Borzoi Drop New Single

Austin’s Borzoi released the excellent Surrender the Farm EP, and now it looks like the band have a brand new LP on the horizon for 12XU. Our first taste offers some great insight into what we can expect, and from the sounds of the song’s opening minute and a half, they’re looking to take an exploratory route to post-hardcore. Sinister guitar notes hang in the air, battling subtle bass lines while the percussion works underneath. Once the vocals come into play, the track takes on an ominous tone, almost picking up pace before unleashing a wall of noise onto listeners. Then it recedes, only to return with a stabbing pulse of angular noise while it sounds like the band are tearing through your speakers. Clearly the band just doesn’t care what you expect, and that bodes well for A Prayer for War; it drops on 12XU on September 21st.

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