ATH @ Austin Psych Fest’s Levitation 2015

Time to reflect on Levitation 2015. I liked the name change away from Austin Psych Fest when it was announced as there are several bands that that may meander towards that genre, fans of the genre may love, but just aren’t “Psych” bands. I hope they continue to expand the diversity of the lineup. With that, let’s talk about this year and then you can gander a whole mess of photos taken at the fest.

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ICYMI: Levitation Schedule Released

LEVITATION-2015-SQUAREWhat’s up, nerds?

Late last week, Austin Psych Fest announced the schedule for this year’s Levitation Festival. I love it. Even if you have a conflict, you will have an opportunity to meander in the fringes and bolster you festival band count. If you don’t want to meander, you’ll have nice breaks between bands to allow for extra-curricular activities like, ya know, eating and drinking and not dehydrating and shrivelling. It is not a sprint, it is a marathon.

Can’t wait to be miserably tired when The FLaming Lips take the stage on Sunday at 11:45pm…

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Austin Psych Fest Is Now Levitation

L2015-DATES-ANNOUNCE-1-800x6001We have some more festival related news form the Austin Psych Fest people.

First, the fest will hence forth be referred to as Levitation. I’m cool with it, better branding than Austin Psych Fest and it will keep people from pitching a fit when a band that isn’t “Psych” is announced on the lineup. Second, the aforementioned lineup is coming 12/3. Third, the dates that lineup will be playing out at Carson Creek Ranch again will be May 8-10. Fourth, Transmission is now engaged in the festival’s goings-on. Finally, there are a few early-bird passes for sale, y’all.

Ticket info here.

Fest news here.