06/11 Shearwater Show @ Waterloo

Shearwater provided an intimate set to the crowd at Waterloo Records on Wednesday.  The venue was packed solid with Shearwater supporters who were excited to catch one more glimpse of the band before they head out on tour.   Lead singer Jonathan Meiburg started the show off right  by belting out several lines of lyrics acapela style just to make sure everyone was paying attention.  The band was spot on for their set with each member taking on a “jack of all trades” role and playing a countless number of instruments.  (Is that a flute?)  The set continued flowing through songs from the bands most recently released The Rook (click to read our review)  and 2007s critically acclaimed Palo Santo.  Afterwards, band members did what all good bands should do: hung out afterwards!  Several eager fans stuck around to get the band to sign records, share a beer, or just get new music recommendations. If Shearwater is headed to your home town, don’t miss the chance to see a great live band from Austin, TX.




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