Glyders Share Wrong Sometimes Right

Having just returned from a Chicago jaunt to see my favorite UK band Sorry, I find myself diving into the local scene there more and more. Windy City based Glyders came on my radar this morning with their new song “Wrong Sometimes Right” and it seems to fit perfectly with my mellow Monday mood. I love the way this thing grooves a little bit while offering hints of country twang and soothing, light harmonies. Check it out below.

Glyders will release their debut album Maria’s Hunt on January 20th via Drag City. Pre-orders are live now.

Say Hello To Angel Twin

Well things are winding down around the ATH offices for the holiday break, but we’ve still got a few more tunes this week before shutting things down. Up today is a new tune, from a relatively new project, called “Ride” by way of Fort Worth upstart Angel Twin. It’s like they’ve taken some of the best parts of shoegaze and then melding it with super dreamy and bright elements of indie pop. This is going to be hitting all of my Holiday playlists for the weekend.

New Video & Single From Cowboyy

London based lads cowboyy have really been picking up some buzz in the music blog world after having only formed in January of this year. Their very first song, “gmaps”, came out earlier this year and we failed to post at the time so this seems like a perfect time to share the new video for the previously released tune. It’s just so damn catchy and fun. Loving the way the guitar work is sort of playful but also fills out the entire sound of the song.

Cowboyy will release their debut EP Epic the Movie on March 6th via Nice Swan Records. Pre-orders are live now.

ATH Vinyl Mix – November 22

A few weeks ago, I dropped a new idea we’ve been playing around with where we create a mix, or playlist if you will, of tunes sourced directly from our very own vinyl record collection. Since the year is winding down and the new tunes are starting to slow down a bit, this seemed like the right time to go ahead and drop the mix for November. Stream it below and don’t forget we have a couple more mixes on our new ATH Vinyl Mixes page. Though it’s called “Friday Night Move Makers,” you can surely take this with you anytime you need a fresh mix at work, at home, or at the bar. Ya dig.

All songs come from our personal record collection. Direct all issues to our friends at Mixcloud.

Sorry I Missed This: Sourmilk

Though very little is known about Indonesian band Sourmilk, their new song called “Sick Girl” has seen some moderate coverage and plays since its release back in September. As can often happen, I missed the track during the initial release but found myself entranced when the band’s song came up under the “new & notable” section on bandcamp. So yeah I’m a bit tardy on sharing, nevertheless I’m sure you can see why I simply had to share this gem of a track. It’s full of brightness, with slight hints of guitar edge during the bridge and just an overall warm and inviting sound. Lovely song.

Once we hear more from the band, we’ll try to be the first to share next time… ;).

Premiere: New Single & Video From Tearing Up

If you’re looking for something to really get yourself moving and rocking on a Thursday mid-morning, then look no further this new tune called “Your Flame” from Tearing Up. The project is mostly a solo piece of work coming from Toronto based musician and songwriter Graham Caldwell. He makes his very own brand of psych inspired, shoegaze meets noise, indie rock n roll tunes. Superb sound and tons of driving energy.

Tearing Up will release a debut LP on January 27th entitled Heavy.

Dark Wave From Pile

Nashville by way of Boston based Pile is a band that has been constantly working and generating new music for over 15 years. Ever evolving and growing, this new single “Loops” shows a band delving a bit further into a more dark wave, eery and post-punk inspired sound. For me, this may be the best work from Rick Maquire and crew as it is full of deep, heavy bass depth and sort of restrained, yet impactful energy. Check it out with new video below.

Pile has a new album entitled All Fiction coming out on February 17th via Exploding in Sound. Pre-orders are already live.

Premiere: New Single & Video From Sunfruits

Australia, and even more specifically Melbourne, has really picked a ton of focus from us recently on the pages of ATH. Rightfully so with a slew of new music coming out over the last year, some of which coming from my new pails in Sunfruits. Today we are premiering another new single from the band called “Believe It” which has a touch more of a pop focus paired with the bands familiar take on psych rock. It’s catchy as hell.

This is part of more new music coming from Sunfruits via killer label Earth Libraries.

Soulful New Tune From Mope

UK based artist Mope just dropped this new single “Velveteen” and I simply had to share it with you all this morning. The song has this really groovy, soulful inspiration of droning organ paired with hints of singer/songwriter stylings and psych rock sensibilities. It flows together beautifully and shows an expert level knack for how to craft a solid, ear worm inducing song. Stay tuned for more music as the news comes in.

ATH Vinyl Mixes

As many of you know, the ATH team is made up of a few dudes who are absolutely obsessive about collecting records. Seriously, pretty much all we do during the day is waste time (between posting tunes of course) chatting online about what’s currently on our want lists or what we found while digging around town. Heck, I’ve even started selling, Nathan puts out records, and we’ve all been spinning our tunes around town as much as possible.

We’ve tossed around some ideas about how to bring our love of collecting to the pages of ATH, and one idea that stuck was to create some playlists from our various collections. I recently played around with this at home and we’re making a couple of those streams available now on our new ATH Vinyl Mixes page, coming via hosting service MixCloud. These are still pretty rough as we figure out the best system for recording, but we’d love for you to check them out and offer any feedback. Our very first mix is below with another more hip-hop oriented set over on our new Mixes page. All songs are recorded using records from our own collection with zero editing, streaming or digital music. Keep physical media alive y’all.

We’ve got more ideas brewing so stay tuned and happy digging.

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