Another Track from the Basic Plumbing LP

On Friday, we’ll get the release of the posthumous Basic Plumbing, the project Patrick Doyle was working on before his untimely passing; he’s also known for his time in Veronica Falls and Boys Forever. When I first heard this track, I was immediately drawn to the guitar sound; it felt both poppy and heavy, especially when matched by the drumming; darker tones continued when Doyle offers a soft croon in the verse. Still, I’ve been gravitating towards the slight switch in the song’s mood that comes in just before the 2 minute mark; it’s ever so slight, but definitely draws on Doyle’s penchant for pop sensibility. Proceeds from the record will go to LA’s LGBT Center and UK’s Calm

Another Track from Basic Plumbing

Earlier in November we found out that there would be a posthumous release from Patrick Doyle’s Basic Plumbing project; he’d previously been part of Veronica Falls, as well as his solo work in Boys Forever. But, the album he’d been working on with friend Helen Skinner is set to come to light on January 24th, and why not share another song he penned. I think you can hear sort of an homage to college rock in this tune, particularly in the way the vocals kind of hang out there in the air, moving in and out of the space left between guitars and drums. Keeping Up Appearances will be out next year, with all the proceeds going to LA LGBT Centre and UKs Calm. You can grab it HERE.