Daily Worker Share Holding Out for Nothing + Announce New EP

Harold Whit Williams has been turning up the amps to 11 with the most recent Daily Worker pieces, and today the project announces the MF Genius EP, which will drop in May. But, you’ve got the opening rip-roaring tune below to tease you with what’s to come going forward; stuttering drums and a visual rush down an old highway lead you right into this pop rock madness. In some manner, the song feels like a drag race, riffs racing by with speed, and a little melodic pause in between from Harold and company before the next set of riffs line up and race through your speakers. And, if you live in Austin or are around the area on March 10th, Daily Worker will be rocking the stage at our annual ATH vs SOTO show at Hotel Vegas.

Blushing Announce New Album + Share Video

Once upon a time, in a music city long ago, ATH Records helped press Blushing‘s Weak EP to hot wax; it sold out and has since been reissued as the band have risen to meteoric status in the dream pop/shoegaze scene. I actually take little credit in that rise, as the band have been one of the hardest working acts, which has seen them get huge and sing to Kanine Records. Today they dropped us a new tune and a new video to announce Sugarcoat; this song feels like they’re dipping beyond the modern “gaze” era and looking almost towards an alt-rock of the 90s…at least when it gets to the chorus. Give this deserving act a chance; Sugarcoat drops on May 3rd.

Variety Share The Light + Play the ATH vs SOTO Party

Last week we announced our annual SXSW Party with our friends over at Side One Track One, and one of the acts we wanted to be sure was on the show was new act Variety. They’ve just released a fresh track, with a nice little hint at their sound, and what we can expect from future singles. Although brief, there’s a frantic nature in the guitar work, trying to maneuver with as much movement as possible within the song’s time frame. The vocals seem to work in the opposite direction, keeping you off kilter a little bit as you try to keep up with the furious drumming…which I can attest is phenomenal in the live setting. Give it a whirl will ya.

ATX Spotlight: Grackles Share Top of the World

Austin based band Grackles is a conglomerate of sorts featuring an astounding eight member group all of various big name projects in and outside of town. The ATX super group features members who have toured with the likes of The Chicks, backed up Ben Harper and even had involvement with some of our favorite local indie bands like Megafauna. All of that star power combines beautifully on this twangy and southern soaked new single called “Top of the World,” which features guest vocals from Kat Edmonson. I think you’ll find it a lovely addition to our ever growing Austin alt-country scene.

Grackles have also announced an Austin Record release show on February 24th at The Pershing. Tickets and more info can be found HERE. See ya there!

Stream Other Vessels Empty Afternoon EP

I met Miranda Haney a few years back through my brother-in-law, and at the time, she was working solo, letting friends help bring her songs to life. But, after some life changes, she moved that project into a more organic affair, more full-band oriented, which is where we get to meet Other Vessels for their debut EP. Though not a Texas native, you can hear the mysticism of the state sink into the songwriting, particularly when you get lulled into those guitar lines on “Tangerine,” which is one of the standout tunes. You’ve also got tunes such as “Tall Buildings” that build carefully, pulling you along emotionally every step of the way with careful bits of piano

The Infinites Share The Bureaucrat

Had you been on this site at all lately, you would have hopefully heeded our advice to pick up the fresh LP from the Infinites, and today there’s another song to give you a nudge. Of the three singles we’ve heard, this one opens up with the most urgency, pounding drums and guitar lines rushing to set the scene for you; it’s that sort of driving sensation like you’re rushing towards the light on the horizon. Of course, Jared’s vocals are the steadying force, the sensible driver, letting you know that it’s okay to take it all in as you speed towards your destination. I loved the guitar work in-between verses, sharp and jagged like this old fella loves. Archetypes is out on February 16th via Meritorio Records.

New Stuff from 12XU: Water Damage + Love Child

It’s Bandcamp Friday, so I’m trying to hook you onto some cool stuff as much as I can today, like two new LPs that just popped up via Austin’s 12XU Label. The first is the sonic masterminds, Water Damage, who’ve just announced In E. Their perhaps one of the best live acts to capture in the Austin scene, building layer after layer and intoxicating listeners with this driving thunder that gets into your bones. This is the perfect place to lose yourself and then find your feet, again and again; it’s out on April 12th.

The label also announced a Love Child compilation, culling hits from 1988-1993. Honestly, it’s a band I hadn’t heard of, but now I have to have it! It’s the perfect bit of ramshackle pop music; there are elements of punk madness, but it’s all circled around well-executed pop structures. I keep thinking of a more rocking version of the Vaselines for some reason. Never Meant to Be is out on March 8th.

Touch Girl Apple Blossom Share Sidewalk Video

One of the under the radar gems that I didn’t discover until a bit late in the game was the debut EP from Touch Girl Apple Blossom, and they were right in my own backyard (metaphorically, not actually!). This Austin quartet sounds a bit like they’ve taken all the charm from acts such at Juliana Hatfield and Diet Cig, borrowed the hooks, then run away to pile a little bit of grit and atmosphere to the mixture. It’s sort of like an amalgam of pop and weirdo, which is everything I absolutely love. So, now that I’m all over the band, I wanted you to be too, which is why I bring you their fresh video for “Sidewalk,” with a reminder their EP is now available via 7″!


Holy Wire Share I Still Feel Alone All the Time

Local Austin act Holy Wire seems to be on this huge musical trajectory, and I can’t but help and marvel how quickly Alain and company seem to have risen. The project has a new LP hitting this Spring titled The Ending of an Age, and it’s synth pop craft feels like its reached the next level, at least in comparison to modern peers. You can hear the vocals taking on those deep dulcet tones, yet there’s some notes that Paradis hits where I’m just swept away. Musically, there’s this steadiness that certainly owes a debt to the groundwork from the 80s, but it’s execution and production are simply too stunning to think it fits anywhere other than the present! The Ending of an Age is out on April 5th.

Broken Gold Share Spiraling Single + Announce Wild Eyes

One of the truest thing, for me, is that you can’t be a hard rock n’ roller forever; sure, you can hold onto your ethos, but at a certain point, you need a dose of melody or a nice hook…and I feel like Broken Gold get that, and get me. Their brand new single from the forthcoming Wild Eyes LP has these sharp stomping riffs running through; you get a bit of a Mats vibe in the verses. Then, you hit the chorus and the synths come in and the track blossoms right into that punk-ish croon from Ian MacDougall; you can hear the edge and the hard-lived life in the lyrics and voice, but something just reeks of maturity, in the beset way possible. A perfect balance of where rock and hooks meet at the park, so come swing with me. More news on Wild Eyes as we hear it from Chicken Ranch Records/Yeah Right.

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