Baked and the Zells Announce Split on Crafted Sounds

Looking back at a few things I missed while folks are thinking of a “holiday,” I was shocked at my own faults as I missed the announcement of the Zells and Baked working on a new split release for Crafted Sounds, titled Queensburgh. For my two cents, Baked come across like a really heavy version of Pedro the Lion; the vocals have that similar syllabic fade, like a wave of emotion washing over you, only to ebb away. Still, there’s a heaviness in the riffs, keeping you cool. For their part, the Zells seem stoked to bring you the sunnier side of pop, kicking off a track that brings in a steadier toe-tap throughout, which for some reason reminds me of all the Wilco-indebted pop-punkers of years past. Totally cool. The split EP will be out on November 2nd via Crafted Sounds.

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