Stream New Album From Gold Star

If you’re looking for even more album streams for the weekend, might I suggest you check out Headlights U.S.A. (Pts. I & II) from Los Angeles based artist Gold Star. The man behind the name, Marlon Rabenreither, truly creates a cohesive and engaging albums worth of Americana inspired, driving indie rock tunes. One might pick up hints of War on Drugs at times mixed with something a bit more playful or twangy like Fruit Bats or Night Moves. It should be a great soundtrack to cooler temps and long road trips.

If you like what you hear, pick up an LP over on the Gold Star bandcamp page.

Video Premiere: Fujiya & Miyagi Drop New Body Language

Brighton based Fujiya & Miyagi is simply one of the most well known names in the indie electronic pop game, having started their musical career over twenty years ago. Nathan and I have really been seeing the tunes coming out this year as a welcome return to the band’s engaging, dance pop ways. So naturally we were thrilled and excited when asked to premiere this new single with accompanying video for “New Body Language”. This, sure to be on your weekend party mix, song will be the last track released before new album Slight Variations is released on Friday. Pre-orders are currently live for digital and physical releases of the LP.

Here’s some words from David Best on both the track and the video:

Track: “New body Language is probably the most instant and accessible song on the record. We took a lot of our current listening habits and put them in a blender till it turned out like us.”

Video: “The video Bob Brown & I made plays with the idea of perception. How we appear to ourselves is generally not how we are perceived by others.”

New Single & Video From Divorce

Nottingham based band Divorce is an up and coming group who will likely be a new name for both you and me. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that new songs like this one, “Checking Out”, will quickly make the band a household name amongst we music fans. What I love about the song is simply that it’s hard to pin down into any one genre or style. It has these hints of Americana like Dr. Dog or Wilco, but also crazy rocking energy and lovely harmonies throughout. Check it out for yourself below.

Divorce will release a debut EP entitled Get Mean on December 2nd.

Another Jam From Mother Sun

My new Canadian friends in Mother Sun have really been pumping out some nice psych pop jams this summer, having previously released one of my songs of summer in July. Today I’m happy to share this new single “Orange Colossus” which should put a nice book end to what is hopefully near the end of our Texas summer. Once again, the musicianship here is just spot on, incredibly tight and full of playfulness matched with a tight rhythm section. The addition of strings also add in just a touch of lightness amongst the psych rocking jam.

Mother Sun will release new album Train of Thought on October 28th via Earth Libraries.

Bloods Release Radical Ahead of Friday Album Release

Syndey based post-punk outfit Bloods have a new album entitled Together, Baby! coming out this Friday via Share it Music. To get you even more hyped and to entice a pre-order, the band has shared this new driving single called “Radical”. It features the day in the life of Romina Pistolas (friend of the band) as she tries to adjust to a new life, in a new country, having immigrated from Chile. With lead singer MarihuzkaCornelius also having left Chile due to political exile, one can really feel the power and raw emotion behind this track.

Pre-orders for Together, Baby! are live now.

Have Another Hit From Disq

My Wisconsin based pals in Disq are really looking like they’ll be releasing one of my top albums of the year in the next few weeks. We’ve already released one banger of a single from the upcoming album, with now another one entitled “The Hardest Part” dropping today. I love this band’s ability to show a clear alt-rock, sort of Midwest inspiration with these delicate hints of shoegaze and emotion for a remarkable sound, truly their own. You’ll definitely want to go ahead and pre-order the new album, Desperately Imagining Someplace Quiet, coming out on October 7th via Saddle Creek. It’s stunning.

Have Another Beauty From Twain

Though Matthew Davidson has only been an Austinite for a short while, we have already welcomed him with open arms and view him as one of the absolute best songwriters in town. Under his recording moniker Twain, we’ve already been treated to a few new singles this year with his new album Noon coming next month via our friends at Keeled Scales. If you weren’t paying attention or weren’t on board with Twain’s tunes yet, this beautiful and intimate number “Walking II” is sure to turn you into a fan. You will find yourself moved and drawn to the emotional pull of this haunting song.

Pre-orders for Noon, out October 21st, are live now.

Blunt Chunks Share Wasted

After a busy and hot weekend in Austin, I’m looking to relax a bit and slowly ease into the week ahead. This tune from Caitlin Woelfle-O’Brien, otherwise known as Blunt Chunks, is the perfect sort of soft, mellow and intimate song I am needing this morning. It features a lovely, whispy vocal performance along with some country/folk inspired bass lines throughout. A lovely tune to kick off your week.

This single is part of the new Open Tab series from Fire Talk. You can hear more and read more about the series on the Open Tab landing page.

Smut Shares After Silver Leaves

Been a bit of a slower week for me on the music side of things, but as we near the end, I had to share this new single called “After Silver Leaves” from Chicago based outfit Smut. It definitely has some clear 90s rock inspiration, but also with hints of dreamy pop and an overall brightness to it. You’ll find that it progresses incredibly well over the 5 minute length with a slow build and rise near the end. Great tune.

Smut will release new album How the Light Felt on November 11th via Bayonet Records.

New Single & Interview From Julie Odell

When we pump out all this new music, it’s also often fun to get a little perspective from the individuals who actually make this music to hopefully give you some insight into your favorite artists. Today I am straight amped to share with you the new single “Envelope” from New Orleans based artist Julie Odell along with some short interview questions. This new single is from Odell’s upcoming album Autumn Eve due out on September 30th via Frenchkiss Records. Hit the jump for the single and interview from Julie Odell.

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