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Back In May I shared some news about Auckland based band Miss June signing to the legendary indie label Frenchkiss. After a 7″ release via the label in May, the band is now prepping to release a new LP entitled Bad Luck Party on September 10th (pre-order here). Prior to that release, Miss June just dropped this blazing new single called “Enemies”. Honestly, I’m not sure I can remember a song recently that rocks and melts faces as much as this one. It’s under 3 minutes long and doesn’t let up in its intensity for one second.

A New Eleanor Friedberger Track

I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of hearing new songs penned by Eleanor Friedberger. She’s just announced a new record titled Rebound, and she’s taken a different approach to the songwriting this round. Instead of working with her band, she’s crafted all the music herself, using samples and programmed drums to flesh out the sounds. I feel like she’s always pushing her songwriting in different directions, so it’ll be interesting to see how the entirety of the new LP shapes out…this is a pretty good first entry if you ask me. Look for the new record to drop on May 4th via Frenchkiss Records.

Have Some Fun With Strange Names

Drudging my way through an insane week leaves me in need of some upbeat music I can dance and sing along to. If you are in the need of the same, look no further than this delightful new track “Into Me” from NYC via Minneapolis based band Strange Names. Seriously, this thing is a fun piece of dance inducing beats with elements of electronica, disco and of course pop. I dare you need to stand up and move to the beat. Double dare.

Strange Names will release a new album of tunes sometime in 2018.

Diet Cig Give Us More To Love

If it isn’t abundantly clear yet, we here at ATH are big fans of that band called Diet Cig. We just saw them at Sound on Sound, have attended their show in the past, and love the energy brought by the duo in everything they do. With that said, I was obviously excited this morning to get an email delivering news of a new single and the release of their debut album. I already can’t wait for the album and a chance to see them again come March. Very excite!

Swear I’m Good at This will come out on April 7th via Frenchkiss Records.

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Enjoy This Latest Single from Johnny Aries

johnnOkay. Johnny Aries plays with the Drums.  But, don’t let that impact your listening.  He’s actually better known, to me, of this role in UK outfit Two Wounded Birds.  The UK songwriter has a touch of that spritely bounce you’ll get in his current act, but there’s more of a traditional indiepop sound coming from his songs; I can even hear a bit of that Moz croon hanging on the tip of his delivery.  It’ll be interesting to hear how his whole record, Unbloomed, shapes up. It’s going to be released by Frenchkiss on August 26th.

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Tweens – s/t

tweens_albumcover.134023Rating: ★★★☆☆

The official arrival of Tweens comes with a lot of fanfare, namely the endorsement of Kim Deal (Breeders/Pixies).  But, can a young band live up to those lofty expectations? Can they fill your ears with tunes that are as undeniably memorable as “Cannonball?”  On their self-titled effort, there’s room for improvement, but overall, you get the feeling that the young three-piece are on to something.

When Tweens kick things off, you can tell that they’re intent upon bringing raucous noise with just a little bit of brattiness to the table.  Bridget Battle immediately takes center stage on “Bored With This City,” belting out vocals, with the occasional hiccup to add a wee bit of sugar to the track.  And, while that song pushes forth rather quickly, “McMicken,” the following tune, is just as fast, although there’s that effortless layer of cool layered in, making the tune worthy of repeated listens.

Still, with the opening tunes on Tweens winning you over, there has to be a breather, which is why the vocal display from Battle on the next track “Be Mean” offers up a slightly different look into the band’s sound.  She discards that bratty sexpot attitude, taking on a stronger role as a powerful front woman.  This is the first track where I really felt like her vocals stood out from the meat of the song.  It’s an approach I personally feel she should take more often, as it makes that song successful, much like it does with”Don’t WaitUp” and  “Forever.”  The latter tune is possibly the standout song on the record.  Musically, the band seems to have calmed down a bit, allowing for BB to win over fans with her ability to control her pipes at various pitches.  I suppose this song appeals to me because it offers that different glimpse inside of the band, as other songs seem to bleed into each other too often.

After spending several days with the album, I can definitely see where the excitement comes from.  The songs are filled with hooks, and it’s hard to deny Bridget’s dynamism as a front woman.  That being said, there are a few songs that trip over each other, and only the smart choice of slipping in some slower tunes saves the record from being a one-note venture. They salvage that, however, with the inclusion of things like “Stoner” and “Forever,” making it clear that their future might hold more than meets the eye.  Tweens are rising stars in the music community, but only time will tell just how far that star can go.


Incredible Pop Music From Drowners

1380273_219115644916437_626854628_nIt’s rare these days for me to hear a song that immediately catches my ear and makes me fall in love with it after just one play.  This track, “Luv, Hold Me Down”, from NYC based band Drowners is just such a track.  With such a catchy tune, I’m surprised that I had never even heard of the band prior to jamming this track today.  Needless to say, I’ll be staying tuned to more from these guys in the future.  Can you such a great pop tune?  No, you cannot.

A new self-titled album will be coming your way January 28th via Frenchkiss Records.

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Soft Ballad Bonus from Emma Louise

emma_mainphoto-fixedUS.105553I’m really impressed with the growth I’ve seen musically from Emma Louise.  When I first heard her awhile back, I liked it, but it was just another great voice–that’s not the case now with her latest effort, vs Head vs Heart.  She’s got a much stronger presence behind the microphone, and I like the soulful solemnity in her voice on this bonus single.  There’s not much besides the piano and the voice, but if you listen to this track, you won’t need anything else to fall in love with Emma Louise.  Her album is out now on Frenchkiss Records. 


Download: Emma Louise – Backseats

Gritty Rocker from Crocodiles

crocsI passed on this track a couple of days ago; I’m sorry, my life’s a mess! But, now that I’m back with it, I think everyone needs to take a good listen to this new jam from Crocodiles.  This is the sort of track I expected to hear more of when the band released their last effort, Endless Flowers, though that ended up a bit too polished.  On this number, they still have some melodic hooks, especially in the chorus, but the song itself seems to ooze with noisier elements on the edges, making the track more than just some casual pop ditty. You can find this tune on Crimes of Passion, which comes out on August 20th.


Download: Crocodiles – Cockroach [MP3]

Classic Brit Pop Sound from Tripwires

tripwiresI’ve heard a few tunes from Reading’s Tripwires up to this point, but nothing seems as fittingly British as this new single that they’ve just released. It’s reminiscent of old Travis tunes, but there’s a bit more messing with the atmospheric attitude lurking in the background.  That sort of exploration shows a band growing in their confidence, but also a group destined to forge their own territory.  The group will be releasing their album, Spacehopper, via Frenchkiss Records; it’ll be in stores on June 18th. I think the group can go several ways, so I’m excited to see what direction they choose to pursue. I’m sure we’ll all enjoy it, regardless.

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