New Rocker From Teen Vice

Ah yes it is Friday and it’s a great time to end the week with some rock. My Brooklyn friends in Teen Vice are prepared to give us just what the doctor ordered. The song is “Kiss it Goodbye” and is sure to offer some goodness to those of you who are into high energy, female lead punk rock. Check it out below.

The Saddest Summer EP drops on July 14th.

Check Out This New White Reaper Video

For anyone who has yet to check out the new album, The World’s Best American Band, from rockers White Reaper, I highly suggest you do it now. Get it here now from Polyvinyl Records. With that out of the way, I’m excited today to share the band’s latest video from the title track of their new record. Now you may or may not have already heard this song, but I suggest you also check out this badass new video for the track animated by Simon-Young. It’s sort of a School House Rock vibe if it was drawn by folks with a dirty mind.

Rock With Downtown Boys

If you’re looking to bring the tempo and energy up in your mid day work week, might I suggest you listen to this new single entitled “A Wall” from Providence based rockers Downtown Boys. Seriously, this track is so full of energy and driven by sheer rock power, it has to make your day a little bit better. One can only imagine how awesome this song must be when seen performed lived. Uhhh yeah.

Downtown Boys new album Cost of Living is out on August 11th via Sub Pop.

Liven Up Your Day With Bloody Your Hands

New York based Bloody Your Hands might be one of the tightest bands instrumentally I’ve heard in quite awhile. As a three piece, it’s crazy that these guys can produce such a loud and intricate sound. New single, “Wandering Home”, is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. The pace is intense, the timing is impeccable, and the breakdowns offer a nice emotional break from the ferocity.

New album Monsters Never Die is out on July 7th.

The Districts Give Us Another Hit

Some of us ATH members have been hyping The Districts for quite awhile now and it’s just about damn time that the rest of you got on board as well. If you weren’t with us yet, latest single “If Before I Wake” is sure to change your mind immediately. The guitars soar, the drums are hit with ferocity, and the vocals are timed perfectly with major emotions behind them. How could you say no to this song? Seriously.

The Districts will release Popular Manipulations on August 11th via Fat Possum Records.

More From Cool American

Portland based group Cool American has certainly caught the ears of the ATH staff over the last couple of months. Last month Nate dog shared single “Great at Parties” and today I’m excited to share this new single entitled “Maui’s”. I love how the song fools you into thinking it’s going to be this slow and mellow jam, but then slaps you in the face to power into a straight rock n roll tune. Well done gentlemen.

New album Infinite Hiatus is out June 2nd on Good Cheer Records.

Mellow Out With New Rose

As I strive to prove that modern country music goes beyond Sturgill Simpson, let me introduce you to New York based band New Rose. Their take on the genre veers in more of the slacker style with slow strummed acoustics and trippy pedal steel in the background. If my description doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, check out this new single “Waiting On Me” and make your own assessment. To me, it’s as if Destroyer started a group with Sun Volt as the backing band.

A new album entitled Morning Haze will drop on June 30th via Broken Circles (pre-order).

More From Blue Of Noon

Having recently changed their name from Permanent Vacation to Blue of Noon, Chris McComas & Joel Blanken have been pumping out some hits this spring. We’ve already been treated to lead single “Guidance”, and now the boys just sent over this new track “Nightmare”. If you’re out there looking for the best in the dream pop genre, this is surely it. I’m finding it hard to not hit play over and over again.

Stay tuned as we hear more about upcoming releases.

Introducing: Lo Tom

Supergroup alert! And not just any supergroup, a band featuring one of our longtime faves David Bazan. He’s joined in this new group called Lo Tom by Jason Martin (Starflyer 59), Trey Many (Velour 100/Starflyer 59), and TW Walsh (Pedro the Lion/The Soft Drugs). So apparently these guys made some music together awhile back, sat on the songs for sometime, and have decided to release them now. Below you’ll find their first single entitled “Overboard”. It’s sure to make some of you old school Pedro fans incredibly excited. Pees pants a little….

A debut album is coming sometime this year on Barsuk.

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