Dentist Share New Video

Late last summer, New Jersey outfit Dentist released Night Swimming via Cleopatra Records. We gave the album and its singles solid praise when it dropped, and we were super fortunate to have the band play our ATH Day Party this week at SXSW. Now, the band have a brand new video for standout single “Alone in the Garden.” The video’s mostly a performance video, shot in various ways with fun little elements thrown into the mix; the song is a blistering bit of power pop, with just the right hint of dreaminess thrown in for good measure. The album is available to buy directly from the band HERE, or you can grab it from Cleopatra.

And…if you’re in Austin right now, they’ve got a show at 2 PM at Side Bar, and at 6 PM over at Hard Luck Lounge!

Slow Burning Number from Slowness

It’s been a few years since we’ve heard from Slowness (5 to be exact!), but they return with this track that burns its way into your subconscious. The chords have this light twinkle, but they’re open, creating this vast space from which they begin their sonic exploration. Some bits have long drawn out vocal bits, ethereal in their presentation, afloat in the mix as it billows through your speakers; other moments find the track bending and twisting their way through the song’s closing moments. This track appears on Berths, the band’s new album, out in April via Schoolkids.

New NOTS Album Announcement

Merely a day after Hash Redactor announced a new release via Goner, the two members that play in NOTS announced they’ve got their own new album on the way. It’s this pulsing bit of post-punk, filled with swirling guitars that have the potential to cause dizzying effects. In the vocals there’s this echoed distance, as if they’ve been recorded in some abandoned industrial warehouse, furthering the dark vibe at play here. Slimmed down to a three piece, the band doesn’t seem to have missed a beat, leading me to believe that good things are in store with 3; it drops on May 10th via Goner Records.

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