You Should Listen to Caracara

After checking some things on the interwebs, I found this nice new tune called “Revelatory” from Philadelphia based group Caracara. To me, the song begins as a sort of slacker rock, grunge type of tune but then slowly builds into a huge, guitar smashing finish. So while many of you may not know the band, I suggest you check out their impressive new single below. A full album of material is coming later this year.

Say Hello to Ratboys

Despite nearing the release of their sophomore album, Chicago based Ratboys is brand new to me. If you’re also new to the group, you should check out latest single “Control” for a taste of what the band is all about. An image of Rilo Kiley comes to mind, with a little more sweetness to the vocals and sounds. A perfect song to brighten your Monday funk.

Ratboys will release new albumGNon June 30th via Topshelf Records.

More From Ultrviolence

A short few weeks ago Mr. B Gray shared with you an exciting new single from Canadian based post punk band Ultrviolence. Today we’ve got another legit new single entitled “Shadows of the Thief”. The same heavy, dark, and brooding elements are still here, but I’m really loving the addition of a slick little guitar bit bringing some brightness to the otherwise dark track. Gray and Ray know what’s up, listen to Ultrviolence.

Be sure to pick up Forty Knives EP on May 12th via Northern Light Records.


New Single and Video From Rey Pila

I am a Rey Pila fan. I wanted to get that out of the way in case you readers out there didn’t already know. The search results don’t lie….As a longtime supporter of the band, it brings me great pleasure to be one of the first to share their new single and video for track “How Do You Know?”. This is easily one of the catchiest and most infectious songs the band has ever delivered. The hook in this song delivers each time you hear it, and the track obviously has a great Casablancas vibe to it similar to his solo work. I’m excited to hear moreas Rey Pila continue to progress their sound. Viva Mexico.

This track appears on the new Julian Casablancas produced EP Wall of Goth out April 28th on Cult Records.

Get Swept Away With Poussin

Poussin is a relatively new French band with a new single I’ve been enjoying over the last day or so. It’s quite difficult to find information about the group online as most of their content is posted in Frenchand Google searches return some odd hits. Whether we know much about them or not, I’m sure you can enjoy the beauty in this song called “The Rose and the Flame”. It reminds me a lot of North Carolina based Lost in the Trees, but with a bit more build up and rocking moments near the end.

Stay tuned as we receive more information on this new French group.

Thad Kopec Impresses With New Single

Nashville songwriter Thad Kopec has impressed my ears today with his latest single entitled “Half Moon/Distant Shore”. It’s a sweeping bit of psychpop music full of soaring moments and multiple rises and falls. With each listen, I think you’ll find some new layer to pick up on and enjoy. Well done sir.

Thad Kopec will release new album The Shadow and the Caster on April 21st.

Enjoy This New No Win Track

Man Dangerbird Records is easily one of our favorite indie labels here in the good ‘ol USA. They’ve got old favorites like The Dears, newbies like Slothrust, and even some solid locals like A. Sinclair and Ume. They kill it. As they continue their hit parade, the label just sent over this killer new track called “Crooked Heart”from Danny Noguieras’ new project No Win. The single is part of a new monthly single release series from Dangerbird called MICRODOSE. Each month the label will release an A-side/B-side single with a live release show in L.A.

Loving This New Cayetana Track

I’ve been jamming this new song called “Certain For Miles” from Philly based Cayetana all morning and felt the need to share it with you now. I love the feeling of total raw and unabashed emotion you feel as vocalist and songwriter Augusta Koch belts her heart out with the faint hint of cracking under the weight of her feelings. The build up towards the climax, and the final delivery halfway through, is truly something to make you feel all the feels. A lovely track.

Cayetana will release New Kind of Normal on May 5th via Plum Records.

More From The Wooden Sky

When I hear people say Sturgill Simpson is the only guy currently making quality country music, it pisses me off a bit. Nothing against Sturgill by any means, you simply need to broaden your horizons a bit and step outside the Billboard Charts. To me, Toronto based outfit The Wooden Sky are making a very unique style of country music all their own. A sort of psych-rock country music with the incredible vocal stylings of leading man Gavin Gardiner. Call it country or call it what you like, this new track “Black Gold” should hit home for anyone reading this post and hitting play. Hells yeah.

This track appears on new album Swimming in Strange Waters out April 7th via Nevado Music.

Are You Listening To The Velveteins Yet?

If you aren’t listening to Edmonton based band The Velveteins yet, today is a perfect time to start. I’ve been covering the group for about a year now and I’m continually impressed with the growth they’ve shown in such a short amount of time. Today I have the pleasure of sharing their impressivenew single “Midnight Surf”. Be prepared for a journey of a song that starts slow and builds and builds into a truly epic finish. Prepare to be amazed. You’re welcome.

The Velveteins will release Slow Wave on May 12th.


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