87 and the Toys Share Shopping Mall Video

I love a good upbeat number, particularly when the band is drawing inspiration from the art-punk scene of the 80s, like what’s at play in the vibe from 87 and the Toys. On this single, the band squirm right into this writhing punk pogo, jittering around the room as they belt out distinctive syllables. The playfulness of the band comes right through that screen too, with a really great performance from drummer Hana bringing in that huge set of pipes to really sell the band’s sound. They’ll be releasing their latest effort The Smile Room on March 31st, and with that release, rumor has it that they might be moving to Austin too, so hope you local readers keep an eye out.

Meet The SXSW Band: Wild Child

We are down to the last few days around the ATH offices before we wind down and head out into the madness that is SXSW next week. Prior to that, it seems fitting for one of our last interviews to be from Austin indie legends Wild Child. They’ve been around the scene for what seems like ages now and we were super pumped for them to answer our interview questions. Hit the jump for interview, music and show dates.

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Hallo Share Cold Magic Single

There’s this hugely cinematic nature to the latest single from Austin’s Hallo, which makes complete sense considering the band is helmed by artist/actor/director Tiana Stuart. Musically, the song’s riding that powerful ballad format, somewhere between Jenny Lewis and Sharon van Etten, which we can all agree is a pretty special place to find yourself. But, there’s something about the production work done by Erik Wofford that just gives the track this larger-than-life quality; it just feels like it’s meant for that important moment in the greatest scene of your life. With the promise of a debut album soon to come, it’s time we all get acquainted with this rising Austin act.

Transy Warhol Drop Afterglow Single

Austin outfit Transy Warhol have been dubbed the next Big Boys, taking up the torch passed through acts like Big Bill and others. But, while the punk side is there, it’s fleshed out on this fresh single in an artier, almost melodic fashion. The vocals have a bit of gruffness, but they’re curled into warm croon that very much feels like it could be the sound of a number of 80s post punk acts. I like the frantic nature of the guitars, stabbing at the speakers with this angular sharpness that really gets the blood flowing, so keep an eye out on this lot as they’ll be releasing their debut Control later this year!

Space Tan Drop Prison Planet

If you go way back to the year 2021, our little label of love, ATH Records released a vastly underrated album by Austin’s Space Tan titled Inti Raymi. But, just this last Friday, the quintet released the brand new Prison Planet EP, continuing to drop these huge pop rock numbers centered around the songwriting of Gianni Sarmiento. There’s a few tunes on this release that feel like an amped up version of Grandaddy or the Rentals, spinning these futuristic tunes rooted in classic alternative sounds. Five quick pop nuggets that will brighten your day, so do yourself that favor right now!

Lola Tried Return with Black and White

It’s been a minute since we last heard fresh tunes from Austin’s Lola Tried, but on their Renvers EP, you could hear a broader songwriting perspective, a certain fearlessness for the band to face pop rock on their own terms. As you’ll hear below, there’s absolutely no turning back, as Lauren Burton seems to only be rising higher with her craft. This song build slowly, like a warm up lap, letting the listener sink into the song. But, as it creeps along and Burton’s voice takes control, the song bursts into an all out spring, erupting with this crunching wall of rock n’ roll that would surely lead into a huge breakdown in the live setting. Absolutely loving this performance, and hoping you are too. Plus, if you’re in the Austin area, they celebrate the release of the new single tonight at Chess Club!

Daiistar Release Debut Single

Those of you looking for nostalgic 90s rock n’ roll vibes need look no further than the work of Austin’s Daiistar. Their sound definitely has some interesting bits to it, which perhaps owes to production work by Alex Maas of Black Angels fame. You get the sort of acid house meets BJM psychedelia in the rhythm section, offering up that sort of hip-shaking thunder beneath the surface. Some fiery riffs rip through in between various riffs, pulling back to let the vocals get the focal point. In that, the vocals here seem to be channeling Brit rockers Repulica on their hit single “Ready to Go.” Give it a spin and if you’re on the West Coast they’re on tour this week playing some shows.

Evntyd Share Quotidian Single

With all the releases out in the world, it’s always tough to keep up with new tunes, even if its hiding out in your own backyard, like Evntyd. Honestly, the post-punk project just snuck onto my radar with this new single, so I’ve been diving in pretty heavily. This tune begins with two moods, there’s a darkness haunting the atmosphere, but the propulsive nature and angular guitar riffs give off this melodic texture that’s definitely in my wheelhouse. Then the tune takes on solid bit of dreaminess when the vocals mix in, kind of slowly filling your room as they billow out. Definitely an artists I’ll be keeping my eye on going forward.

Rad Gnar Premiere Are You a Friend

Our old friends in Rad Gnar are living in the same space as I am at the moment, raising young kids (with another on the way–congrats Ben!). So, as we all do, or so I think, they’re writing songs that reflect those changes, with this tune serving as a reflection of the birth of your first child and the cosmic energies that surround us all. Musically, you’re going to hear the band blend heavier pop rock a la Superchunk with little elements of pop-punk and emo thrown in to create this huge ripping sound; it’s filled with yearning in the vocals and giant guitar-monies, so feel free to fall in love. You can find this track on the group’s Dead Strings EP.

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