Summer Flake Share One Less Thing Video

Today is looking an awful lot like it’s a dedicated Aussie Friday, which I’m totally okay with to be fair. So, we’ve got another new tune from Summer Flake, who tossed a single our way just before Halloween. This one has this old sort of Hope Sandoval vibe to it, with these layered vocal pieces that really create sort of the first wall of the band’s sound; it’s got this powerful weight, holding all the melody in one spot. In the second wall you’ll get these rolling drum hits, giving the track movement so as to coincide with the fiery guitar licks cutting through your speakers. This track is the title track from the new LP, One Less Thing, which will drop via Rice is Nice next February.

Soft on Crime Prep New Suite LP, Share Telex Eyes

You can already find a slew of great LPs you’ll want to fawn over in 2023 on the slates, but might I suggest you add Dublin’s Soft on Crime to that mix? Today we get to share the group’s new single, along with the announcement of their debut, New Suite. For some reason, this track takes the modern power-pop vibes, though it feels like its being spun through the story of Elvis Costello. It’s got this sort of jittering hipness to it, frantic in all the right spots, then bursting with the hooks when you hit the chorus. It’s a reminder that rock n’ roll can still be a hell of a lot of fun. Look for New Suite to drop in February of next year!

Phantom Handshakes Share Stuck in a Fantasy

I’m getting to a point in my life where I almost don’t even have to listen to a Phantom Handshakes tune, as I know it’s going to be right up my alley, and spin in my head for months. This new single might be my favorite piece, however, as the heavy chug of the guitars sets up the perfect contrast for Federica’s voice; she’s floating through this song like a whispering angel, hanging just on the cusp of the blossoming jangles and brooding chugs. It’s dream pop for those in favor of escapism, and listening in, your mind sets out on vacation, drifting towards euphoria. This new single also comes with great news that the band will be releasing A Passport to Remain, their new LP, this November.

The Intelligence Share Keyed Beamers + Announce Lil Peril

Every time I listen to the Intelligence, I just run this gamut of self-doubt. Am I cool enough to listen to this band? Will I even really get at what they’re doing? Somehow, I always end up gravitating towards a cliche Wayne’s World “we’re not worthy” moment…which again, seems to suffice with the newest single. It’s this disorienting piecemeal tune, bits of sticky cymbal work, primal electronic pulses, with Lars Finberg crafting his poetic lines so as to weave around the amps like a jumbled pile of chords. Then the song stutters, only to shriek back into place, plodding along with more texture, seemingly, only to remind us that we need to check our expectations of rock n’ roll at the door. With this jam comes great news; the band will release Lil’ Peril via Mt. St. Mtn. on September 30th.

Winter Share Atonement (ft. Hatchie)

We had a feeling that Winter had something new brewing, and today the band announces What Kind of Blue Are You, and in doing so, builds on the hype by releasing a single with Samira and Hatchie uniting on vocals. There’s a heavy groove that rides the verses, giving this darkened acid wash to the dreamy notes Winter is known to craft. You’re seduced into the semi-primal groove, burrowing deep in the song’s emotional appeal. But, then you get spit right out as the chorus erupts in this hyper-joyous explosion; it’s clearly the song’s high-point, but I think it perfectly captures the mixture of vibes we’re to expect on this brand new LP. Pretty decent way to start off the album cycle, eh? What Kind of Blue Are You is out on October 14th via Bar/None Records.

The Smashing Times Announce Bloom

At the end of last year, Baltimore’s The Smashing Times dropped this delicious 7″ I couldn’t get enough of, so I’m more than excited to hear the band are ready for a new LP later this year. Their sound, as the band describes it, draws inspiration from Felt, Television Personalities and the Pastels; I feel like this fresh single is a little bit of all of those. The crips guitar sound is definitely a nod towards acts like Felt, with a bit of the sort of paisley psychedelia from the Pastels also shining through in the tones. For me, the TV Personalities connection just comes in the manner that the band’s sound seems indifferent to trends; they seem like they’re a ramshackle lot bent on perfecting outsider pop. It’s intoxicating, and you can bet I’ll be spinning it nonstop when Bloom is released in October via Meritorio Records.

Twain Announces Noon

When Twain released “King of Fools” this past Winter, our contacts at Keeled Scales assured us there was a new LP on the horizon…and today we get to hear another single with news that the release is official! There’s something special brewing in these songs offering that sort of intimacy that permeates the soul. Still, there’s such depth and texture to what Mat Davidson is doing that you can’t help but to imagine this as the perfect soundtrack to any documentary on Americana. Really looking forward to hearing the entirety of this listen come the October release date, just in time for fireside listens. Noon is out 10.7 via Keeled Scales.

Nervous Twitch Share Forgive Yourself

I did a lot of jamming out to Nervous Twitch‘s self-titled album, and I have a feeling that with a new record on the horizon, there’s going to be a lot of the band on these here Interweb pages. Today, we’re stoked to bring you their first single from the forthcoming Some People Never Change LP, offering a nice little ditty to set the scene for what’s in store. A heavy bass line slowly opens the track, and in doing so, it sets the scene for this track, allowing the band’s patience to spill through your speakers. The playful melody becomes instantly obvious, but where other bands rush to fill your ears with earcandy, Nervous Twitch just want to hang out; they want you to tap your toes and bob your head, but there’s no need to rush. Heavier riffs and pounding drums build throughout, giving the edge to the tune; I keep thinking of a slow burning Donnas jam when I hear this hit! If your’e into it, Some People Never Change will be released by Reckless Yes on October 7th!

First Rodeo Announce Debut Self-Titled LP

Summertime in Texas means sitting around in warm nights, sweating a bit and drinking a few beers with friends. The soundtrack to that classic night might be best suited by the latest single from First Rodeo (despite the band not actually hailing from Texas). Subtle drum work sets the tone, as the twang sets in from the guitar work, even working its way down the line to eventually erupt in a smoldering solo apt for late night jams. In the vocals you get that Americana croon, the sort that sounds forlorn and friendly all at once, particularly as syllables get stretched into melodies. Combining the two is a sure fire way to our Texas hearts over here, so pencil us in for a good old listening party when First Rodeo drops on August 5th via Forged Artifacts.

Why Bonnie Announce 90 in November

After a nice bit of success with their Voice Box EP, and a move to New York, Why Bonnie are ready to announce their debut, 90 in November. And, despite a move up North, they’re still keeping it Austin, working with our own Keeled Scales to keep the Texas ties intact. That return seems to tie in with the theme for their debut, as the press releases describes the album as “a road trip through Texas,” which is perhaps informed by the reflective nature facing songwriter Blair after a major life change such as her move to NYC. The song keeps the band’s playful guitar pop throughout, giving a little bit of punch in the latter half to really kick the song into gear. Looks to me like the band are offering up good vibes and good memories; we’re stoked to hear the rest of 90 in November; it drops on August 19th.

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