Roller Derby Share Always On My Mind Video

If you recall last year’s SXSW recap, you might remember me harping on the work of Roller Derby. The young German outfit are in the midst of finishing up their debut LP, and with that, they’re teasing us with this incredible single. This tune is precisely why I love the act; they bring in this knack for huge choruses and boast powerful vocal work from Philine. Plus, you won’t ever hear me arguing with the jangling guitar work throughout; it’s the sort that gets you jumping about joyously, like the folks you’ll see in this video! Still, it would be easy for the band to circle back through verse/chorus/verse/chorus, but they don’t!. There’s this beautiful breakdown just after the two minute mark before the group dance right back into the hooks! Can’t wait to hear this band’s LP!

Jana Horn Announces The Window is the Dream

It seems like the world has finally caught on to Jana Horn, and you’re all the better for it…as we pointed out years and years ago. Today we got news that our old pal has announced an entirely new LP, The Window is the Dream. With it, we also get this enchanting lead single that carries over the striking prowess that was visible on Optimism. In the musical element here, you get this openness that’s perfect for Horn’s storytelling; the strings and guitar work build a layer of vibrance, but they never stray over the line, instead letting Jana use her vocals to draw us inside. Her voice feels delicate, like it could trail off into time and never be heard again, but in that sense, it’s spellbinding, keeping your ear pinned to every word. I expect rave reviews from the new LP; it’s out on No Quarter Records on April 7th.

Frankie Rose Shares Sixteen Ways

If you expected the same Frankie Rose record to repeat the story’s of albums passed, well, you’re out of luck. The newest LP, as personified in this track below (and the first single) see Rose circling back to a pop ethos that drove her songwriting early on, with a heavy bent on the electronic vibe. There’s this almost club-induced vibe here, embellished by the digitalized video work accompanying the tune. Frankie’s voice is the gravitational pull, though the pulse of the song allows you to completely let yourself free in its universe; you won’t need a dance partner here, as this treat is just for you. If you’re digging on it, be sure to pre-order Love as Projection from Slumberland Records; it’s out on March 10th.

Another H. Hawkline Track – Plastic Man

Listening through all the singles we’ve heard from H. Hawkline thus far, it seems like the project is build for deep cuts and longevity; I can’t think of another artist who seems to be operating in the same musical stratosphere at the moment. There’s this pop rock bounce that recalls Bowie at his most playful, with Huw’s vocals riding along that funky stomp of the beat all the way. You’ve got tons of accompaniment pieces in the background, throwing horns and layers of added guitar lines right at you; it’s a pop world we don’t often get to here from these days. Milk for Flowers is out on March 10th via Heavenly.

Tearing Up Share Said Something + Release Heavy

RayRay turned me onto Tearing Up late last year, and now that they’ve released Heavy, I can’t stop listening to this track. In a lot of ways, the Ontario outfit seem to be channeling the likes of acts like Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever; they craft these angular rockers that are emphatic and angular throughout, so you’ve got to be sure that the volume is up appropriately loud enough. Plus, at times, those notes are nice and dreamy, which works well behind the exuberant vocal delivery coming your way. If you’re into what you’re hearing, be sure you’re checking out the whole of their new LP!

The Rishis Announce Debut Album for Elephant 6 + Share Wake Up

With the Elephant Six documentary floating about in limited theaters, we’re lucky that the historic label is adding another act to the roster…The Rishis. The duo of Sofie Lute and Ranjan Avasthi have fleshed out their band with members of the collective, so in a sense, this if a full Elephant 6 family affair. Musically, it’s not too far off from that either, moving back and forth between explorative folk and fuzzy rockers, with this new single hitting more on the folk side of the realm. The whole of this single works over a light strum and this familiar vocal, as if you’re sitting in a guitar circle with a bunch of close friends. And, as would only make sense on the label, the track is elevated by the atmospheric nuances that float in just beneath the surface. We’re getting a cold freeze down here in Texas, but when the band release August Moon this April via Elephant 6/Cloud Recordings you can already tell that this will be perfect vibes for blossoming trees and cool breezes.

Holiday Ghosts Share Vulture Video + Announce LP

Much lauded UK outfit Holiday Ghosts have announced their brand new LP, and with that, the signing to FatCat Records. This fresh single is perfect for my tastes, it has this driving cinematic rhythm you might in a Tarantino movie, but the guitars and dancing and jangling all about like their at some classic indiepop show. Plus, I’m a sucker when bands employ dual vocals running out the same lyrics; it really makes it feel like the song’s are truly a group effort, and a joyous effort at that. Vulture is the first listen to what sounds to be a really promising LP; Absolute Reality will drop on April 21st.

Washing Machina Drop New EP

Friday’s are always a great way to go and spend time listening to fresh new tunes, so might I suggest the heavy pop vibes from Sweden’s Washing Machina. Today marks the release of Last Bag on the Belt, but let’s focus on my favorite tune that’s ripping through your stereo below. Honestly, it feels like two songs, carefully woven together to create one uber banger. In one hand, you get this driving rhythm and smashing distortion; it’s the noise that will echo through your house as you turn this up. Dig deeper and there’s this inner core that seems sated in melody, careful not to push too far so as to let you taste the good bits as your neighbors scream at you to turn it down.

Telephone Numbers Share Weird Sisters

After the masses fell in love with the Ballad of Doug, San Francisco’s Telephone Numbers are back with a brand new 7″, and we’ve got that fresh A-side below for you. I love how huge and classic this new single feels; there’s a level of brightness in the craft here that seems to leap right out of your speakers. For me, it’s all about the vocals, carrying that sunshine beyond and giving off this natural enthusiasm and fervor that makes the future seem so promising. If you’re digging on it, then you can grab it on February 24th from Prefect Records or Meritorio Records!

babybaby_explores Share Pants Video

Despite my tendency to get caught up in the easy fun of guitar pop, I definitely continue to look for tunes outside of the beaten path, like babybaby_explores. The group have recently signed with Angus Andrew’s art imprint No Gold to release their forthcoming LP, Food Near Me, Weather Tomorrow. The first half of the tune has this warped version of the modern post-punk, sort of distorting the slowed delivery with these angular cuts that mess with your ears. Then when you’re a minute out from the finish line, the group hit on this sort of creative pop vibe that’s got some lineage to acts like Broadcast. If you’re willing to take some risks, the group drop their LP on March 3rd.

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