Ram Vela and the Easy Targets Drop New Single

Our friend Ram Vela has been banging out tracks in Austin for longer than we’ve been a site; he fronted Whitman and even joined Midgetmen’s entourage for a minute. But, as of late he’s been brandishing his love of pop rock with Ram Vela and the Easy Targets. The band have a new LP dropping late this year, and we’ve got that first rocking single to bring you this morning. The band waste no time in dropping in this heavy riffage, dropping in huge distorted riffs as Ram emphatically punctuates the tune with the chorus, making sure to leave you with the hooks you desire! If you’re punching the air and screaming along, you’re doing it right. We’ll keep you posted as the record draws near!


Voxtrot Share New-ish Single, Kindergarten

Those of us in Austin, of the old guard I reckon, are super excited about Voxtrot‘s recent activity, from the announcement of shows to the reissuing of some music. Today, they share “Kindergarten,” which is a song they recorded in the mid-00s, but never put out…until it hits on their new Cut from the Stone: Rarities and B-SidesLP. This one has all the makings of classic Voxtrot, from Ramesh’s urgency around the 1:20 mark to the infectious stomp that helps give the song a bit of bounce. Still every bit in love with Ramesh’s voice as I was when I was youngster, but the explosion after the 2 minute mark definitely points to some territory the group were exploring, even when it crashes into this hard-hitting piano burst. Unfortunately, Cut from the Stone is already sold out, but perhaps they’ll have some on hand when they tour in the Fall!

Stream Big Bill’s Public Freakout Compilation

Long long ago, in a city far far away, we dropped a few 7″ from Austin punk heroes, Big Bill. The band has since gone on to bigger and better things, with their latest album Public Freakout Compilation dropping last week. The band are still working with off-kilter time signatures, perfect for the unique vocal delivery of singer Eric Braden. I will say that there’s a softening in the band, particularly when you get to tracks like “Almost Everybody,” as the band are clearly no one-trick pony. I stand by “Coma” being one of their best tunes, so go on and give the Public Freakout Compilation a listen to one our favorite bands over 25!

Catching Up on the Austin Scene: Adrian Quesada, Queen Serene + More

It’s been a busy few weeks down here in Texas, musically speaking, with tons of stuff getting released left and right, so wanted to be sure we got some news out that we’re stoked to jam to as of late.

Adrian Quesada – Boleros Psicodelicos

Adrian’s work is central to Austin’s heartbeat at the moment, be it Black Pumas or his other projects. As a huge fan of traditional boleros, and psychedelic music, this combination of the two is hitting right in the sweet spot. Plus, it’s getting picked up by every NPR station, so you know your dad and his friends will be talking about it.

Queen Serene – Better Things/Waiting Room

This band is one of the more exciting recent bands to pop up on the Austin radar, and their live set matches the jams. They just recently dropped this tasty 2 song morsel for our ears, and “Better Things” frantic art-punk energy is the perfect little jam for your day.

Chronophage – Self-Titled LP

If I were to vote for my favorite listen this last week, it would be the new LP from Chronophage. Interestingly, they’ve taken their darkness and turned into this broad sweeping pop that seems fit for the underground sounds of the 80s. You gotta listen!

Charley Horse – Summer EP

This group is the new project of our old friend Kevin Cavanaugh, and his new outfit is hitting the perfect guitar pop vibes on this one; I keep coming back to an early Surfer Blood comparison. Check out their brand new 4 tune EP!


Letting Up Despite Great Faults Share Slow Magic Remix

Earlier this year, our friends in Letting Up Despite Great Faults dropped their album IV, the first LP from the group in ten years; we’ve written extensively about the new album, but today, they’re sharing a Remix EP, with this Slow Magic version of “Corners Pressed” being one of the standout tracks. Instead of the heavenly jangles, the electronic element gets the highlight here, giving the song more of a driving force, as opposed to the dreaminess of the original. It’s like a perfect reimagining of the record, and one can only marvel out how perfectly these pieces all seem to fit together. The IV Remixes EP is available to jam out to, today!

Mamalarky Share You Know I Know Video

Mamalarky have been on a journey since their earliest days in Austin, moving about the country in hopes of finding the right fit for their sound; they’ve now settled in Georgia for the time being, ready to work on the follow-up to their debut. This tune alludes to their time in Austin, with Livvy commenting on how Austin “gave us the proper nutrients to do what we’re doing now.” And, we couldn’t be prouder. I love the way the guitar unleashes here, echoing through your speakers, with the production giving it just enough muddiness to balance out with the group’s natural pop hooks. Hopefully we get more from the band now that they’re settled in their new home.

Panjoma Share Bleeding Sun Video

Austin’s electronic scene is always bubbling below the surface of the Spoons and Sweet Spirits, so its nice to see an act like Panjoma come back into play after a long hiatus. They recently released their Sun & Moon EP, and with that, we’re revisiting it with this brand new video from the closing track, “Bleeding Sun.” While various track on the EP feature vocals from Mary, this tune in particular is all instrumental, perhaps an audio representation of the EPs journey, animated with these vivid colors that mix and meld, as the beats and glitches do in the song itself. It’s a welcome return, so feel free to sit back and absorb the sounds.

Mountain Time Release Meet The Kid

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the ATX legend Chris Simpson and his large catalogue of music with Mineral, The Gloria Record, Zookeeper, and tons of other local groups. Over the last few years, Simpson has turned his focus to a more singer/songwriter folk style of music with his project Mountain Time. If you didn’t pick up his “best of” or song collection of solo music from last year, Saint Francis, Zookeeper, well you should really grab a copy. This year Chris is working on a new album for a planned release next year, but in the meantime he’s shared this new single “Meet the Kid”. As has come to be expected, Simpson displays his keen ability to construct a near perfect folk inspired, American pop tune. Dig it.

Lizzy Lehman Shares Project Traction Single

I’ve long admired Lizzy Lehman for their songwriting, and we were first introduced to their gifts back in the day with her band Carry Illinois. But, we’re here to talk about a new track as part of Project Traction. The project is an incredible opportunity for women and non-binary musicians to get mentorship in the recording process, which aims to help balance the playing field in current recording industry. This go round, Lizzy Lehman is recorded by the great Sara Houser, with a little help from Jim Eno (who plays in some band named Spoon?). This track is a little different, in terms of what we’ve come to expect from Lizzy; it’s this huge booming voice presented in a very up-front pop fashion. You can’t help but be moved by the that voice, and the storytelling of moving on from toxic relationships. Check out more of Project Traction HERE.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults Share She Spins Video

Our friends in Letting Up Despite Great Faults just returned from what I hope was an excellent tour with our other friends Blushing. In their pocket is a brand new video for “She Spins” off their most recent IV LP, which gives us an extra excuse to hype the band and their record. This song’s got a delicious bit of guitar work, jangling in the perfect way from the get-go. As the track moves forward, you get great vocal interplay between Mike and Annah, the band’s bread and butter. Today’s Bandcamp Friday, so if you love the tune, why not grab their LP? It’s good…just don’t leave it unattended in your car overnight in Texas!

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