Clear Coast Urge You To Get Moving

Don’t let the dark and dreary atmosphere of the outside influence your mood too much today, and instead check out this new tune called “Phonecall” from German based outfit Clear Coast. It features some really groovy synth work with dance inducing beats and an indie electro influence heard from bands like Small Black or even Tame Impala. I dare you to hit play and not immediately move your body to the beat.

I’m told that this song is featured on a new album entitled Departures coming out sometime this summer.


Stream Debut LP From Hotel Lux

While we all chill inside today here in the ATX, why not take the time to check out some new tunes and listen to a few just released 2023 albums. My personal suggestion for your streaming pleasure today comes from London based outfit Hotel Lux and their just released debut LP Hands Across the Creek. We stumbled upon these guys during their appearance at SXSW last year, fell hopelessly in love, and have been following their moves ever since. This album should strike your fancy if your a fan of Brit pub rock like say Kaiser Chiefs with some slight hints of Fontaines D.C. but also touches of Idles swagger. Stream the entire album below and consider a physical purchase on blue smoke vinyl from state51.


Austin Psych Fest Lineup + Tickets

Austin’s favorite left of center festival Psych Fest is making a come back this year and will return to its original, single location style event at The Far Out Lounge April 28th-30th. After the excitement of the initial festival announcement, we are happy to share the full lineup drop with you all today. The days are packed with heavy hitters and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of reason to spend your days and nights at The Far Out in April. Tickets for the weekend and individual days are also on sale now!

Full lineup:








THE BLACK ANGELS: playing Directions to See a Ghost








One More Stunner From Pile

Well this late winter going into early Spring release season looks like it’s going to nuts and filled with tons of bangers to start the year. While we tend to see a lot of the huge names getting all the talk, I think many of us music fans may have forgotten about the upcoming Pile album, All Fiction, due out next month on Exploding in Sound. Already we’ve heard album banger, and song of the year winner “Loops” as well as the slightly poppier (for Pile) song “Poisons”. Today we have yet another new track called “Nude with a Suitcase” which may just be the darkest of the dark wave from the band. It’s a real slow burning, almost gothic approach and should slide in nicely to the album’s tracklist.

Pre-orders for All Fiction are live now with a release date of February 17th.

Premiere: Strawberry Fuzz Share Dropout

After you rested up yesterday and celebrated a Cowboys victory, it’s time to get back in the swing of things today with some loud rock music from Venice Beach based Strawberry Fuzz. The new single, “Dropout”, features this very loud and sort of post-punk energy mixed with the slightest hints of garage rock greats. It’s sure to get your attention and entice you to a further listen of the band’s new album entitled Strongs Dr. which is out tomorrow via all platforms. Ya dig.

Show Highlight: Why Bonnie @ Antones (1.15)

Why Bonnie is one of those local(ish) bands we feel like we grew up with as we were there from the beginning several years ago, the move away from town, and their rise in fandom over the past year. Of course much of this new found buzz has come after the release of the absolutely stunning, and ATH year end list hogging album, 90 in November. Since the band took their talents to the East Coast, we don’t get to see them live as much as we’d like, but they are back in town on Sunday with a headlining show at Antone’s downtown. Prior to the Sunday show, leading lady Blair was kind enough to answer a few burning questions about her band, their last album, and what the future holds. Hit the jump for Q&A along with ticket link and music.

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Pynch Share New Single “2009”

Aaaaaand we’re back! Apologies for the absence over the last couple of days, but it appears our server issues may be fixed (for now). During our time screaming at the computer, we missed on several great new tracks, including this one called “2009” from our London friends Pynch. It has a mellow, sort of low key, almost grooving style to it that is offering me some steady beats and chill moods during my time of mental frustration. Nice to have this band back and ready for their debut album Howling at a Concrete Moon coming on April 14th via Chillburn Recordings. Pre-orders are live for the album now. Hey, who doesn’t love some Dr. Pepper?

Straight Rocker From Perfect Angel At Heaven

Clearly I have been struggling a bit getting back into the groove of things this week and I’m sure many of you can share the same sentiments. As I slowly find my footing this morning, I happened upon this nice lil jam from Indianapolis based artist Perfect Angel at Heaven over on bandcamp. It certainly reminds me of some of our hold heroes like The Thermals or Ted Leo, hence my urgency to share it with you all today. The single is part of a new EP coming from the band which is due out sometime… today? Or so says on their bandcamp page.

New DarkWave Single From Keep

Though I just ran my Top Songs of the year yesterday, new tracks continue to come in that might just alter my list a little bit. Richmond based group Keep certainly have a push for, at the very least, top song of the month with this new single called “Dasani Daydream.” I think a large part of my infatuation with this song today comes with hearing something that offers a unique sound and fresh vibes when we can otherwise be inundated with the same ‘ol same ‘ol stuff. It mixes this sort of darkwave goth sound from a band like Chastity with small hints of shoegaze brightness here and there. It’s rad.

Keep will release new album Happy in Here on February 3rd via Honey Suckle Sound. Pre-orders are live now.

RayRay’s Top Songs of 2022

Well the ATH crew is getting ready to shutdown for the season, but we’d be remiss to miss out on this whole year end list thing before closing up shop. As we’ve done in the past, I sort of took the lead on top songs of the year as I tend to be more of the playlist guy with Nate featuring more on the album side of things. So if you have any comments or hate to hate on, you can bring all that to this guy. After the jump I have an alphabetical list of all my 102 songs plus playlists for both you Apple Music (winner) AND Spotify (losers) users. Happy Year End 2022!

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