Show Pics: FFF6 Day Three

Fun Fun Fun Fest photo coverage concludes at Austin Town Hall.

There is dust in every crevice…

…of my camera gear. Day three had a weird blend to it. Starting with an interview with WWPJ, We caught OBN III and Davila 666 at Black Stage followed by WWPJ’s set, Mate of State segued to MNDR and Austra. Jumpcut to Ted Leo,dial it back to dance party with Architecture in Helsinki, back up again for Hum and then Easing out with Black Lips and Slayer (?).

You know what is past the break.

Tired, but don’t care. Interview with We Were Promised Jetpacks was first up, then on to the music…

OBN III made friends. Davila 666 – “You are very great,” says the fan. Jetpacks put on the best set musically, no messing about just sounded good. Mates of State harmonized, they are married, ya know. Speaking of marriage, a couple got married by Henry Rollins. MNDR and her macbook against the world. Austra was too early in the day. Ted Leo battled a death bug. Helsinki’s Architecture is colorfully lit. Hum was pretty f’ing good, they are better than just that one song. Black Lips was a hot mess (my gear was filthy enough and the barricade was about to let go). You could hear Slayer from 5th and Lavaca.

Way more pics to peruse over at the photo site


  • Great pics of OBN III. Just a little upset that first he points at me, then he flicks me off! Still, that midair action shot is ridiculous.

    Oh, and can you edit out my man boobs in that Ted pic? Wearing a child’s backpack obviously doesn’t bode well for my body.

  • Thanks sir, OBN III was prolly the bestest fun for me.

    I had to edit the teets in. Not getting rid of them now…

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