Stream Brain Drugs Self Titled LP

We first got wind of Australian instrumental duo Brain Drugs when they shared “Nightshift” single with us, along with its accompany video. Today, we kick off a case of the Thursdays by offering a stream of their new LP, a way to ease into your day with a little bit of curiosity and wonder. For me, there’s this primal nature that seems to seep through your speakers, perhaps due to the simplicity of keyboards and drums; the drum work always seems like the soundtrack to a march of humans. Still, perhaps you turn to a song like “Moulds” that spews this warmth from the synth sounds. Little twists and turns weave you through this instrumental landscape, so time for you to maze your way through these sounds. All proceeds from the album go to Victorian Aboriginal Legal Services.

MUUK Share Seis Ausente

It’s seems strange to me that we cover so much music from Canada, yet our closest neighbor (here in Texas at least) gets minimal coverage. But, thanks to Devil in the Woods returning, I’ve been turned on to some great tunes, like this new single from Mexico City’s MUUK. It’s an instrumental number that works with sort of four distinct movements. At first, you get sort of a lost radio message, something that seems to hiss at you from the past. Then the song drops in, guitars sharpening themselves over ambient noises, building on the pulse of electronics. We venture into a soft respite with a meandering guitar chord sort of skittering about while the percussive element and soundbites intoxicate the listener. It all crashes down emphatically with the heavier hand coming in the song’s final quarter, releasing all the song’s earlier tension in one final closing moment.

Beautiful New Track/Video From Unwed Sailor

Possibly a little late on this one so I’ll go ahead and apologize for my tardiness. With that out of the way, I’m pleased to share with you this new track called “Indian Ocean” from the legendary musician Johnathon Ford and his project known as Unwed Sailor. As always, the song is completely instrumental, has tons of rises and falls, and is a real thing of beauty. As someone who has always loved this style of instrumental, emotional music, I’m loving this.

Unwed Sailor will release Heavy Age on May 3rd. Pre-orders are up now.

Atmospheric Track From Heron

Pennsylvania based instrumental outfit Heron made a name for themselves back in 2017 with their impressive debut LP You Are Here Now. Not to go quietly into the night, the boys now have a new single called “Splashdown” to continue the hype train moving on their music. Those who know me, probably realize this track is perfect for me because it blends equal parts Appleseed Cast and Explosions in the Sky. Both two of my all time favorites.

Instrumental Doom Pop from Fresh Snow

freshsnowI’m one that’s attached to lyrics, so I don’t really go about looking for instrumental tunes. That being said, this new Fresh Snow tune somehow crept under my skin. It’s a brooding bit of gloom, built on multiple smaller movements; it’s not unlike what some might hear in the Stranger Things soundtrack that’s taken off of late…only a little heavier. It’s also one of those crazy tracks that you just want to see brought to the live setting, pulsing and throbbing, creating something altogether animal-istic. Their new album One comes out this Friday via Hand Drawn Dracula.

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Brand Spanking New Deardarkhead

deardarkheadYou should already be aware of Deardarkhead, the long-running act of warm noise makers (Captured Tracks) even threw out a retrospective a few years back). They’ve been going strong for the last several years, despite nixing their long-time singer and moving forward as an instrumental act. Oddly, they haven’t seemed to miss a beat, if anything growing stronger as a unit. On this brand new single, I’m a huge fan of the rhythm section, particularly the bass chords that seem to bubble up beneath cascading distorted guitars. There’s movement within the song too, which isn’t always present in instrumental pieces, changing tones and power behind the mix. Their new album Strange Weather will be filled with tunes both startling and soothing; it will be released by the super reliable (and Texas based!) Saint Marie Records on March 25th.

Fresh Instrumental from Lymbyc Systym

wv141I’m not usually one to get drawn into instrumental music (I’ve always had a thing for lyrics), but there are a few bands that have done it right, winning me over.  Long ago, Lymbyc Systym was one of those, so it’s exciting to see them crafting some new music for their label Western Vinyl.  Their latest single,which hit on Friday, has this expansive electronic quality, though they incorporate brief samples, much as Mogwai or local boys EITS have done. For me, I’m just amazed at how impactful a song over 6 minutes can be, whilst still holding your attention.  Look for Split Stones on October 16th.

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ATX Spotlight: New Letting Up Despite Great Faults Jam

Letting Up Despite Great FaultsI was out of town, so I should have been on this tune already.  We love Letting Up Despite Great Faults, and we’re always here to support those guys (and gal)…thus why I’m putting up this instrumental jam that they’ve recently released.  I hope it means the group are backing in the studio working their way towards another release, which can only mean good things for Austin. Seems like a pretty good way to wrap up what’s been a good case of the Tuesday’s in my book, so enjoy yourself as we close the day out with a little local love.

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Instrumental Jam from High Tides

tidyIt takes a lot to capture my attention if a track is instrumental.  I know a lot of instrumental tunes are used for artistic purposes within the structure of an album, but to present an album’s worth of such tracks takes a lot to grab my attention. That being said, this tune from High Tides has definitely piqued my interest. It’s a pretty smoothly constructed jam, flowing along like a boat in water (thus the track’s title?).  It’s the sort of song that fits perfectly near the end of your day; it soothes perfectly, calming when you need it most.  Look for their self-titled album on Rad Cult come July 31st.

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ATX Spotlight: Legendary Skies Release Novarupta (4/10)

11081179_1091877397495744_644842800649873449_nAustin’s been known to host an instrumental post-rock act or two…from Balmorhea to Explosions in the Sky, and everything in between.  Enter Legendary Skies, one of the newer acts on the scene, who are ready to unleash their album Novarupta to the Austin masses (and hopefully beyond). Interestingly, the band draw from all the forebears in our local post-rock scene, building crash atop crash, yet always falling in step with more intricate guitar pieces made for long drives along sparse Texas highways.  Head over to Hole in the Wall this Friday night to catch the band live, and help celebrate the release of their album.


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