Winged Wheel Announce Big Hotel

After Shellac came out of nowhere with an announcement this week, it only seems fitting that there’s more surprises in the 2024 release schedule, like a brand new LP from Detroit’s Winged Wheel. We’re just about two years removed from No Island, and it looks like they’ve added Steve Shelley to the mix too for a new album. There’s this swirling ominousness that opens the track, building this almost sterile world of darkness; it feels like the precursor to a murder in a parking garage (if it had a cooler soundtrack). Whitney’s voice comes in like an echo, hauntingly bouncing between the lines of the band’s craft. There are certainly moments where one could go explosive and just phone it in, but I appreciate how they’ve just locked into the groove here. Big Hotel is out May 3rd via 12XU.

More from the Love Child Compilation

Seeing as this is a compilation of old Love Child stuff, this post is mostly to convince you and our friend Norman Wanklord to pony up some cash and grab Never Meant to Be. There’s two fresh tracks from the collection, and I’ve got both below. “Asking For It” is this frantic bit of rock n’ roll with Rebecca Odes spitting out venomous vocals faster than the drummer can ride the cymbals; I love how there’s a melodic slow jam to the song’s middle, reminding us that they could’ve done anything, and it would have kicked ass. “Escalator” is this sharp burst of crashing art rhythms, rising and falling, stuttering and jabbing…kind of like if Built to Spill were an 80s punk band from NYC. You can get your hands on this collection this Friday via 12XU!

Lewsberg Announce Out and About

If you have not purchased your tickets for the Lewsberg train, might we invite you to grab one now, as they’re sure to be one of your favorite bands…plus it’ll make you feel cool for telling your friends you were into it first. Anyways, the Dutch band announce their new LP Out and About today, dropping mixes of two of the tracks that will appear on the record. “Without a Doubt” has this spritely nature to it, just shuffling in the mix as the vocals keep things joyously grounded; it’s the precise brand of no-rock pop that the group excels at crafting. Meanwhile “Communion” feels like a pastor’s sermon delivered by someone who grew up listening to all those early Flying Nun records. Can’t say enough wonderful words about this group; Out and About is out in September; self-released, but US folks can order through 12XU.

Borzoi Drop Passing Single

Just as I’m lamenting the scene in our hometown, Borzoi pop up with a new single to wake me from my Austin doldrums. Be warned, turning this up at high volume is likely to lead to momentary delirium. The rhythmic section alone has this incredible push and pull to it, like the heavy swaying of a crowd on the verge of cathartic eruption. Hitting heavy at the front, they turn that into this almost playful angular moment right after the one-minute mark, hanging high upon the rafters of that pulsing rhythm. Why this band isn’t the most notable in town I don’t know, but we look forward to hearing more…as we’re still awaiting news on the follow-up to A Prayer for War (12XU)…and this may or may not feature on that release.

Lewsberg Join Speedy Wunderground Single Series

Lewsberg have been on our radar pretty consistently since we were first introduced to the group by their work with 12XU. But, they just announced they’re joining on with Speedy Wunderground to be part of the label’s marvelous Single Series, which are always super limited. After last year’s sneakily strong In Your Hands, the group return with a bit more pace, pushing the rhythmic pulse that provides a backbone for everything in between. I love the way the vocals change between a sort of spoken call-and-response and overlapping commentary. Plus, the band are never afraid to ride that train and let the sonic exploration lead the way. The new single drops on Friday digitally, so hear the A-side now!

Lewsberg Drop In Your Hands LP

I had no idea we were getting a new Lewsberg LP until a little email popped up in ye old inbox, but man, this Friday just got infinitely better…for me anyways. If you’ve never listened to the Dutch group before, I suggest setting aside some time to spend with the band today…and might I add you can start off with 2020’s In This House. It’s early in the morning, and I’m just diving in here, so not sure which of the tracks will be my favorite, but I think those of you who are into bands like Smog or Low will surely find yourselves a comforting listen on this Friday. US fans can grab the In Your Hands from 12XU.

Florry Shares You Don’t Know

When I stumbled upon Florry, courtesy of their new LP announcement with 12XU, I was pretty floored; I felt like I had stumbled upon the most delightful lo-fi rock there was to find. Now, Francie Medosch is taking me for a different ride entirely, and I don’t mind one bit. Casual listeners will feel like they’ve landed in some sort of barnyard bash, such is the force of the twang and slide of those guitars. But, stay with it, as you’re in for a treat. Francie’s vocals are gentle, yet they have this distinctive peculiarity, not unlike something you’d associate with Daniel Johnston. Trust me, we’re in for a treat when Big Fall drops on August 27th.

Florry Announce Big Fall

I have next to no idea about Florry, other than what I can read on the bandcamp liner notes. But, I trust the label she’s on, and I trust the sounds coming through my speakers. At times, the latest single from the forthcoming Big Fall has this slight sort of indifferent bedroom jangle, something that you might associate with old K Records vibes…you know catchy but dissonant in a way. Then, the song has these scurrying guitar lines that seem sort of bluesy, giving the song this natural expanse that you might not associate with a two minute pop song. Being new to Florry, I’m definitely excited to hear more. You can grab the LP on August 27th from 12XU.

The Dead Space Share So Wasteful

I was super surprised, yet grateful, that Austin’s The Dead Space had returned after their hiatus a few weeks back, and with another single for you, hopefully you can join in the excitement over at ATH. It instantly opens with this cascading guitar line, immediately raising your anxiety level as Jenny Arthur furious pounds on drums. The rhythm controls the verses, as Quin’s guitar skitters in and out of focus, letting his voice haunt you in this cavernous manner. I love that the band never chooses the obvious release, and in fact, sometimes its the absence of that which keeps drawing me back into their tunes; they’re not here to offer you your formulaic brand of darkened indie rock. Look for their new album Chlorine Sleep to drop on May 7th via 12XU.

Xetas Share the Objector

Just in case you haven’t heeded my previous warning, you’re going to want to get to know Xetas this year, if they’re not already on your rock n’ roll radar. They’ve got a new video from their forthcoming The Cypher, and I’m freaking in love with this jam. It opens interestingly, with these jagged chords kind of building this nervous tension; it’s juxtaposed by the calm delivery of Kana’s voice, which quickly turns into an explosive howl as the band meets for the chorus. I think my favorite moment comes around the 2:03 mark with the line “have you ever watched the mountain range, change.” The full album is out next Friday via 12XU.

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