Austin City Limits Music Festival 2018

It was a solid year for the Austin City Limits Music Festival. It was one of the best overall lineups in years. Better weather would have been nice, but what can you do about the weather (besides carbon offsets, public transportation, solar, efficiency audits, etc).

So let’s start with the links.

Ray Ray, Nicole and I hit the first weekend. We broke the seal and went hard in the crowd. I watched all of Metallica.

WE1 Review and Gallery.

For WE2, I had the better wristband to be able to shoot from the photo pit. But alas, I was not allowed to shoot the restricted headliners. Sir Paul and Metallica obviously don’t know the repercussions of ignoring Nathan’s desire for up close action shots. We actually weren’t real upset as the early/middle lineup was so good with very few gaps, very few overlaps.

WE2 Friday Review and Gallery
WE2 Saturday Review and Gallery
WE2 Sunday Notes and Gallery

And if you want to see anything ACL related? Click here.

And here are a few fun photos if you are lazy.

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