Redbud Share Kin Video

Redbud has spent some time this year working on creating really stellar videos for their most recent releases; today they’re out to share a new one for “Kin,” which has appeared in various versions on their last two EPs. This track’s all about the joys of friends, as portrayed by the picnicking foursome in the park; the park and the band also playfully engage with nature throughout, which is another underlying theme of the tune. Musically, it’s a light indiepop shuffle, working somewhere between bossanova and ethereal pop; they employ lots of textured vocals too, adding depth to the melodic underbelly. And, if you’re in the Austin area, they’ll be on board to celebrate Howdy Gals Anniversary at Mohawk on December 15th.

Show Preview: Rosie Tucker @ Mohawk (Tonight – 11.16)

When Rosie Tucker dropped a brand new track last week, I took that chance to mention they would be bringing a set to Mohawk today. And, since its the day of the show, I wanted to offer a quick reminder for you to get out to Mohawk to catch them. If you’re just looking for a good show, and unfamiliar with their work, might I suggest spending some time with my personal favorite Never Not Never Not Never Not? Regardless, they offer up some lyrical with and playfulness is destined to charm. Plus, the set starts around 10, so you’ll have plenty of time to catch opener Creekbed Carter Hogan, then Rosie Tucker and then be home by midnight! New single and my favorite LP are below!


Lockhart Record Fair – 11/19

If ya’ll are looking for some Sunday fun day type activities with a small road trip involved as well, I suggest you head out to Lockhart on Sunday afternoon for the first ever Lockhart Record Fair. Things kick off at 11am in downtown at Lockhart Arts & Crafts with a ton of great vendors from all over the central Texas area selling all sorts of new and used records. This event is put on by our pals out at Plum Creek Records who are leading the Radio Lockhart effort which hopes to bring a non-profit radio station to their town. If you care to donate to their cause, a giving page is set up on Give Butter. Come out, say hey, and grow your collection!

Here are some social links to all our vendors – Alchemy Records, Antone’s, Big Henry’s, Christopher Lea, Jason Chronis, Ray Ray’s Record (ME!), Resurrected Records, Yard Sale Records, and of course, Plum Creek Records.


New Austin Music: Wet Dip, Voxtrot, Resound + SL Houser

Seeing as we’re all living in Austin, somehow, we always have to try and hold up our end of the scene by throwing our weight behind what we love. So, seeing as it’s Friday, there’s a few new releases to get on your radar.

Wet DipSmell of Money – A record filled with twists and turns and odd little moves of frantic punk sounds. A ripper of a record best listened to loud!

S.L. HouserHibiscus EP – We’ve long been fans of Sara Houser’s songwriting, so we’re excited to see where her career goes now that she’s focused on her solo stuff. Release show at Mohawk tomorrow!

VoxtrotNew World Romance – What? Like we’re not going to let you listen to new Voxtrot? They continue to dive into a darker pop realm, and Ramesh’s voice continues to sparkle.

Resound Presents: A Very Homie Holiday – A charity compilation featuring a ton of local acts lending their songs to raise money for Free Lunch ATX. New music each week, until it drops! New Being Dead tune below!

New Music from the Wild Kindness

Austin’s own the Wild Kindness recently released a new tune, and I swear I meant to cover it! But, I aim to rectify my errors by presenting you with that tune now, particularly as its a great piece of classic sounding indie pop that should hit all the right notes. For me, this feels like We Have the Facts-era Death Cab; Mike Alexis’ vocals and lyricism are the star of the tune, but the emotion of said tune comes from the cascading guitars in the distance. Really, the production and arrangements are what allow the voice to take on the focus; percussion hangs lightly, while strings and woodwind lift the tune; there’s even a brief little heavy jam in the middle that gives it a nice bit of punch too. Easy listening that’s easily likable, so get into it below.

Wet Dip Release Rollercoaster Single, Announce Smell of Money

Please don’t let the soulful twenty seconds that greets you upon pressing play sway you on Austin’s Wet Dip. Because, as soon as you think you’ve pinned down pop, the start gun fires off and the group rushes out the door, spurred on by a frantic bassline and snapping bit of drum work; the rapidity creates this emotional anxiety as you’re barely able to keep up with the band. But, for a moment, they offer you respite, giving you a final warning of their tenacity, reminding you that the rollercoaster is about to speed off, so it’s best to follow safety precautions. As they push you towards the close, things begin to get erratic, guitars skittering here and there, cymbals crashing, hurtling us all towards an abrupt halt, fading back into a pop snuggle at the end. Smell of Money, their new LP is out on November 10th via Feel It Records.

Summer Sleep Share I Don’t Think I’m Meant to Be Saved

Austin band Summer Sleep typically bring you a darkened blend of lo-fi pop, blended with washes of atmosphere to kind of set you in the mood. But, on the latest single, they almost peel everything back aside from the voice and the strum of the guitar. Attaching that sort of intimacy to the track allows the listener to get swallowed up by the emotional appeal; it also gives us a glimpse at the band’s songwriting process, giving us a peek before the band build in the layers. Just a light way to enter into Monday’s listening.

About Last Night: Levitation Night Two (10/27)

While Nathan was solo on Thursday, the ATH crew rolled deep on Friday night with a full crew hitting almost every venue offered by Levitation Festival. While the rain dampened spirits a bit to start the evening, things ramped up once the skies cleared and we took full advantage of the full variety of musical styles on the lineup. We covered a ton of ground and saw a plethora of bands, all which you can read about after the jump.

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Marry Cherry Share Shame Video

One of my favorite Austin acts, Marry Cherry, have opted to transport you back into your time machine and take you all the way back to the club scene of the early 90s. They’ve got this psychedelic blend that often feels more inclined towards pop fanatics, but you can’t hide yourself from the fiery guitar licks that fill the empty space behind the sugary sweetness. And, as if the musical styling wasn’t enough, the video for “Shame” takes on a bit of an old school vibe too, and there was definitely part of the video and track where I swore J. Spaceman was the instigator. They can be quiet and they can be brash, and I love it all. If you’re digging what they’re laying down, might I suggest you find their Knockout EP to enjoy today!

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