SXSW Meet the Band: HMS Morris

People, it’s the last business day before SXSW kicks off this weekend and into next week. We will be shutting this ‘ol site down while we are out finding the next big thing so this will be some of our last coverage. Hopefully this has been fun for everyone to catch some differing perspectives of bands coming into town. Our Friday interview set comes by way of another Welsh band, HMS Morris. Hit the jump for all them usual deets.

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SXSW Meet the Band: Minas

We are nearly there people. SXSW starts next week and I think we MIGHT be ready for things to get wild. Hopefully our short interviews have made you feel somewhat more prepared as you enter into spring festival season. Our latest, and possibly most thoughtful interview to date, comes by way of Welsh based artist Minas. You can check out all the responses, music, and festival dates after the jump.

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Meet the SXSW Band: Otto Aday

And here you were thinking we might just slow down for these last few days in build up to next week… WRONG! We still have several more SXSW interviews to bring your way in the final days leading up to the festival next week. Hopefully you are enjoying this short preview into what it means to play the festival for an artist and how to survive on the road. Our next interview up comes from London based artist Otto Aday. You can check all the deets and tunes after the jump.

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Meet the SXSW Band: Smut

Smut caught my attention way back in 2020 with their Power Fantasy 7″, then followed that up with How the Light Felt, so rest assured, you’ve read about them before on this here site. But, I haven’t caught them live as of yet, so they’re definitely high upon my list for acts I’d love to see in an intimate setting. Read on to Meet the SXSW Band, with scheduled dates and such following the jump!

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Levitation Interview: Font

We’re a week out from Levitation, so we’re trying to turn your attention towards some acts we’ve got on our coverage list, which means you get to hear a bit about the acts as well. This one’s a bonus, as this is Font, one of the most discussed acts in the current Austin scene…so we’ve got a double whammy for ya! They’re opening up the show over at Empire Garage on Thursday, October 26th at 7:30 PM, if you’re here festing! Plus, at the end of the interview, you can stream their banging new single, “It.”

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Rock n’ Recipes: Melenas

It’s been a minute since we’ve run a proper Rock n’ Recipes piece, and what better way to get back into the swing of things than to reach out to Spain’s Melenas. Today, Trouble In Mind Records is dropping the band’s brand new record, so we reached out with some questions to talk about the album, having a US label and the obligatory futbol comment.

** Editor Note ** I originally reached out to the band in the middle of the World Cup, wandering how they felt about their team. But, that was before the fallout of Rubiales, so I reached back out with a new question to deal with that, rather than the generic fan question.

Special shout out to RayRay for the formatting and Bill at Trouble in Mind for helping us get organized.

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My Favorite x Holy Wire — Remix + Interview

Late last year, My Favorite released the Tender is the Nightshift EP, which featured the standout tune, “Blues for Planet X.” Little did we know that the artist behind the music had other ideas in plan, including a remix by Austin musician Holy Wire, as well as a getting to know you piece from both the artists. They reached out to ask us if we’d be inclined to share, and of course we jumped at the chance! So, if you’re looking for your everyday Bandcamp stream, you can jump right HERE. We’ve also got the great video for the tune streaming below too!

After the jump, you can check out the interview piece run by Michael Grace Jr and Alain Paradis! It’s filled with humor and insight into both artists and their work.

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