a huge hog. That joy manages to shine through in their songwriting, so you’ll best be served by bopping to this tune, then be sure you stream the rest of their Get Wrong EP (courtesy of Father Daughter Records and Alcopop).

Sharing That New Get Wrong Single

I know this track ran a few days ago, but I wanted to let it settle a bit, then pop up with a reminder. This new single is precisely why I’m so excited about Get Wrong, as it’s like the perfect tasty treat, waiting to be devoured on a Friday morning. Working with this dancefloor ready electronic pulse, Adam and Naomi trade lyrical lines back and forth with one another. They add in some texture with synth stabs and guitar licks, throwing it way back to some nostalgic pop sounds, albeit with their own brand of honesty. Seeing as the two were/are in some of the most joyous pop-punk acts, you can hear that joyousness in their new project, and its completely heartwarming; they drop Get Wrong on December 1st via Father Daughter Records.

Martha + Spook School = Get Wrong

When this glorious email came across my inbox from Father/Daughter Records, I had expectations; I’ve written extensively about Martha and Spook School for years, so I dove right into Get Wrong. Now, while the lyrical content definitely resonates with both Adam and Naomi’s other acts, the musical style present here is a little bit of a left turn, in the best way. Rather than employing driving guitar riffs that tear through your speakers, the duo employ catchy synth lines, giving their track a natural bounce that plays into their ability to write infectious tunes you’ll want to sing with your best friends. The urgency is twisted towards a more reflective fashion, but these two are going to enchant you no matter what they write; look for their Get Wrong EP via Father/Daughter on December 1st.

Who Is She Share 96 Ghouls

Who Is She is going to be on everyone’s playlist this week I reckon, as the band’s a supergroup made up of members of Chastity Belt, Lisa Prank and Tacocat, leaving us with the impression that there’s no way you can’t like this! You immediately get this bob and weave from the bass line as you press play, flirting with that sort of frantic post-punk as the guitars knife their way into the picture. Two vocal pieces impact your listening, with a sedate vocal in the front of the mix, while you get an emphatic group chant jumping in to punch up the style. I’ve only heard one track, and I know I’ll be grabbing their Goddess Energy LP; it drops on August 25th via Father Daughter Records.

Mui Zyu Signs with Father Daughter Records

It’s always nice to see what Father Daughter puts out; they’ve been the quiet powerhouse label for years, probably as long as we’ve been running this silly site. Today they announce the signing of Mui Zyu, the project of Eva Lu, currently based out of London. With that announcement comes a great new single/video, packaged together beautifully, leaving us with hopes of a powerhouse release down the line. Lu’s voice is striking on its own, a calm in the storm of the heavier tones created around the vocals; you’ll find the the voice surrounded by this cavernous beat-laden brooding and black and white footage. Inside the tune you’ll find a few brief moments of angelic pop rise, but the reward only comes with the juxtaposition with the whole of the song.

Tasha Shares Would You Mind Pulling Me Close Lyric Video

After dropping Alone at Last to critical acclaim, I’m pleased to let you know that Tasha isn’t resting, instead choosing to drop this devastating new tune in your lap. The first 2 minutes of this song just wash over you, go straight to every little emotional firing synapse; I love the light wash of water in the song’s distance here too. Then you cross that 2 minute mark and the song erupts, with Tasha belting out her voice as heavy strings raise the bar altogether. I mean, shit, how do you listen to this song and not feel moved? And that’s not even touching on the lyrical content, which is highly relatable. The single’s available everywhere tomorrow via Father Daughter.

Anna McClellan Shares Raisin

If you’re going to wrap up a song in under 2 minutes you better make sure you’re packing as much goodness into that time as you can, and I’m pretty sure you’ll all agree that Anna McClellan has pulled that off extremely well with her latest single “Raisin.” We open with this great electronic organ grind, kind of jazzy, but also kind of kitsch in a fun way. Then McClellan jumps into the track, delivering these bouncy lyrical lines, punctuated by the musical element behind the vocals. But, the vocals get switched in their style, dreamily floating, perhaps an allusion to the raisin as it begins “to float and become weightless” after jumping off a cliff! Her new record I Saw First Light will be out on November 20th via Father Daughter.

Anjimile Drops Baby No More

When I first heard “Maker,” I was super intrigued by this powerful new voice, which more or less sold me on Anjimile‘s music. Here he returns with a brand new track, drawing you in with these little nuanced changes you’ll need a careful ear to detect. For instance, we begin relaxed, mostly vocals over this nice little guitar line and the faintest beat; the full beat drops into play at 34 seconds, immediately encouraging your toes to tap and your head to bob in unison. That alone would have been enough to have me backing the latest single, but he’s not done; there’s an uplift in the tempo at 1:08, then this buzzing stab and sparkle that comes around the 1:32 mark…these little touches elevate the track beyond your average fare…all I ask is for just the faintest hint of creativity! Giver Taker will be out September 18th via Father Daughter Records.

Anjimile Releases Maker

Prepare yourself for a special single here, with the latest from Boston’s Anjimile coming along with the announcement of Giver Taker for Father/Daughter Records. At first, they reel you in with the powerful vocal performance, mostly working operatic notes over a quieted picking of guitar notes. My fascination grew, like a traditional linear plot. The song begins to build in light rhythm/percussion; you get some small layered conflicts via little flourishes in the distance, then the song begins to roll forward, still propelled by voice. The 2.5 minute mark reaches the song’s climaxes before it all begins to subside, ending abruptly and fading out. Giver Taker will be out on September 18th.

Christelle Bofale Drops Brand New Single

A few years ago, Christelle Bofale seeming came out of nowhere and dropped this brilliant Swim Team EP in the middle of Austin that had me floored. She released her single “Miles” a bit ago, and we were more than happy to cover it then, but why not encourage you to enjoy the visual representation of the song. I love the solemnity of the solo scenes in the clip versus the joyousness of the group shots, perhaps a nod to the thematic element that our friends/communities give us life. Just felt like you should listen to this song as many times as possible, so here we are. And, if you haven’t heard Swim Team, now is as good a time as any to enjoy it…available from Father Daughter Records.


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