SXSW Watchlist: Still Life Still

slsWe continue our highlight on a few SXSW bands this week with Canadian outfit Still Life Still.  Having formed close to 10 years ago, you would expect this band to be a lot more well known in the national blogosphere.  However, when you take into account that the guys formed up as teenagers and have had a few band names changes, it’s not surprising that they still fly a bit under the radar.  Still Life Still even fly a bit under our radar, as we sort of missed out on their admirable debut LP of 09 Girls Come Too.  The stand out track from that album “Kid” can be found below.  It sounds a bit like some old school post-emo bands with a bit more of a pop beat backing it.  Also, our SXSW watchlists from here on out will now include a brief 5-6 question interview of questions we generated for our favorite SXSW artists.  We hope this helps you to get to know these artists a little bit better.  Still Life Still band member Brendon Sarinnen answers our questions after the jump.

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ATH Interviews: Broken Social Scene

bss_coverPrior to Broken Social Scene taking the stage at Bass Concert Hall we were able to grab a few minutes with Brendan Canning and Charles Spearin. They talk about the current state of the band, their most recent tour, and details about their solo albums. Thanks to Robin and Brendan for all of the arrangements and preparations.

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