About Last Night – Tuesday, March 14th @ SXSW

I find it strange that there’s so much complaining in the “industry” about SXSW. Sure, the payment issue is a real thing, and I stand with the artists on that issue, but that LARGE fact aside, it’s a pretty unique experience. Almost every performance feels more intimate than your average festival, and you get a chance to run into friends from all over the world who you might never otherwise see. Oh, and you never know when you’ll stumble into your new favorite band, so I call that a win! Anyways…here’s some photos and stuff after the jump!

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About Last Night – ATH vs SOTO @ Vegas

Your friendly neighborhood ATH staff kicked off our SXSW yesterday with the recently reborn ATH vs. Side One Track One party at Hotel Vegas in East Austin. We had a packed house from the time doors opened until things closed down a little after 1am. Hopefully everyone stayed safe out there and got home without incident to start off the week on a high note.

After the jump you can find a few quick thoughts and photos from our team.

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Meet the SXSW Band: You Said Strange

Not much left for us to say at this point other than, are you ready for chaos, music, and fun? Hopefully you are, as the events of SXSW are mere days away at this point with tons of things going down this weekend. If you’ve been enjoying our interview sessions, this one is sure to be of interest as the French band You Said Strange really took some time and care with detailed and well thought responses. Great to see a perspective from a European band coming to the States and being exposed to our insane way of life. Hit the jump for deets.

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Meet The SXSW Band: The Natural Lines

Many of the bands covered for our SXSW interviews have been mostly newer, or maybe even unknown to some, but today we have a true legend and personal music favorite sharing some responses. Though he recently hung up the old “PA” moniker, indie legend Matt Pond continues to make incredible music with a bunch of his music friends in The Natural Lines. I was very excited when Matt agreed to take part in our interview questions and not the least bit surprised when he shot them back within a few short hours. The man is a true pro. Hit the jump for full interview from Matt Pond as part of his new outfit The Natural Lines.

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Gringo Star Share Told You Once Before

While I feel I moved on a bit from that soulful garage sound that I fawned over in the early ATH years, I’m still a sucker for the sound when its done well…and no one’s done it quite as well as Gringo Star on their latest single. This one’s got this almost LSD-infused desert vocal that rolls through the track like a lone tumbleweed. Musically, it almost feels like its given everything to the vocals, except the space gets filled in by these perfect bits of string arrangements that manage to elevate every inch of the song by their very presence. It almost feels like it was penned in the traditional soul era, and I don’t mind that one bit. You’ll find this tune on their new LP On and On and Gone, which was just announced!

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