Teddy Glass Drop Ultra Violet

Friday’s are great for new music, and what’s better than new music from your friends? Well, here we are with an upbeat number from our friends over in Teddy Glass, which features Peter from Daphne Tunes and Josh from ATH alum Marmalakes. They’ve crafted this tune with a little spin on their sound, adding a more lively groove to Peter’s great guitar play; it almost has an R&B pop groove working through it, particularly when he stretches his voice to hit those high notes. If you’re in the mood for a nice little smooth pop jam to slide into that breakfast booth with ya, then look no further! They’ll be celebrating the release of his new single with a live performance on their Insta!

Stream Ama’s Both/And Album

We’ve really tried to make sure that Ama was on your radar throughout the last few years; Blair Robbins’ project has been one of my absolute faves for some time now…so here we are with the band dropping Both/And over the weekend. You might catch the homage to Elliott Smith in the record’s title, but I assure you the songwriting here is far more than a mere nod. Take my favorite track, “I See You See,” with it’s wind-swept guitar notes and airy vocal performance; the chorus has these notes that will draw in fans of Alvvays and the like. I’ll be honest, I spent a lot of time with this whole LP this weekend, and its honestly one of the most complete records you’re going to hear this week…each song’s a separate hit. Just sit back and start your day here.

The Dead Space Share So Wasteful

I was super surprised, yet grateful, that Austin’s The Dead Space had returned after their hiatus a few weeks back, and with another single for you, hopefully you can join in the excitement over at ATH. It instantly opens with this cascading guitar line, immediately raising your anxiety level as Jenny Arthur furious pounds on drums. The rhythm controls the verses, as Quin’s guitar skitters in and out of focus, letting his voice haunt you in this cavernous manner. I love that the band never chooses the obvious release, and in fact, sometimes its the absence of that which keeps drawing me back into their tunes; they’re not here to offer you your formulaic brand of darkened indie rock. Look for their new album Chlorine Sleep to drop on May 7th via 12XU.

Announcing Space Tan’s Inti Raymi

If you’re in the Austin area and you caught the great 101x Homegrown show last night, you might have gotten an early listen to the latest from our ATH Records label, Space Tan. We got that first tune out there last night via our friend John, and figured it only makes sense that we share the exciting news with you as well, right? So, below, you get a listen to “Summer Song,” the first tune off Space Tan‘s Inti Raymi; we’ll be putting the album out on a very limited cassette on April 30th. Click below to check out the fuzzy pop stylings the band will be offering you come the end of the month!

William Maxwell Shares 2 Singles from It’s Been Here Changing for a Long Time

If you’ve ever listened to Austin’s the Oysters, you know the songwriting has a special diversity you don’t always get with a full band; songwriter William Maxwell carries that over with his solo work, as we see with the two tracks he’s shared with us today. On one hand, you get the rocking vibes of “Drifted,” working their way with some swaggering guitar riffs that open to a jittering delivery that’s part punk and part Springsteen. I love the way those notes become increasingly impassioned as the song drives forward, letting loose as Maxwell’s enthusiasm shines through his work. Flip it over and you’ll find “Bad Things,” which ends up being a more folk based ballad; the song illustrates the gentle nature of William’s voice, further lifted by the the accompaniment of Mireille Blond. Special songs by one of our town’s stronger songwriters; his album It’s Been Here Changing for a Long Time will be out on April 23rd, partnered with a great little art book, courtesy of Porchfire Records.

Alex Riegelman Shares Animal Ending Video

This past February our friend Alex Riegelman, known about town for his role in Big Bill, dropped this incredible “Animal Ending” single; he’s now sharing the video version of the tune. The video encapsulates Alex’s playful side, featuring a hunter hunting and being hunted, or at least that’s what we might be led to believe. Musically, I’m still in love with this song, and I honestly have no way to really put his sound into words; it feels like something Paul Simon would be super into creating, but only if he was in some sort of death match with Nick Lowe…it’s all bright melodies and light-hearted euphoria, but with an uppercut of crunchy riffs and rock n’ roll flare. Come on over and dip your toes into the visually weird world of Mr. Riegelman, and stick around for the great tunes…with hopes of more on the horizon. Choose your streaming source HERE.

Semihelix Share New Destination

We’re nearing the end of the week, and I’ve already got my eyes on the horizon, so looking for some sweet jams to move us into the weekend, like this great tune from Austin’s Semihelix. Knowing my tastes, it only takes you a minute to catch onto the charms of the band, playing with those pseudo-jangling guitars while cymbals shimmer in the far off distance of the mix. It all leaves room for the calming waves of Geannie Friedman’s voice, who I’ll admit pulls close to a young Jenny Lewis…a close ear should catch what I’m hearing. Regardless, the band will be releasing their debut LP later this year via Mariel Recording Company, so we’ll have more news for you soon!

Some Updates from Austin Music Scene

I was just reading some responses from some friends about San Francisco’s current fire-hot music scene…and whilst reading, I was going back and looking at Bandcamp Friday and all that was hot in Austin; there was so much stuff it was hard to keep up! Some times we take it for granted, but aside from that great Dead Space tune we ran…there were a bunch of other gems we really loved. No need to get too wordy…you just want the songs anyways.

The Dead Space Return with Chlorine Sleep

The Dead Space were one of our favorite Austin acts with their album Faker, but then, they quietly walked away while the various members worked on other projects. Seven years later and the band are back with a vengeance, announcing Chlorine Sleep for 12XU Records. The track kicks in with this wavering squall of back and forth discord, guitars ripping through your speakers as the drums pound you into submission. Quin’s vocal howl is as punctuated as ever, at home in ear shattering element; this is definitely dropping in the band’s noisier side, so it’ll be interesting to hear if the full LP drops into any pop territory. Regardless, what a welcome return! The LP drops on May 7th.


Miss Miranda Shares Daniel

Miss Miranda is the songwriting moniker of Miranda Haney, a recent Austin transplant via Baltimore who I met through my wife’s sister’s boyfriend. She’s been writing some tunes, though Austin hasn’t quite been treated to her songwriting often enough ( insert something about pandemic), so I figured I oughta share them up here. Her latest single is an intimate affair, mostly working with Haney’s voice atop the strum of her guitar. I love the faint quiver in the rising vocals when she meets the chorus for the delivery of “he’s got a voice like Daniel/and a voice you’d recognize.” That there my friends, gives you that 10 seconds of bliss I always crave in my tunes! Anyways, Mondays always end up fairly sedate, so figured I’d close out my day with this one here…a strong new voice from Austin.

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