Blood Announce Loving You Backwards

Former Austin outfit Blood moved off to Philadelphia to find their sound and build themselves a new foundation. Through the process, various members found new paths and chose to leave the band, but not before the completing the record that would become Loving You Backwards. Their sound will likely draw some comparisons to early Shame records, taking post-punk sounds and flexing them into new territory that’s simultaneously bright and dangerous. That said, frontperson Tim O’Brien embraced the more femme shades of his voice, building in a softness to the record that we might not have gotten when they were all back in Texas. Really excited to hear the whole of Loving You Backwards, which drops in August via Ramp Local.

Julie Sophie Shares Numb Single

When you first click on this Julie Sophie tune, you might be taken aback a bit. The tune operates from the get-go, as a bit of spoken word, something that forces your ears to adjust. Beneath the spoken words, you can begin to hear a bubbling bit of electronica, carefully building its tension. When it releases, the vocals are peeled back and the tune works in a thumping groove with sampled cymbal work, while the vocals crawl along in the background. It’s a nice little twisted tune, working between sedative spoken words and techno beats that should have Julie Sophie on your radar; her Forgive Too Slow LP will be out on July 26th via Ba Da Bing.

Skeggs Share Spaceman Single

Aussie outfit Skeggs were on a solid roll, but after bassist Toby Cregan bowed out after a decade with the band. But, today there’s a new power ballad ready to be shared, which shows signs that the band are gearing back up. In a lot of ways, this reminds me of their last release “Stranger Days,” leaving listeners with the ability to sing to every night while still feel a huge emotional connection to the group’s sound. Not sure whether there’s a new LP in the works or a single, but I do love how the group continue to forge ahead with classic pop rock vibes that never get old.

Sinai Vessal Announces I Sing

Our friend Tony from the excellent Keeled Scales reached out to us the other with news of another great LP he had ready for this summer, Sinai Vessel. The first single from the record popped up yesterday, with tons of folks clamoring to hear what the band and the label were offering, and we were all rewarded. Caleb Cordes, at least evidenced in this track, isn’t really trying to get caught up in the modern realm of cool flourishes and dreamy atmospherics, instead delivering really classic songwriting. There’s a great softness to Cordes voice, and the song itself feels very delicate, in the best way possible; it all makes sense, as Tony’s got an ear for great songwriters. Keeled Scales will release I Sing on July 26th.

Exit Row Drop Hauntology

You can always count on Athens, Georgia to have an independent spirit just ready to pop out, much like Exit Row, who’ve just dropped Hauntology. The trio are employing a similar style to regionally adjacent act, Omni, especially if you listen to the below focus track from the release; it’s got that similar jittery bit of angular guitar lines seemingly crawling all over each other, scrambling to make their way out of the speakers. That said, there’s something in some of the way they play with the vocals, operating almost as more of a transmission from a distant planet, which I certainly found as a cool touch. But, please listen to the whole of the LP, as there’s a great bit of variance, and all of it equally as charming as what you get here!

Oh Boland Offer Grass Walls

You should already have Western Leisure are your anticipated albums list, if you’re making one. If not, then just crank up this new Oh Boland track today, which is the opening track from the forthcoming LP. There’s something about it that reminds me of the Clean at their most rambunctious, just kind of taking their hooks and letting them rip in whatever direction they can muster. That said, there’s also a bit of Modern Lovers in the constant driving stomp that wraps around all that exuberance; I personally love the way the vocal delivery has an emphatic punch at the end of each line. Be sure to order Western Leisure from Meritorio Records before it drops on May 31st.

Nightshift Announce Homosapien LP

I can’t tell you how excited about a new Nightshift LP on the horizon. I actually only got into the band a few years ago when they dropped Zoe (though I somehow ended up with a CD not an LP–weird choice on my part), but I did play it out pretty non-stop. I likely wanted to put the Glaswegian lot in that post-punk box, though if you listen to their new work, it’s clear that they’ve carefully been wiggling out of those trappings since the get-go. Little slinky guitar notes angle their way into the picture, washed ashore via the ambient soundscape behind; Eothen Stern scrawls her vocals across that soundscape, though the notes leave plenty of space for musical cascades to fall from the speakers, sharply knifing through each up-and-down note climb. It’s like they’ve embraced the jam, albeit in their own distinctive nature, and we’re totally into it. Homosapiens drops July 26th via Trouble in Mind Records.

1800 and Froze to Death Share Another End

A few decades into their career, and it feels like 1800 and Froze to Death are just hitting their peak form. After reuniting in 2015, they’ve been toiling away at various projects, but we’re now about ready to receive their new LP, Thirds. Interestingly, they feel very much like they’ve channeled that mid90s indie rock feel, thinking about Jawbreaker (or maybe even Jets to Brazil) on this fresh new jam. It’s crunchy in all the right places, though the production definitely cleans up the sound a bit, bringing it into the present. There’s a whole lot of melody too, which bodes well for the listen, as a lot of acts of this ilk get bogged down in creating the noise. Those that like to rock will love the closing energy of the last two minutes here! Thirds is out on June 21st!

New Age Healers Share Radiate Video

Just recently, New Age Healers dropped their excellent The Spin Out LP, and I’ll admit that it got swept under the rug in a rush off all the other stuff that was popping off in a busy Spring season. But, they tossed me this new video from their latest single from the record, sort of as a reminder of the power that you’ll find within the tracks on the record. There’s something in Owen Murphy’s vocal performance that reminds me a lot of JAMC, particularly in the way Murphy’s breathiness comes through the speakers. In terms of the musical element, you’re getting more of a heavy psych rock feel, something akin to the Black Angels, dropping in a whole new level of heaviness. Why not start your morning off with a dose of jams!? The Spin Out is available now, and you can stream it HERE.

Kosmetika Announce Luxury LP

After getting a couple albums in the bag, Kosmetika have begun to work as a collective as opposed to their earlier days as a duo (with a band supporting); this has culminated in the completion of their latest record, Luxury, which features input from all five members, stretching their sound. Today, there’s a new single coming across the ocean, and it’s riding a wave of what will likely get pigeonholed as modern shoegaze. Sure, there are waves of noise battering your speakers, but there’s something deeper and more seductive. Veeka’s vocal work feels almost as if it’s nodding to radio pop of the late 80s/early 90s, kind of coy and spoken, though moments sneak out where she completely embraces the melody. It’s really an amalgam of influences, illustrating the band’s newfound cohesiveness…this only bodes well for Luxury, which drops on July 12th via Spoilsport.

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