Terry Are Back with Call Me Terry

A few years have passed since we’ve had a proper Terry full length out there, and now the group return with a fresh collection of tunes to carry with their joyous approach. Upon pressing play, you’re instantly greeted by the group’s knack for penning a pop tune on the scuzzy side of DIY. I love how the initial vocals walk this fine line between warmth and springy, making way for the rest of the group to come in with this sort of pseudo-echo that punctuates the natural melody. And then, because its the only way they know how, the band spin off into this frizzling pop realm that closes off the tune. Call Me Terry is out in April via Upset the Rhythm and Anti Fade.

Vintage Crop Announce Serve to Serve Again

Feel like we should start off Thursday with a bit of rabble-rousing, and what better way to get up and going than a scuzzy little punker from Australia’s Vintage Crop. The tracks interesting to me, as it seems to be of two minds, musically speaking. One one end, its frantic and quick, just ordinary rock n’ roll with flare. But, lurking in there are these little artsy odds and ends…little lines of pogo propulsion or jittery spastic guitar notes. Its like the best of both worlds! And, toss in the vocals, you get the feeling that you’re in the live setting, you can feel yourself being stalked from the stage by the band; they’re trying to rile you up…just as I am on this early morning riot. You can grab Serve to Serve Again on August 7th via Upset the Rhythm/AntiFade

Rock N’ Roller from The Gooch Palms

goochI first caught wind of The Gooch Palms last year when they released a nice little EP, but this new single is just so damn good you wouldn’t want to miss rocking this out really loud.  It’s a simple formula, seemingly, with just guitar and drums and male/female vocal interplay.  But, very few bands really pull this off to a degree where you’re coming back begging for more, unless it’s incredible; this song is one such incredible track.  This track comes off the group’s NOVOS LP, which will be released by Anti-Fade on October 4th.  I don’t even have to listen to the rest of the record because this song alone makes it worthy of one of my album’s of the year.

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