ATX Spotlight: Square Paradise

0006747488_10Austinites who pay attention to the local music scene will definitely recognize the name John Hetherington and his work with Austin band Knifight. Well maybe you don’t all know his name, but you’ve certainly heard of the band right? Right!? #supportlocalbands

Brand new act, Square Paradise, is John’s new project completely solo and away from his previously mentioned group. John tells me that he plans on releasing at least one new song a month “for the foreseeable future” as he records more and more music by himself in his home studio. Today you can find what is sure to be the first of many new singles below called “Ten Numbers”. This is pop music at its finest folks. I’m really looking forward to what else John has in store.

More From Summer Heart

unnamedAround a month ago I shared with you fine folks a true gem of a newsingle from Swedish based lo-fi pop group Summer Heart. Today I have even more new music in the form of this single “The Forbidden”. Once again we are treated to a lo-fi, enchanting pop number full of rises and falls. I think it’s time that we all start paying attention to David Alexander and his Summer Heart Project.

Still no word on an official release date for the new EP, but stay tuned.

Good Vibes from Alexei Shishkin

alexeiIf at some point today you need a few minutes to yourself to just look out the window and let your mind drift, I suggest you play this new single from Alexei Shishkin as you do it. It’s a pretty soft moment, but one that really provides the mood for searching for a moment for inner piece. At times, it’s almost as if Alexei is hiding his voice in the mix, allowing it to be just another emotional tool within the confines of the track itself. Just as you feel yourself immersed fully within the song, it fades out. You’re rested, you’re ready for the day. You should also be ready for his new album, Yucca Street, being put out by Forged Artifacts on February 19th.

Song Premiere: The Airplanes

Where You ARe NowATH has long been a supporter of Josh Vest and his bedroom project known as The Airplanes.  Over the years we have been treated to some truly incredible and all around delightful pop tunes.  Today I’m pleased to premier this new single called “Where You Are Now”.  Once again we are treated to some bright, sunny, and easy to get into pop music from a guy living in remote Arkansas who we all need to start paying attention too.  Josh also tells me that he might be touring soon so we have even more to look forward to.

Shelf Life Sounds Pretty Stellar

shelfsFor the last several years I’ve had a penchant for bedroom pop, wrapped in warped tape sounds, mixed with oddity a la Coma Cinema. This project from Philly’s Shelf Life reminds me of that, though the recording is a bit stronger, relying more upon the craftsmanship of the songwriting than on the process of lo-fidelity. The project is set to have its debut, Everyone Make Happy, released in September via Lefse, and this first single indicates a pretty remarkable start.  Tracks like this don’t just spring up every day, which is why I’m going to fawn on this all day long. You with me?

Have You Heard the New Alexei Shishkin

alexeiA few weeks ago we talked to you about the new Forged Artifacts artist Alexei Shishkin, and now we’ve got yet another tune to really get you inside the songwriter’s head.  On the latest single Alexei seems to turn his focus into the lyrical content, lamenting the loss of a life near the ocean.  It’s interesting when you put that next to our modern world where we’re all seemingly too caught up to catch a breath, so I can empathize with Shishkin’s longing for a slower pace to life. Take a listen and look for The Dog Tape to appear in April.

Dreamy Pop from Horsebeach

horsesAs a Manchester United fan, and a fan of the city’s musical production over the last few decades, I always like to take a gander at what’s going on in the fair city.  It seems that the hip new thing is quite incredible; Horsebeach is the work of Ryan Kennedy, and he’s crafting glorious bedroom pop.  You’ll hear the typical wash of atmospherics in his work, but if you listen closely there’s these intricate little guitar parts beneath the mix, akin to Mac DeMarco, only a wee bit more depressing.  This is the B-Side to his newest 7″ that also features “Disappear,” so grab it if you’re so inclined.

More New Music From Gems

About a month ago B.Gray posted on a beauty of a song by indie pop band GEMS, and I’ve got another tasty little tune here for you today.  It’s definitely a bedroom pop song featuring some great female vocals from Lindsay Pitts.  You’d probably immediately compare the band to the likes of early Stars material, and I see that as a flattering comparison.  This song “All I Ever” is the latest single from the band which is only the second piece of recorded material we have.  Stay tuned in 2013 as we update you on their goings on.


Download: GEMS – All I Ever [MP3]

Danceable Bedroom Pop from Onuinu

You don’t typically think of dance music or bedroom pop when you think of Portland do you?  I agree, but it looks like the one-man project Onuinu aims to change our minds this year.  Dorian Duvall is the man behind the project, and he’s finally going to see a full-length come to fruition when he releases Mirror Gazer on August 21st of this year via Bladen County Records.  If you listen to jam below, you’ll find yourself in that escape mentality, arms in the air as you swing your body around your bedroom.  Those are the best kind of days, are they not?


Download:Onuinu – Happy Home [MP3]

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