Love, Burns Share Their New 7″

We fell for the charms of Phil Sutton’s solo outing Love, Burns when he shared the splendid “Gate and the Ghost;” it’s a must have track for anyone in love with the purity of pop. Today, we get to hear the B-Side “It’s a Shame,” which features Hewson Chen of Lake Ruth on lead guitar. I like the slight adjustment in the approach, perhaps offering a glimpse at the various influences Sutton toys with in his songwriting. In part, there’s a definite paisley pop feel operating with some steady electronic organ, but as the tune progresses you can hear a sort of Spaghetti Western guitar coursing through, adding in this ominous touch that may (or may not) allude to the track’s theme. It’s like we’re all waiting for our pop hero to climb the mountain of indie rock with the setting sun behind him, casting this glorious shadow that is Love, Burns. If you’re inclined, the 7″ is immediately available from KUS in Germany, but there will be some stateside copies ready within the next month. Plus, a full LP is on the way for next Spring.


Heavenly Share So Little Deserve Video + Announce Singles Compilation

One of the great thing about the vinyl resurgence has been the reemergence of hard to find gems through various reissues. If you’re like me, and a Sarah Records fan, those original hits can be hard to find, and if found, quite pricy! But, thanks to Damaged Goods, we’re all being gifted the deserved compilation treatment for Heavenly; they’ve organized all the singles for A Bout De Heavenly: The Singles. Now, we could go on and on and rave about the band’s signature sound, trace lineage back to Talulah Gosh or move forward to current projects like Catenary Wires/European Sun…but don’t you just want to hear Amelia sing? I love how her voice soars over that jangling jittery guitar as everything falls into messy pop euphoria for the chorus. We all deserve such great pop music. This never before seen video has just recently been digitized from Super 8 footage Rob had.

He had this to say about the video: “This video has never been made public before. We didnt like it at the time, but now I think its the best one. I only had a couple of rolls of Super 8, which is one of the reasons its in slow motion: I had to make a little go a long way! I love the footage of Mathew in this video, though the fact that he is clearly so happy in it makes it a bit hard to watch.”

Enjoy the video and Pre-Order the LP.

Tele Novella Release Technicolor Town

It’s been almost five years since we’ve heard from Tele Novella, but today we get to listen to their first bit of new music since House of Souls. I love the forlorn weariness of Natalie’s voice that comes through here immediately, perhaps influenced by their new home in “lost in time” Lockhart; it has this timelessness, which might be the best descriptor for this group. But, as always, they layer in little doses of sublime pop, like the faint bubbling up just near the 1:10 (or 2:47) mark of this tune. This tune will appear on the group’s new album Merlynn Belle, which will come out via Kill Rock Stars.

Lars Finberg Shares Satanic Exit

While Lars Finberg is most likely associated with the Intelligence (and deservedly so) and A Frames, his solo work seems to be taking on this incredible life of its own. This track from his forthcoming record is not quite a rocker, but not quite an electronic eargasm…it’s somewhere happily inbetween. Slight percussive upticks effectively change the tempo, but Finberg stalks through the song like some circus ringleader, orchestrating this sort of brilliant post-punk fuzz rock. Plus, just as a big fuck you to us all, he throws down a rocking 25 seconds to close the song out. This tune appears on the forthcoming Tinnitus Tonight, out November 27th by Mt. St. Mtn.

EZRAT Drops New Single

So, earlier in the year, EZRAT, the new project of Ezra Tenenbaum released Carousel; I’ll admit that I quietly let it slip by, despite being a big EZTV fan. So, I’m trying to make up for it by encouraging you all to listen to this great new single the band released this week. It’s a track filled with the steady charms that feel like the breeze is blowing through your hair, maxing out on the harmonies in the vocals as they pop like sugary bubbles floating in the sky. This new band is really something great to witness, so if you haven’t already purchased Carousel, go reach out to Bobo Integral…or, like me, hang about while we wait for the next batch of tunes!

Aiko El Grupo Share Quiero Conocer

You know when you turn on a song and you can immediately tell its got its musical hooks in you? Well, when I turned on this new jam from Aiko El Grupo, that’s exactly how I felt, even before the vocals came into play; it just had that inexplicable bounce I wanted to be part of right away. I wanted to jump about in celebration with all my friends; I wanted beer sprayed all through the air; I wanted us all screaming at the top of my lungs. In fact, that’s exactly what I got when everything came together from this new single…if that feels like something you’d want to be part of, then you better turn it up right now! The band release their debut album next month via Elefant Records.

Gregor Shares Final Single Before Destiny Drops

One of the record’s I’ve really been looking forward to hearing is Gregor‘s new album, Destiny. I just love the craftsmanship of his tracks, particularly from what we’ve heard thus far. For instance, here, it opens with this voice sort of hanging in this sparse musical backdrop. Soon, a beat drops in, swirling with shimmering cymbals and beats to really build this palpable texture that allows Gregor space to offer up his soulful croon. It’s like this magical place where you find trip-hop and lounge music intertwined behind an indie rock curtain. The show must go on, and it looks to be pretty special; Destiny drops on November 13th via Chapter Music.

Repo Fam Announce New 7″ EP

Repo Fam will be dropping a new 7″ EP next week, so we wanted to whet your appetite with just a few quick little ditties that might capture your attention. For starters, the two tracks couldn’t be more juxtaposed, illustrating the diverse brand of rock n’ roll the group bring to the table. On “Psycho Bombs” you get more of that anti-pop meets garage rock, utilizing slowed jagged guitars and steady drumming bombast. But, “Whipped Cream” flips things over and gives you this scuzzy noise fest, though the band still manage to capture some of hint of melodic format as they push forth. Both these jams appear on the Whipped Cream 7″ EP, out next week via our friends in Gentle Reminder Records.

Me Rex Announces Stegosaurus EP

If you’re one of those folks that really enjoyed We Were Promised Jetpacks, you’re going to really enjoy listening to Me Rex, to a certain degree. It has that same sort of distinctive feel to it, though I’ll admit there’s a little more restraint in what Myles McCabe is doing here, holding back from those blasting choruses. I think therein lies his success on this song, as it allows a bit more intimacy between songwriter and listener, perhaps owing to the personal sentiment in the lyrical content. This track comes with the announcement of the new Stegosaurus EP, which drops November 27th via Big Scary Monsters.

Lunchbox Share Over Way Too Soon Video

In less than two weeks, Lunchbox will be dropping After School Special, their enchanting new LP. But, in listening to this brand new single, I think the world over is going to have some strong feelings to the track’s thematic message; it’s set “against the backdrop of the ever-changing Oakland cityscape,” with a friendly ghost frolicking about town to emphasize that all the things we love and hold dear, “nothing can ever stay the same.” Of course, two decades of pop from Tim and Donna definitely feel familiar, giving off a sense of comfort amidst the harrowing theme. I love how the horns sort of burst through those jangling guitar stabs and push the pop envelope just a bit more. There’s no such thing as too much pop! After School Special will be out on October 30th via Slumberland Records/Lost Sound Tapes.

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