Fresh EP from Power of Satan

PrintIt’s always interesting to me how music filters and influences places all over the world, which I feel is the case with Power of Satan‘s newest EP. The Japanese band has just released their new four song EP on Bleeding Gold Records, and there’s touchstones of all things indie rock in the last few decades.  I hear little bits of Pavement, but I can also hear a lot of that angular guitar pop that people give Flying Nun credit for; it might seem all over the place with those touchstones, but it’s really a well put together release.  You can grab the EP for NYOP (which means throw some dollars their way).


Download: Invader [MP3]

Why Not Post About Meeks?

mepI have absolutely no idea what any of the ideas on this song are about, nor do I really care.  It sounds like absolute gibberish, but that’s probably because I don’t speak Japanese.  Still, there’s something undeniable about this track, which came out in Japan a while ago.  Meeks had never even made my radar until the reliable Jigsaw Records decided that digging it back up and releasing it Stateside would be genius. I tend to agree.  Sometimes a song or a band grabs you, and no matter the language, there’s an inherent quality that bonds you with that.  Today, I’m all about the Meeks.


Download:  Meeks – Hello Goodbye [MP3]

Rad Track from The Paellas

Oh Internet, I thank you for bringing the musical world together.  If it weren’t for our trusty WorldWideWeb I mightn’t have stumbled across this track from the Paellas, a Japanese act who’ve been making my Labor Day weekend a solid listening experience.  The four-piece group is crafting music that definitely falls in the vein of bands like Ducktails or even Ariel Pink.  Vocals hide in the background, while the rest of the music holds onto a dark angular tone.  You can’t figure out if you’re supposed to chill or let dive into some active listening.  Either way, you’re going to have fun jamming to this tune. It’s part of their Following EP, which you can pick up free from the group.


Download:The Paellas – Following [MP3]

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