Methyl Ethel Brings Another Hit

Our Western Australian friend Jake Webb, and his musical project known as Methyl Ethel, has been praised many times on these here pages of ATH over the years. We are typically not much into straight pop music so we’ve always been down for the more alt-pop approach coming from the recordings of Webb. After the criminally underrated Hurts to Laugh EP from last year, Webb is back with this new banging single called “Neon Cheap”. This might be one of the most danceable tracks we’ve ever heard from Methyl Ethel and once again offers some incredible pop music for the more alternative/indie listeners. This should be on your weekend playlist.

Slamming New Track From Dead Nature

Liverpool based artist Tarek Musa has long been known as the drummer for the garage rock/indie rock band Spring King, who built up a lot of music blogger love 5-6 years ago. Well now Musa is stepping out on his own with plans to release a debut, full length LP under his musical moniker Dead Nature. As a tease of the new album and solo work, we are pleased to share this banging new single with you called “Hurricane”. It is a pure treat in the garage rock genre as it works through a raucous pace from the very beginning and never truly lets up. Think the happy vibes of Los Campesinos if they suddenly decided to go in a more rocking direction.

Dead Nature will release Watch Me Break Apart on June 25th. Pre-orders are live now.


Psych Rocker From Red Ribbon

For those unfamiliar to the indie scene, Red Ribbon is the musical project of LA based songwriter Emma Danner. With a few releases that have flown somewhat under the radar of the last few years, I could see this new album really picking up steam if it all hits like this new single “Way”. I love the heavy, almost spaghetti western style, guitar sounds of the single paired with a sparse, yet striking drum beat. A bit of psych rock meets dark lounge music.

Red Ribbon will release this track as part of a full release entitled Planet X due out June 11th via Danger Collective (pre-order now).

Hip New Tune From Attawalpa

Though you might not be familiar with the artist name Attawalpa, I am somewhat positive that you are aware of the man behind the name, Luis Felber, from his work as a guitarist for Jamie T or as a founding member of Young Turks Records. Know him or not, Felber is likely to become more of a household name if he continues to release memorable tunes like this one called “Please Take Care”. It sort of starts in this sultry, dark tone similar to something you might hear from Nick Cave, but then adds in these lovely little pop numbers to offer tons of catchy, soft pop moments. I suggest you check it out this afternoon.

This track will appear on a new EP entitled Patterns, due out on July 2nd.

New Single & Video From POSTDATA

Our Canadian friend Paul Murphy, under his side project known as POSTADA, recently released his third album entitled Twin Flames just a few short weeks ago. If for some reason you slept on the release, might I suggest you check out his latest single/video, “Inside Out”, and give the album another chance. This song is one of my highlights from the new LP as it features a somewhat Americana inspiration, but with some incredible pop sensibilities as well. A truly stunning tune.

Twin Flames from POSTDATA is on sale now via Paper Bag Records.

Slick New Single From Wombo

Louisville is not typically a location that comes to mind when considering slick new forms of indie/garage rock, but new artist Wombo hope to change your mindset about their hometown. Fresh new single “Dreamsickle” certainly offers a bright, and sometimes edgy, contrast to a location typically known for southern rock and country. No this tune has a fabulous guitar sound perfectly balanced between slightly distorted yet still clean, paired with a thumping beat provided by the bass and drums. It’s definitely worth a listen today.

Wombo will be releasing this track as part of a new EP entitled Keesh Mountain due out on May 28th via Fire Talk Records.

The Week in Music

Nathan and I are constantly coming up with new ideas for the website to better offer you all unique coverage and even easier access to new musical endeavors. Today we thought we’d toss around the idea of offering up a weekly playlist to serve as a recap from the past week. Now these tunes are mostly taken straight from the pages of Austin Town Hall, but others might be things we missed out on or initially passed up for whatever reason. So my peeps, I give you the best of, from last week. Hope it makes your Monday a bit better. Kick out the jams.

The Berries Drop Yet Another Gem

As is usual with me, I am a bit late in sharing this new tune from Matt Berry and his Seattle based project The Berries, but hey it’s just too damn good not to post. The track in question, “Priceless”, shows Berry slowing things down just a bit for a more driving and mellow approach to songwriting. Don’t be fooled by the initial restraint of the tune as it slowly builds over it’s 4.5 minutes and progresses into a truly epic, and beautiful sound.

This song appears on a new single and B-sides compilation entitled Throne of Ivory due out April 23rd on Run For Cover Records.

Beautiful New Single From Jesse Marchant

Jesse Marchant, sometimes known as JBM, is a Canadian songwriter who has managed to warm many of the cold hearts here around the ATH offices over the years. His music tends to pair folk inspired songwriting with heavy on reverb vocals and fleshed out instrumentation to truly hit us in all the feels. Well Mr. Marchant is returning this year with a new album of material, featuring this new tune “Go Lightly” which is sure to make your weekend playlist. As I hit play for the third time this morning, I am continually amazed by the man’s ability to create such gut wrenching, yet lovely and beautiful music.

A new album from Jesse Marchant entitled Antelope Running is due out later this summer on AntiFragile Music.


Acid Dad Drop New Single

It’s been a hot second since we last posted about the Brooklyn based outfit known as Acid Dad, so it feels like a great day to get back in touch and share their new music. Today the band dropped this brand new rockin and rollin track called “BBQ” and it’s a slick one you need to check out immediately. The song is a sort of psych inspired tune with some 90s era grunge rock vibes added in to give it a more guitar heavy rock feel.

If you are into this sort of thing, the band is releasing this track as part of a new album entitled Take it From the Dead due out June 11th on Greenway Records.

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