Last Week’s Jam’s Today (2.28 – 3.4)

Last week was one of those weeks where I wanted to write about all the songs; Ryan crushed it with tons of SXSW interviews, letting you get to know the likes of Best Move, Coyle Girelli, No Swoon and more. So, we’ve got to go back and give you a quick list of all the jams, and there were tons! You had new stuff from Austinites Friday Boys, Bright Light Social Hour and Wiretree, then Neutrals and Mick Love made my weekend with hits at the end of the week. There’s tons to browse through here, so go check it out.

My Idea Share New Single, Crutch

Having already won over fans with their various projects Lily Konigsberg and Nate Amos have joined forces to enchant us with their joint act, My Idea. Their latest single is an airy indie pop tune, floating with these relaxed guitar textures, allowing Lily’s voice to take the lead role, riding atop the mix like a cool Spring breeze. This tune, as the title suggests, illustrates the friendship between the two, relying upon one another as their lives suffered elsewhere, only to find a home in the album they’ve created. It seems like things have worked out for the benefit of the duo, and us, as we’ll get to hear CRY MFER on April 22nd via Hardly Art.