Bangin New Single From Nothingheads

We’re rolling through the start of summer over here in the ATH offices and we needed a lil pick me up this morning to give us a jolt for the week. Luckily we have London based Nothingheads ready for just such a jolt of energy with their banging and driving new song called “Beam Engine.” This one is full of energy with some passionate vocals like if the B52s took their quirky vocals and pop beats and blended them with say Death From Above. It’s fun as hell.

Nothingheads will release this track as part of a new EP entitled Sunlit Uplands due out on Friday the 9th via Just Step Sideways.

Pale Blue Eyes Share Drop New Single

Way back in August, a band called Pale Blue Eyes from the UK caught my ear with a refreshing and engaging song called “Little Gem”. Since that release and an album drop in September, the band has already shared news of yet another album coming later this summer. Prior to the album release date, the band is once again getting my hype train going with this new single “Takes Me Over.” Once again, I am really drawn into that driving bass mixed with the slightest hints of shoegazy, dream pop vibes. Lovely piece.

Pale Blue Eyes new album This House is up for pre-order now and hits the streets on September 1st via Full Time Hobby.

ATH DJ Night & Market @ Oddwood (5/25)

Your friendly ATH crew has been booking all sorts of Vinyl DJ nights around town recently and Oddwood Brewing on the East Side has turned into one of our favorite spots to spin. This Thursday the crew will once again be set up at the brewery with all kinds of fire and heat emanating from the speakers. And as you know, our team plays only vinyl with no need for fancy streaming platforms. Sets by @nathanlankford, @photobriangray, and @djrayray_ath. Kicking off at 5pm and going till they tell us to leave (8 or 9ish).

While you enjoy the tunes and a cold one, you can also shop the new record and clothing stock from @DJRayRay_ath. Come on by and make a night of it.

Sea Lemon Share New Single Cellar

Seattle based artist Natalie Lew left a lasting impression on us during SXSW this year with her new recording project known as Sea Lemon. Sometimes booked between loud and noisy acts, it was hard to full get a hold on the tunes, but we could tell something special was brewing with the young artist. Her new single “Cellar” shows these hints of delicate sounds mixed with dreamy, airy vibes which first caught our attention back in March. This is sure to be the jumping off point for more great tunes to come this year.

Sea Lemon will be joining Hatchie on select dates on the west coast this fall. Tickets here.

Straight Ripper From Lala Salama

Summer is nearly here and I believe my first nominee for song of summer has arrived with this new track called “Summer Love” from Helsinki based artist Lala Salama. The track has a dreamy, sun drenched sound paired with a frantic and pulsating force driving the song for 2.5 minutes. It’s a blast of refreshing energy.

This track is offered by independent Finland label All That Plazz with a promise of more new music coming soon!

Powerful New Tune From Nymphlord

As we all navigate the incredibly frustrating and often baffling decisions being made by our so called “political leaders,” it can often help to let out a little anger and put pen to paper. That’s just what California based artist Nymphlord did after hearing about the recent, vomit inducing decision to overturn Roe V. Wade. Of course with such intimate and emotive subject matter, the song is a powerful one full of emotion and small hints of extreme rage near the end. I am here for every single bit of it. This one is out now via Lauren Records.

I Stand With Her.

Another New Jam From Night Beats

Our old pal Danny Lee Blackwell is having a bit of a resurgence in his career as he’s moved out to LA and is churning out some real gems under his Night Beats moniker. His latest hit, “Thank You,” is another tune that sort of defies a genre label or direct classification (which we are always here for). Sure we have the overt psych influence throughout, but you can also pick up soft touches of neo-soul or even some Southern gospel. As you undertake repeat listens and groove along with the beat, your sure to find some new layers to peel back and enjoy.

This track will appear on the new Night Beats album entitled Rajan which is due out on July 14th via Suicide Squeeze and Fuzz Club. Hit one of those links for pre-orders.

The Saxophones Share Boy Crazy

The wife and husband duo The Saxophones have long been a group we’ve championed and thrown praise at over the years of our ‘lil website. Well after a short three or so year hiatus, the duo are returning this year with a new album entitled To Be a Cloud due out June 2nd on Full Time Hobby. Prior to that release date, we are incredibly excited to share with you this brand new, stunning single “Boy Crazy.” It’s light and dreamy, yet impactful and enchanting with heavy floor drums and an almost jazz inspiration. Lovely.

Pre-orders for To Be a Cloud are live now.

Legss Share Epic New Single Fester

If you’re in the mood for something new, fresh, yet sort of slow burning and contemplative, might I suggest this new track “Fester” from London based quartet Legss. It certainly takes a bit of time for the song to truly set off, but when it does kick in, be ready for an intense and emotional payoff. Give it a little time and I promise you’ll be happy you did.

Legss will release new EP Fester on June 9th via The state51 Conspiracy.

Stream New Album From Bedroom

Happy almost weekend to all you loyal ATH fans out there. While you step away and possibly enjoy some relaxing new tunes this weekend, might a suggest this stellar new album entitled Thread from Nasville based songwriter Noah Kittinger under his recording moniker Bedroom. Kittinger is now working on his fourth release as Bedroom and each one has shown a young artist maturing into a seasoned songwriter, capable of holding his own amongst the greats. The new album is at times delicate, but also full of some twangy, Southern inspiration and just the slightest hint of experimentation to keep things fresh and vibrant. Right now, I am loving the twang and alt-country vibe of “All Good” while I think about the possibilities of weekend freedom.

Bedroom’s new album Thread is available for physical pre-order now or totally streamable below.

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