Groovy Tune From Psychic Shakes

On this bright and sunny Monday morning, might I suggest you check out this new song called “Suddenly” from Brighton based group Psychic Shakes. Max McLellnm, the musician behind the Shakes moniker, has been on our radar since back in 2016, but we haven’t heard a whole lot from him since. Now it seems McLellnm has moved away from some of his surfier, bright pop vibes, and moved into a more groovy, R&B inspired pop sound. One can definitely find themselves getting a bit lost in the entrancing, mellow vibe of this track.

Psychic Shakes will release a new EP entitled Unsaid sometime later this year on Good Eye Records.


Rock Out With Top Nachos

If you’re looking for some truly great, straight up rock n roll music to take with you this weekend, might I suggest “Hang” by NYC rockers TOP Nachos. The track displays some excellent guitar work, furious drums, and a frequent chanting style of vocals which all come together to create something truly memorable. TOP Nachos will be releasing this track on a new EP entitled Two More Songs out sometime later this fall.

Gritty Number From Obscura Hail

In my never ending quest to find some new tunes which offer a unique take on older genres, one need look no further than this new track “Doomer” from Melbourne based band Obscura Hail. The group, lead by Sean Conran, take elements of grunge rock and a sludge rock style and pair them effectively with some nice poppier elements and impressive vocal work. I especially love the unique fuzz sound coming through on the guitar throughout the song to give the track some real teeth. You gotta love this one.

Obscura Hail will be releasing a new EP entitled Siren on September 8th via Dot Dash/Remote Control.

One More From Suburban Living

Look, Nathan and I have really been looking forward to this new Suburban Living album coming out next month, so much so, that it seems appropriate to share yet another new tune from the LP. This one, called “Dirt”, is a bit of a slow brooding, more synth heavy number when compared to some of the brighter, guitar driven sounds we’ve grown to love from the band. The brightness is still there, but maybe just a bit more subtle and further back in the mix. Needless to say, we think you should be picking up How to Be Human when it drops on August 28th via Egghunt Records.

Say Hello To Sammm.

As we cruise into Friday evening, why not take some time to familiarize yourself with a new artists I think you’ll find interesting. Samuel Geddes is an up and coming young Australian musician who makes interesting bedroom pop music under the moniker Sammm. Over the last year or so he’s released a few bold singles which have garnered some critical acclaim, but were largely missed by us. Well miss out no longer, I am all aboard the hype train on this one and am pleased to share Sammm.’s latest single called “Four Eyes”. I’m struck by the brightness of the guitar, the simple pop beat, and the raw energy behind Geddes’ vocals. Also stick around for the ending as this thing builds and builds into quite the intense crescendo. Enjoy the weekend.

Shy Boys Share Trash

Not sure if it needs to be said, but the ATH crew became huge fans of the Kansas City outfit Shy Boys since they first burst on the scene back in 2014 with the release of their self-titled debut. With numerous singles and the sophomore album Bell House from 2018, the band has been posted about, discussed, and seen live on numerous occasions over the years. We dig Shy Boys. All that said, we of course suggest you check out this new single called “Trash” which was shared earlier today. One can always love those quiet vocal harmonies, paired with some poppier guitar sounds we’ve grown to love from the band.

Have Another Photo Ops Tune

Our old Texas friend Terry Price, now based in Los Angeles, has clearly been putting a lot of heart and soul into his new release Pure at Heart under his Photo Ops moniker. Already we heard the upbeat number “Play On” from the upcoming album, and now we have been treated to this more ballad style tune called “Take the Long Way”. For me, the guitar work is absolutely superb on this song as it plays well with the quiet, hushed delivery of Price’s vocals. The addition of some light drums and expertly placed piano work combine with Price’s guitar work and vocals to create a truly memorable piece of folk music.

Pure at Heart will drop on September 18th via Western Vinyl.

Bright Number From Rupe

Rupert Lange is a young man from Louisiana who has been playing music with several projects over the years, but recently decided to officially step out on his own under the moniker Rupe. With new nickname in tow, the young Lange has been hard at work on new music during quarantine and recently completed this tune called “Wait it Out”. What I am impressed with is the ability here to take a simple songwriter style and then add in subtle things like slight synth effects, or swirling guitar parts to create something of real beauty. One can really get lost in the entrancing sounds of this song.


Striking New Tune From Arran George

It’s rare to find a song that really transfixes you and transports you away to somewhere else, but that’s just what this song “18 Wheeler” from Cumbria based artist Arran George is doing for me today. The tune is superb at combining a simple acoustic guitar with a bedroom pop approach and some subtle effects here and there. You can also find yourself getting totally lost near the end during the last 45 seconds or so of the song. It’s a stunner.

Arran George will feature this song on a new EP entitled Born Under a Pylon out later this year.


Slow Pulp Announce Debut Album

After year filled with tons of turmoil for the band, not including the current pandemic, the Chicago based outfit known as Slow Pulp will finally be releasing their debut LP this fall. The album, recorded mostly in 2019 while on tour with Alex G, features 10 beautifully crafted numbers about the band’s resourcefulness and resiliency during their unthinkable times as a band. To preview the new album, the band has shared the lead single “Idaho” which features the always striking vocals of Emily Massey in front of a sort of slacker, yet powerful brand of indie rock. I love how the slower moments show this bit of restraint as the tension builds and things really tend to pop off during the heavier, banging moments.

Slow Pulp’s upcoming album Moveys will release on October 9th via Winspear.

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