Premiere: Near Beer Drop Dead Drummers

Before you head out on your Thursday night adventures, I’d suggest taking a listen to this new tune “Dead Drummers” by Joey Siara’s new project Near Beer. For me, it’s always refreshing to hear a band who can ruthlessly slam through a true rock n roll song with fast timings, raucous energy, and timely guitar licks. It’s sort of like if Japandroids melded with the more Americana vibe of say The Hold Steady. Have a listen, and if we don’t see you tomorrow, stay strong out there over the long weekend.

Near Beer’s self-titled debut album will drop on July 15th via Double Helix Records.

New Single From Up Is The Down Is The

Though it is rare to find up and coming bands from the Boise area, upstarts Up Is The Down Is The hope to change your musical perceptions of the area. After taking a few listens to this new tune called “Dawn” you are sure to be seeking out more from the band and others from the area. The song has this very subtle, gentle style of indie rock with noted inspirations from say Andrew Bird, but to me, the group has this very melodic and timely bass driven vibe akin to say Midlake or even Grizzly Bear. Label them how you like, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one.

Up Is the Down Is The will release this track as part of a new album entitled Pulling the Wool due out on August 12th via Earth Libraries.

Elizabeth King – I Got A Love

Rating: ★★★½☆

As previously mentioned on this site, I’ve been taking a deep dive into blues, R&B, gospel and just about all things early Southern soul music over the last few years. This involved a trek to Memphis and the incredible Stax museum paired with hours digging through the blues and soul section of every Record shop and market I frequent during my travels. It has become an obsession to soak up everything I can about the genre, peoples and communities who created this music. After all that time absorbing the music and culture, I was a bit shocked when Elizabeth King came up in a press email and I was unfamiliar with her brand of sacred soul music. Her career is drenched in the very essence of Southern gospel soul music and I am beyond pleased to share my thoughts on her new album I Got a Love today. Hit the jump for my full thoughts and review.

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Milly Release Nullify Single

MILLY is a Los Angeles based group who make their very own brand of slacker style, post-emo themed rock music. A lovely example of their style can be found with this brand new single called “Nullify”. It features a sort of early Smashing Pumpkins guitar sound mixed with bits of slower, emo driven bands like say American Football. However you want to label them or brand them, it’s a rocking track for your Thursday morning.

This new tune will appear MILLY’s new album entitled Eternal Ring due out September 30th on Dangerbird Records. Pre-orders are live now.

Wy Share Something Amazing EP

If you aren’t a frequent reader of our site, you’ve probably missed our many posts about Swedish based band Wy. Over the last year or so, Nathan and I have truly been obsessed with the band’s music and their growth between each release. Never resting easy or showing an ounce of complacency, Wy has yet another release this week with their new EP Something Amazing. Simply put, these 3 tracks are downright stunning. Though it just came out, this is likely my favorite new music of the year. Enjoy.

Twin River Share Over and Over

Vancouver based group Twin River has really impressed me with this new single called “Over and Over” and I had to share my enthusiasm with the ATH readers. The track features this sort of rustic, countryish theme but with super bright guitars, nice vocal harmonies, and a tight as hell rhythm section. All things I love to find in my Monday morning playlists. I think you’ll also enjoy the accompanying video which features some lovely visuals from in and around Vancouver.

This track will appear on a new EP from Twin River entitled When We Think About Time due out on August 12th via Light Organ Records.

Chill Vibes From Otra Vez

Nathan and I were both huge fans of the debut self-titled LP from Mexico City based Petite Amie which came out around this time last year. It hit heavy rotation on our playlists and even featured in some of our year end lists from 2021. Since then, we haven’t heard much from the band so I was of course excited to receive this new single “Otra Vez” yesterday afternoon. It features a band on much more of an experimental, almost chillwave journey of melodies, bass lines, and an overall groovy feel. I am very much enjoying it this morning.

Petite Amie will also be touring the States this fall. Full dates can be found here.

Melodic New Tune From Worthitpurchase

California based outfit Worthitpurchase dropped this new tune called “Anne Hedonic” this morning and it seemed like a nice, mellow way to ease you into the afternoon. The track has a clear dream pop inspiration with its soft melody and bright vocals, but the combination of the driving bass throughout is what truly makes it a memorable tune. It gives it this catchy, thumping and bouncy feel. I hope you enjoy.

This track will be on a new release entitled Truthtelling due out August 5th on Anxiety Blanket.

Oneida Return With Latest Single

It seems like my posts this week are sticking with the more upbeat, rock n roll vibes. No song truly epitomizes my current tastes better than this new one called “Beat Me to the Punch” from NYC based outfit Oneida. It has a true indie rock theme to start, but then builds into this gnarly and gritty guitar solo which matches the “Punchy” name of the track. I’ve had it on repeat this morning and I’m thinking you may do the same.

This track appears on Oneida’s new album Success due out August 19th on Joyful Noise.

Hallan Share New Banger

Portsmouth based outfit Hallan just dropped this new single called “Sich Ubergeben” today and I had to share it with the ATH fam. It features this sort of old school, Brit post-punk sound clearly inspired by the likes of older Artic Monkeys or even say Kaiser Chiefs. For me, it’s a nice kick in the chest today amongst some of the more poppy or mellow tracks floating around the webs this week. I hope you’ll give it a a listen and maybe say high to the band on their social media platforms (IG, Facebook, Twitter). “Sich Ubergeben” is available on all streaming platforms via Nice Swan Records.

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