Show Preview: Vicente Solarzano Benefit @ Coral Snake (6.15)

Summertime in Austin sees a ramp up with shows, especially indoor ones, going on all over town. One we think you should check out is a benefit for local musician Vicente Solarzano happening at Coral Snake on Saturday. Things kick off at 7pm and go till late with a slew of local talent gracing the stage for only $10 at the door. The lineup if loaded, but this seems like a solid time to highlight local up and comers Mikky & The Doom who just released their debut EP Garbage, USA. You can stream that 3 songer on Bandcamp and/or check out the title track below. Definitely a band to watch and put on your local radar.

For more information on how you can help out Vicente, check out the Gofund Me set up for his cause. Hope to see you at the show!

One More Milly Jam

You’ve probably read my praise for Los Angeles based Milly and the new music they’ve been pushing out this year. It should come as no surprise then that when they dropped this brand new track “Bittersweet Mary,” I had to share it with all my reader friends. While I still pick up on the post-emo vibe, I’m also getting these hints of like mid to late 90s alt-rock akin to maybe Silverchair or similar bands. Who knows, maybe I am way off base. Either way, you should check it out below and enjoy.

You should of course pre-order the new Milly album Your Own Beginning from Dangerbird Records. It drops on July 28th.

Get That Shoegaze Fix With Diary

We are getting into the dark days of summer, and what better way to beat the heat inside with some new jams from NYC based outfit Diary. This new track, “Sunday’s Shadow,” leans heavily into a shoegaze sound with some hints of late 80s new wave goth. I’ve hit repeat about three time this morning and I am sure you will find yourself doing the same.

Diary plan to release this track as part of a new EP entitled Speedboat due out later this summer on Kanine Records.

ATH DJs – Emo Night Playlist

Your ATH crew had another fun DJ Happy Hour last night over at Oddwood brewing, and this time we once again were asked to curate an Emo heavy theme. While we spun the records on the tables, Nate and I added everything into a big playlist so you folks who missed out could stream after the fact. You’ll rock, maybe slightly bob your head, and scream out those familiar lyrics. We’ve got this playlist for you Spotify people and for the realist of Apple purists.

Disclaimer – While we turned this into a streamable playlist, these are all songs and albums from our personal vinyl collections. Next time we hope to record from the decks for a true live experience!

French Cassettes Share Another Hit

These new tunes from San Francisco based outfit French Cassettes are really hitting me in all the feels this Spring and Summer. Recently the band shared a lovely piece of singer/songwriter vibes with the hit “Megabus” and now the band returns with an even more heartfelt number with this one “When You Know, You Know.” I am really loving this straight ballad direction the band is going in and I’ll definitely be picking up the new album Benzene when it drops on June 7th. That album is available for pre-order now from Tender Loving Empire.

OK Cowgirl Shares Little Splinters

Sometimes the nostalgia bug can hit us all from time to time, and that’s the feeling I get when I listen to “Little Splinters” from Brooklyn based outfit OK Cowgirl. The track gives off a strong, late 90s alt-rock vibe with the distorted, power chord driven guitar and steady drum beat. Of course the vocals from Leah Lavigne provide an additional emotional force to be reckoned with throughout. Check it out and you’re welcome.

A debut LP from OK Cowgirl entitled Couldn’t Save Us From My Gut is due out August 16th via Easy Does it Records.

Another Hit From Been Stellar

NYC based indie group Been Stellar is coming in hot this year with what might just be one my most anticipated and top releases of the year. Already we heard the jam “Sweet” back in April, now the band return this month with yet another hit called “Pumpkin.” Is it just me, or does this band give off a strong aura of Nada Surf circa the Let Go era? You certainly can hear hints of the inspiration with a delicate take on the vocals mixed in with the slightest hint of folk and a dash of shoegaze. I am here for every ounce of it.

Been Stellar will release new album Scream From New York, NY on June 21st via Dirty Hit.

Milly At it Again

If you were paying attention to our website back in 2022, you may have noticed a multitude of posts about the Los Angeles based band Milly. Likely due to our newfound love and resurgence for the post-emo days, the band has straight hit a chord with me personally and turned me into a forever fan. This year the group has another sure to be stellar album planned for summer which will feature this new single “Spilling Ink.” You can give me a million more songs just like this one and it’d be a solid day for me.

The new album from Milly entitled Your Own Becoming will be out on June 28th via Dangerbird Records. Pre-orders are live now!

Cardinals Share New Single Nineteen

So Young Records started off as an offshoot of the magazine of same name and the label has grown and added an impressive roster of up and coming artists. With such buzzing bands like Humour, Been Stellar, and Slow Fiction to name a few, the label is building into something great. A recent addition to the roster, Ireland based Cardinals, just dropped this short and powerful new single “Nineteen” today. Though the song comes in at under 2 minutes, I’m sure you’ll find yourself hitting repeat at least more than once as soon as it’s over.

Cardinals will release this track as part of a new self-titled EP which is due out on June 7th via So Young Records. Pre-orders are live now.

New Single & Video From Love Fiend

Well we are cruising through another wild week after coming down from the Record Convention, and the new tunes just keep flying our way. If you’re down for a little kick of energy and fun, I suggest you check out this new track “Hard Feelings” from the L.A. based group Love Fiend. Certainly you can hear that quirky new wave sound in there which is set off and given a driving beat with a hint of post-punk. I am sure you will love it.

This new song appears on the upcoming album entitled Handle With Care which is due out on July 12th via In the Red Records. Pre-orders are up now.

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