Show Review: Tokyo Police Club @ LZR (2/2)

It’s cold.  Tokyo Police Club took on filling La Zone Rosa on a Wednesday night, temperatures in the teens.  I knew it was worth the trip out when a friend asked of his Facebook status, “Hearing the sounds from across the street, should I have gone to see Tokyo Police Club?”  Yep.  Follow the jump for more.

TV Torso is becoming a fixture in my openers list, so I’ll let you check a few of the other reviews where I spend more time with Matt and the boys.  Another great opening set, streamlined down for a first spot short performance, they hit mostly new tunes that carried even more of that Spoon-guy-produced feel when played this time around.  I will never complain about these being the early show.

Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin was next.  I have been a fan for some time now, the album “Pershing” being a personal favorite.  The crowd was educated with information about Mr. Yeltsin’s recent birthday.  They moved through their set cleanly, sounded great, but “Modern Mystery” put me in my happy place.

Tokyo Police Club took to the stage with the casual saunter we are accustomed to seeing when bands arrive from backstage at LZR.  Lights set the mood, and the set took off with “Favorite Colour” from the latest release Champ with “Nature of the Experiment” from the ’06 debut A Lesson in Crime and “Graves” from Elephant Shell.  They would continue to weave in and out of newer and older tracks.  “End of a Spark” elicited Woo-oooh’s.  “In a Cave” was the next tune to really hit me.  Great stuff, the ringing guitar and synth line echoing through the crowd in the large space.  The main set ended with “Breakneck Speed”, a track that lived up to live translation, “Boots of Danger” and “Your English is Good”.  I believe “Favourite Food” launched the encore before the final song of the night “Cheer It On”.

I missed their sets during SxSW in previous years.  That was dumb.

Check out more fancy photos by Brian over on his website.

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