New Music from The Wanda Junes

11428175_621323831337191_2443049842309276834_oI’ve been a fan of Emotional Response and their work since they label was first brought to my attention, so keeping an eye on the label is our job here at ATH. Seeing as the label has been run by Stew and Jen from Boyracer, it would make sense if you pigeonholed the label (though unfortunate), which is why I want to bring you attention to the Wanda Junes. The group specialize, at least in my time with the album, as creators of saloon Americana. By that I mean you can hear the history of our fairly young country (I wasn’t referencing the bastardized genre), dripping with booze and a big band sound recorded in a small room. You should grab the group’s Hi Fi Record from the label right HERE.

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Buy This Debutantes 7″ from Emotional Response

11020761_10153147013484577_8079677916334810216_nThe two sides of this new 7″ from the Debutantes are pretty brilliant, yet completely distinct in their respective sounds. The A Side “Adams Apples” is the punishing bit of noise rock with an underlying current of pop sensibility, and very likely to break through your speakers…in a really good way.  The flip side has “Kids,” which is a much softer look at the Irish act. This song stays true to the historical undercurrent of indiepop, though the recording has this endearing distortion to it, so as not to be too shimmering.  The 7″ just came out from the really awesome folks over at Emotional Response, so you can grab yourself a copy of it right HERE. Oh, and if you order it now, it comes with a 4 song download that makes up the band’s debut EP.

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Exclusive B-Side on the New Sleaford Mods 7″

sleafIf you didn’t get your hands on last year’s Divide and Exit LP from the Sleaford Mods, then perhaps you missed the boat.  The UK act was all over year end lists, and I’ve got a certain fondness for the duo.  Musically, they’re definitely in the vein of punk rock: brutal all the way.  But, what’s more punk to me are the vocals from Jason.  It’s semi-spoken word, semi-rap, yet there’s no subject matter that’s off limits, including relegation rovers, QPR.  They’ve got a 7″ featuring one of the catchy tracks off that LP, but it’ll have an exclusive B-Side, which we also have below.  Emotional Response is responsible for the single, so get it while it’s hot! Here’s “A Little Ditty” and “I’m Shit at It.”

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