Beautiful Tune From elkyn

Hey it’s finally fall here in Austin so it seems like the perfect time to deliver some fall themed music for this break in the heat! Josephy Donnelly, the Leeds based musician who records under the moniker elkyn, is usually in a cooler climate and his music tends to reflect those dark, dreary, and mellow vibes of his city/country. His latest tune, “found the back of the tv remote”, is a slow moving folk inspired tune which can be sometimes melancholic but also uplifting at the same time. It’s a lush tune with tons of layers to unpack.

The song is out now via Tambourine Machine Records.

Dreamy Number From Mata Kopa

Mata Kopa is a Swedish based musical duo consisting of Miranda Raeder and Boris Grubesic. Since 2015, the duo has released a debut LP and spent tons of time touring all over Europe while building a name for the band. This year the Stockholm pair just dropped an EP entitled Go Buy the Sun, which features this standout track “Deep End”. On first listen, I was immediately drawn into the incredibly dreamy sounds and the impressive vocals of Raeder. Think Alvvays but with the occasional need to bust out some slick guitar spasms.

Go Buy the Sun EP is currently available to stream on Spotify.


Bright New Tune From Lentamente

We were first introduced to Costa Rican Ario Rojas and his musical known as Lentamente right around this time last year with the release of his debut LP Galeria de Espejos Paralelos on Z Tapes. Now a year later, Rojas continues to pump out new material every few months or so and continues to impress with his bedroom/dream indie pop approach to songwriting. His latest, “Panorama in 3D”, evokes many of those same super dreamy, bright and playful feelings from some of his earlier work, but also shows a musician who has learned to really tighten up production and mature into his craft. It’s a lovely piece of songwriting.

Heavy Post-Punk From Talk Show

We are midway through the week and I can feel myself slowly sort of dragging myself along to get through the day to day work week. If you’re in the same sort of slog, might I suggest you check out this fast paced new tune called “Underworld” from London based post-punk outfit Talk Show. I love how the track has this overall tension that can, ever so slightly, explode in short bursts but never really completely lets go of that pent up energy.

Talk Show will be releasing this new track on an EP entitled Touch the Ground coming out in 2022.

Impressive New Tune From Spirit Was

Nick Corbo is a guy you probably knew during his time playing bass and sometimes signing in the innovative indie rock band LVL UP. After his old band decided to go their separate ways, Corbo stepped out on his own under the recording moniker Spirit Was. Many years were spent perfecting the sound of this new project and now Spirit Was will release a brand new, debut LP on October 22nd entitled Heaven’s Just a Cloud via Danger Collective Records. Prior to that release date, we’ve been treated to this post-emo, Built to Spill, muddy, blues inspired number called “Come Back up to the House”. I love the way the song progresses from this acoustic ballad, into a sort of muddy, indie rock gem with some stellar female vocals to give it a softer touch. You’ll want to check it out below.

Pre-orders for Heaven’s Just a Cloud are live now.

Find Your Zen With Explosions in the Sky

It’s still a bit early on Thursday morning here, and if you’re having a bit of a rough week like me, might I suggest checking out this new track from our old ATX friends Explosions in the Sky. At this point in their career, EITS are legends in the local music scene as well as incredibly popular outside of Austin. If they hung it up now, they’d already have an incredible body of work to call their own. But of course the guys will ever press forward and continue to expand their sound with new music via soundtrack or full length album. The latest from Explosions is a beautiful soundtrack to accompany the even more beautiful and breathtaking PBS documentary Big Bend: The Wild Frontier of Texas. The documentary in itself is a lovely piece of film which captures the natural beauty of our greatest state park. Add in the sounds of EITS and you’ll find yourself captivated and drawn in to the sights of nature along with the ever trance inducing musical sounds. Here is one of the singles from the soundtrack for your zen moment this morning, “Flying”.

Explosions in the Sky will be releasing the Big Bend soundtrack physically via Temporary Residence. Those pre-orders are live now!

Read more about the PBS Documentary Big Bend: The Wild Frontier of Texas here.

Banger From Mother Ghost

Oscar and Thomas Flores are a brother duo from Houston who record under the moniker Mother Ghost. As our brothers to the east, we are happy to report that the boys have recently wrapped up their debut full length LP with plans to drop it later this week. Prior to the end of the week, we are pleased to blast this new singled called “Mother Ghost”. It’s sort of a dark, brooding take on new wave with an incredibly slick baseline and a hauntingly similar sound to a certain Wang Chung song (if it was slowed down and turned into horror pop). Help me in supporting our new friends over in H-Town.

Mother Ghost will release Somnmbulo this Friday, September 10th via Geodesic Records.

One More Nightwatchers SIngle

Here’s the deal friends. If you have yet to check out the French post-punk outfit Nightwatchers, well we maybe just shouldn’t be friends anymore. The band has powered through a raucous 2019 debut La paix ou le sable, and now have their sophomore effort, Common Crusades, coming out on October 8th via Lovely Records. Prior to that release date, the band is treating us to one more single with this new one called “Their Turn Trying to Rule the World”. This comes after the stunning tunes “1905 & The Muslim Exception” and “White Fathers”. The straight of it is, you’re going to want to pick up this record.

Methyl Ethel Wants You To Dance

Jake Webb is an Australian based musician who records under the moniker Methyl Ethel, and if you are unfamiliar with his work, well I’m not sure where you’ve been. Webb has a slew of indie pop music to his credit and seems to be uninterested in ever slowing down the massive output. Earlier this year we shared the track “Neon Cheap” and now Webb is back again with this incredible, dance inducing song “Matters”. This is likely some of the most upbeat and poppy of any track we’ve ever heard from Methyl Ethel and I dig the progression of these sounds over the years. Enjoy this one as we slide into the long weekend.



Have Another School of X Tune

Earlier this summer I dropped a new single and album announcement from our friend Rasmus Littauer and his Copenhagen based musical project known as School of X. I’ve been drawn into the way Littauer can take a sort of convoluted indie pop genre and give it some darkness and slick guitar work to truly give it his own spin. His latest single, “New Friend”, can be found below and offers up more of that pop goodness paired with the slightest hint of edge and grit. It’s a truly catchy little tune.

School of X will drop new album Dancing in the Void on September 24th via Tambourhinoceros.

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