The Soft Side of Dead Gaze

Dead GazeIt’s interesting that this track should come out today, just days after I witnessed the noisier side of Dead Gaze here in Austin.  If you read my review, hinting that the group might have been too loud at points, you wouldn’t even guess this is the same group.  This is the new single from the band’s Brain Holiday, which comes out on October 22nd via FatCat Records.  It’s a soft piece of delightful pop music, demonstrating that Cole Furlow has much more to offer his listeners with his upcoming release.  If you’re looking for a tune that has dreamier qualities, then you’ll definitely be glad you stopped by here today.

Show Preview: Dent May @ Red 7 (9/13)

Dent May

Date 9/13/13
Location Red 7
Doors 9pm
Tickets $8 @ Red 7

September is shaping up to be quiet a crazy month for live music here in Austin.  You have some tough choices to make clearly, but we think long time ATH favorite Dent May playing at Red 7 should definitely be on your agenda.  Joining the talented musician on stage will be Dead Gaze and Austin bands Growl and Hola Beach.


Download: Dent May – Best Friend [MP3]

Dead Gaze Returns w/ Another Album

deadgazeJust a few weeks back, Dead Gaze released some early recordings that he compiled together; I enjoyed those all for the most part.  But, now things are coming quick for Cole Furlow’s project, with another new album, Brain Holiday, slated for release by Fat Cat on October 22nd.  This new single definitely shows the pop sensibility shining through, despite a bit of fuzz added atop the vocals.  There’s a melody that runs central, emphasized by the vocals throughout, getting me rather excited for more tunes from DG. The band will also be coming to Austin on September 13 with Dent May, but I’ll remind you of that in a few weeks.

New Tunes from Dead Gaze

1726I didn’t really know much about Dead Gaze when I got the press release, but then again, I guess I did.  Cole Furlow, the man behind the moniker, has been rubbing elbows with the likes of Dent May and Bass Drum of Death, not to mention releasing tons of hard to find 7″ and other various rarities. Luckily for us, Palmist is going to release a compilation of all that material on May 21st as a self-titled compilation.  I have a feeling that you’re all going to enjoy the music here, as it’s readily accessible, yet artfully crafted.  Probably my favorite jam of the day.


Download:Dead Gaze – I Found the Ending [MP3]