Mellow Grunge Rock From Cuesta Loeb

Cuesta Loeb is the bedroom rock project of Christina Cuesta Loeb, a classically trained musician out of NYC who has found her voice in the grungier grit of alternative tunes. She’s shared a new track called “Wasted,” which is about the simple desire for a night in with some booze, which everyone needs now and again, if that’s your thing. The melodrama of this sentiment is reflected in the sleepy vocals, sleek guitar riffs and catchy chorus. For fans of Snail Mail, Soccer Mommy, and Mitski, Cuesta Loeb is sure to find a place in your listening mix.

ATX Band To Watch: Slideshow

Y’all know how we like to keep things rad in the ATX, so I’m quite pleased to share this track from Slideshow, who are probably your next favorite local band. They made some waves already with their track, “Midnight Language” last month and last Friday they released their debut EP by the same title. Equal parts new wave and bedroom pop, the band combines fuzzy vocals, reverb soaked guitar riffs that crash and collide infinitely over each other, and danceable bass and drum beats to make for lovely listening. This new track “Nothing To See” reminds me of the janglyness of Wild Nothing and Beach Fossils. It’s a lovely track that begs you to press repeat–keep a look out for this band in the future, as we can expect some big things for sure.

Chilled Out Bedroom Pop From Supine

Supine is the solo project of Patrick Murphy from Birmingham, UK, who also releases music with the likes of his band Violet. With Supine, he is making chilled out bedroom pop that just hits you like a ray of warm sunshine. “Change” is a buttery smooth track, with super gooey guitar riffs that melt into each other, the lovely nuances of horns towards the end, and bright bursts of synths. This track is taken from the band’s new EP, which is out today. Go over to their Bandcamp and listen to the whole thing.

Show Preview: Jackie Venson @ One-2-One Bar, 8/2

A week after a weekend of Hot Summer Nights with most local bands playing bills would mean a bit of downtime for show-goers this weekend…if this was any other city besides Austin, TX. There’s always some live music to get into here in the ATX, and this Friday’s choice for me will be our own Jackie Venson, who just got back in town after a bit of a tour through Europe and is bringing her loop-filled eccentric bluesy indie rock to One-2-One Bar for a night of homecoming celebration. Venson released her studio album,Joy, earlier this year to much acclaim and success, growing her already cult-like following of fellow fans of crisp guitar riffs, lovely soulful vocals and a radiant stage presence. Go scoop some limited tickets to this show tomorrow night — doors are at 8:30, show starts at 9pm.


New To You: Fresh Dreampop From Skytone

Skytone are a two piece 80s synth pop group who hail from Ottawa, Ontario, and they’re on their way to releasing an album on TheBeautiful Music.From that, they dropped this single “Here and Now” about a month ago, but somehow missed my radar until now. It’s a good summer tune: bouncy bass lines, breezy guitar riffs, and twee synths greet you pretty much instantly when you press play. The melody is lovely, with lyrics talking about wanting to stay in a moment, which is the kind vibe that summer time tends to lend itself to. It’s pretty hard not to groove along with the group for the four minute track, so I’d go ahead and give in and press play below.

Gothic Tropic Shares Disco-y Electro Pop

Gothic Tropic is an LA indie pop outfit featuring Cecilia Victoria at the helm. She’s been working on an album for the past year, and this track is the first single from that upcoming record.What strikes me the most about this track is the disco beat that kicks things off and then stays with you through the whole tune. “Drunk On a Rhythm” is the kind of tune you put on and dance away to in your house with abandon. Groovy bass lines, bouncy piano, magnetic electric guitar riffs, and silky smooth vocals take up the majority of the soundscape. As the track progresses, you’re met with a catchy chorus and little nuances that keep things exciting, like jazzy saxophone. Take a listen below and look out for more from Gothic Tropic.

Funky Indie Rock Track From L’Resorts

Vincent Kircher (of Jaill) and Martha Cannon (of Lady Cannon), came together with a crew of Milwaukee’s finest to form L’Resorts, who are making funky garage-esque indie rock tunes. “Highs and Lows” is the band’s latest offering of a killer tune, with dueling vocals that remind me a bit of The Dutchess and The Duke. The fuzzy guitars are nicely juxtaposed with lighter elements (what sounds like marimba if I’m not mistaken) and pop sensible choruses with “Woahs” for you to sing along. The group has an album that just came out last Friday, and if you dig what you hear below, you can check out the rest of the album on their Bandcamp page.

Show Preview: Charly Bliss @ Stubb’s Indoors – 7/3

This year, the 4th of July falls on a Thursday, which means this Wednesday (7/3) is really your Friday…sort of. That means an excuse to hit the town in the middle of the week, and there’s a night of great tunes going down at Stubb’s Jr. If you haven’t heard of Charly Bliss, you’ve been clearly living under a rock for the past few years, as they’ve been making waves in the indie rock world, especially as of late with their killer sophomore LP,Young Enough, which will surely be topping some ‘Best of’ lists this year. Power pop with high energy vocals await you for the low low price of 15 dollars if you buy a ticket today, plus it’s inside and air conditioned, so there’s really no reason not to show up. Doors are at 8pm, Emily Reo opens, tickets can be purchased here. Take a listen to some tunes below.

Soft Melancholic Folk From Nylophone

Nylophone, out of Wicklow, Ireland, usually makes dream pop tunes layered in synths and textures, but on this go round with “Life Goes On,” he’s stripped things down to a folksy track that centers around gentle acoustic guitar and his delightful vocals. The song begins with begins simply, but there’s something in the melody that hooks you immediately. As “Life Goes On” progresses, you get some subtle jazzy percussion and the pace quickens into a bit of stomp. The lyrics tell a story, with the refrain of “Life Goes On” to round out the tune. It’s a lovely track worthy of a listen.

Grungey Post-Rock From Laundrette

For as much as I love a good bedroom pop tune, there’s a lot to be said about a band who starts in this humble way and then fleshes out the sound to a more expansive mix. Such is the case on this new track from Laundrette, out of Cardiff. “Southerndown,” starts off as a slow moving beast, creeping along in shoegazey, hazy fashion with simply the vocals and some ambient noises filling the space. After a minute and a half or so, the track begins to build, and guitars and drums enter, resulting in a post-rock climax. It’s a great tune for ramping up your energy, which is exactly the kind of track that’s perfect for a Friday. Take a listen below.

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