Upbeat Jangle from Puzzles y Dragones

I’m completely fascinated with the world of Spanish indiepop; we admittedly owe a debt to Morrissey on this one, as his influence throughout the culture has led to some wonderful music. Today we’ve got this jam from Puzzles y Dragones…the first taste from the new long player coming in November. The guitars have that dreamy jangle to them, popular with our friends in Tres Oui; the song steadies due to the rhythm section, allowing the guitars to dance around in the distance. There’s a purity to this sort of pop, and I’m going to spend my day devouring it all; you should see the release of the LP next month via Discos de Kirlian.

Digging on Operator Music Band

Not sure I’m wholeheartedly on board with the name here, but I’m definitely hitching on to the Operator Music Band hype train. Their latest single has this almost jittery start before settling into a nice little groove with doses of electronic flourishes jumping up and about. The vocals stay home, spoken more than sung…though there’s a touch more of that as the song carries. Bouncing a bit at the end, the song encapsulates the concept of art pop. They’ll be dropping their new Coordination EP on December 1st via New Professor Music.

Have Fun with Trudy and the Romance

Remember when you could have fun listening to your rock n’ roll? Well, Trudy and the Romance have dropped a new single for just that. A little barbershop quartet opens the song, before they jitterbug their way into your eardrums, shuffling with catchy percussion and a vocal hook that uses a guttural growl to make sure to keep things cool. This UK trio always makes me get out of my seat and rush to turn the speakers up louder; it’s pure fun, and that’s okay. The group are set to release their Junkyard Jazz EP on November 17th via B3SCI.

Another Number from Lean Year

Western Vinyl will be releasing the debut album from Lean Year this Friday, and they encouraged us to drop one last tune in your lap today before its release. I think the structure of the song is one of the reason’s that the album is so intriguing. The negative space is filled with very careful samples, occasionally bubbling up to create atmospherics while a string is lightly plucked. Emilie Rex, for her part, does her best to enchant the listener with her delivery often hanging on the last gasp of varying notes. Just a slight build at the end before we fade out, and into Friday, where you’ll grab the LP at your local shop.

New Video from Romantic States

One of my favorite releases this year is Corduroy in Italy, the debut LP from Romantic States. The duo magically created this blend of dreamy indiepop, all the while holding onto a cool little edge. Today we’re bringing you a brand new video from standout track “Young Love.” The video takes a bunch of still images, lets them fade in and out of your vision. The song, however, is a gem. It takes on this slow croon, and you’re listening, thinking “this is pleasant.” Then the distortion rolls out like a wave receding from the shore, unleashing my favorite chorus piece on the record. The LP is available now from Gentle Reminder.

Slow Jam from Benjamin Jones

Slow jams are where it’s at, especially as the weather calms and we move into the Winter. Today, this Benjamin Jones tune is really doing it for me, especially with the mellow opening moments, coating the drums and piano in Jones delicate voice. Through the track’s progression, the percussive elements pick up, though the song’s mood never really seems to deviate from the calm. This little number is going to be on a limited 7″ that’s being released via Plastic Jurassic on November 1st…but for now sit back and let the vibes wash over you.

New Music From Winter and Trabants

We’re already converts of Winter, though it never hurts to have another gem of a tune thrown our way. This number has LA act Trabants working with Ms. Samira Winter, and together, they’ve crafted an indiepop tune that’ll bounce around your head for the day. I’m in love with how Samira’s voice is sitting back in the mix; it’s clearly the focus, but at times it gets wound up with everything else, creating that dreamy black hole I’ll gladly sink into. For now, just a one-off single, but what a great number nonetheless.

Brand New Spinning Coin Jam

Last year during SXSW, a good friend from across the pond threw a wonderful party of Glaswegian acts; it was there that I first fell in love with what Spinning Coin were doing. We’re inching closer towards the release of the band’s debut, and as such, we’ve got an incredible tune for you. I think there’s a great nod to the sort of soft post punk that permeated indie record stores in the 1980s. There’s hooks, but they’re not overbearing. You’ll hear male/female vocals, though not kitsch. You just don’t hear tunes like this, sadly, as I could use a whole lot more; I’ll get it on November 10th when Permo drops via Domino.


Johnny Kills Drop Another Single

For young acts, it’s really important to work your tail off; it’s hard to break through that door. Luckily the lads in Johnny Kills are truly dedicated, with a run of several singles over the last few months as they build their brand. Today they add another, and it’s a prime example of the group’s knack for creating a little bit of crunchy guitar rock, dipped in sugary hooks. There’s even some elements, whether intentional or not, that definitely harken to that old brand of Brit pop. Can they keep the pace up with this hitting making machine? Let’s hope so!

New Indiepop from Skittle Alley

Skittle Alley has quietly been a huge part of my indiepop listening for some time, and thanks to IPSML for the heads-up on a brand new tune from the group. This song seems to take the airy guitar jangle and put it in cyclical motion, gently working atop what appears to be sampled percussive beats. But, while you think you have this track figured out, you’ll soon fine that the samples pick up pace, carrying a little energy into your speakers. Just don’t think that the charm established in the first minute will fade, as songwriting like this guarantees maximum charm until the end. Here’s holding out hope that this signals a great new release from the group in the near future.

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