Show Preview: Julien Baker w/ Dehd @ Stubb’s 10/27

The shows start coming and they don’t stop coming! Tomorrow night, we’ve got a great lineup once again gracing the stage at Stubb’s, and one that will make you come out early. Headlining the evening, we have Julien Baker, who dropped a lovely album earlier this year called Little Oblivions. Her masterful songwriting, heavily emotive lyrics, and vocals that can cut you deep should make for a wonderful evening in the gravel at Stubb’s. But before you start crying at the club, make sure to get there early for openers, Dehd, who I’m stoked for. This Chicago trio dropped one of my favorite albums of 2020 in Flower of Devotion, which is a no-skips-post-punk ripper. Take a listen to some tunes below and then scoop some tickets while you can!


Show Preview: IDLES @ Stubb’s 10/25

Shows are back, y’all, and in full swing. We’ve got a bunch of touring acts coming to the ATX in the next few weeks…looking at you Levitation 2021, but also some great bands to catch while they’re in town before hand. This Monday, we’re welcoming IDLES to Stubb’s, who are known for their raucous post-hardcore/punk sounds and wildly entertaining live shows. They’re just about to drop their fourth studio album, CRAWLER, on 11/12, and they’ve released the single “The Beachland Ballroom” for us to preview the latest effort. Now, this show is sold out, but I’m sure if you scramble you can find a way in. It’s bound to be an evening of fun, mayhem, and exceptional tunes.

Night Shop Shares Dreamy Duet With Waxahatchee

We’re no stranger to the tunes of Justin Sullivan, be it via his helping hand in other bands (Flat Worms, The Babies, Kevin Morby), or in his own solo project, Night Shop. He just dropped a single from his upcoming EP,The Fountain, which he is releasing via Salinas Records on September 25, and it features none other than Katie Crutchfield of Waxahatchee as well as guitar help from Meg Duffy and Justin Taveniere on bass. “In The Twilight Sun” is a tune that fits its title aptly and gracefully. Sullivan’s voice is like a soothing balm, and when his vocals meet with Crutchfield’s, the song becomes the sonic equivalent of when night meets the end of day in a symphony of the vivid colors of a glowing sunset. At four minutes in length, the song washes over you gently but steadily and Sullivan’s quick lyrics emerge bolder with every listen.

Take a listen below to the soft indie rock tune and then go pre-order the star-studded EP at Bandcamp. (P.S. All pre-order proceeds go to non-profit, Color of Change).

Motown Inspired Single From Motenko

You know we like to keep the local ball rolling here at ATH, so we’re pleased to bring you the latest single from Austin’s own Motenko on this rainy Friday. The group prides itself on being a band of brothers who “play a fresh but authentic blend of 1960s and 1970s soul, 1990s R&B, and New Orleans boogie.” Leading the group is none other than frontman Micah Motenko, who provides silky smooth vocal warmth and the funky keyboard riffs to the tune below. These two elements draw me in the most, giving “Follow Through” a delicate balance; the vocals coat everything in a sunny glow, while the twangy bounce of the keyboards add a 70s funk to the soul of the song. The very end of the track also supplies a bit of a spark of electric guitar riff that is not to be overlooked. About the song, Motenko had this to say, “‘Follow Through’ is a meditation on wanting more from someone than they are able to give. It takes you through the righteous anger that results from an unequal relationship, soaked in a groove that propels you through to a better place.” Take a listen below and see if it takes you to a better place.

Fever Queen Shares Love Last

Fever Queen is Eleanor Rose Lee, who hails from Chicago. She’s got a full length album,The World of Fever Queen, that’s set for release quite soon on September 10th via First To Knock.From that she’s shared a few singles, most recently “Love Last,” which is a bit of moody slow burning psych-smoke that does a lovely job of shining the spotlight on Lee’s piercing vocals. These vocals are the main focus of the tune, with the slow march beat providing the bones to the song’s desolate soundscape. The last third of the song is the most compelling to me. Layers of vocals collide over each other, some spoken word, others utterly cutting notes, really adding to the drama of the tune. Such drama is echoed in the noir style of the video below. Give it a watch.


Show Review: Destroyer @ The Mohawk (2/25)

Last Wednesday, we were treated to an evening of tunes from the legendary and mystical Dan Bejar. Riding high off the well receivedHave We Met, Bejar returned to the Mohawk to a nearly sold out crowd. After years of creating tunes largely under the radar, and really seeing his breakthrough record around a decade ago, I was pleased to see so many people brought back once more, or perhaps out to see Destroyer for the first time.

Click past the jump for words on the evening and some photos.

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Will Wolfe Shares Delightful Dream Pop

Will Wolfe, out of Portland, is a recent signee of Manimal Records, home to the likes of other great names like Warpaint and Bat For Lashes. His newest track, “Saying Goodbye,” is a lo-fi, guitar and synth driven steady groove with catchy lyrics that roll quickly off Wolfe’s tongue. I’m quite fond of the way this track rollicks along, with the playful backing vocals that ooh and ahh and the synths that bounce about. At the very end of the tune, you get a sick sax solo to round things out nicely before you go to press play again. Take a listen and acquaint yourself with Will Wolfe before he drops another solid single.

Monad Shares A Bright-Synthy Track

Monad is the moniker for producer/artist Eshchar Nachmany who hails from Tel Aviv and has a new single from his upcoming sophomore EP. “Low Pressure” is a sonic delight, combining edgy synth combinations with hazy psychedelic guitars. It begins a bit slowly and subtly, with waves of synth washing over the mix with Nachmany’s crisp vocals before the percussion kicks in. The result is warming–the various aspects of the tune guide you through until your nodding your head in delight. Take a listen below and look out for more from Monad.

Get In The Holiday Spirit With Molly Burch

We had a bit of a wintry mix last night here in Austin, and temperatures dropped below freezing, so while we’re not even past Thanksgiving yet, I feel a bit in the holiday mood. Molly Burch released a cover of George Michael’s “Last Christmas” a little ways back, and released a silly recording studio video alongside it. While this cover doesn’t offer much of a change from the original, Burch’s classic vocals do it justice and add a bit of color to the Christmas banger. Burch has a whole album of Christmas songs coming out on 11/15 via Captured Tracks. Pre-order The Molly Burch Christmas Album here.


Post-Punk From Port Juvee

Port Juvee are a group out of Calgary who make post-punk tunes built for fans of Beach Fossils and DIIV, but who also strike out into their own post-punk space. “Hope To Lose” is a blazing quick tune, with guitars that stream in with force and quick-lipped vocals that form the tune. The song is rather quick, but the choruses have an anthemic sound reminiscent of Foals. Port Juvee have a few releases under their belt, but expect them to make their way into the indie scene spotlight with racing hot tracks such as this.

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