Final Single from Frank Smith

We’ve tried to keep you close in the loop as Frank Smith has released several singles from their new album, Before You Were Born, which will hit on January 19th.  We’ve got the final single from the band, and it continues to build on the strength of the earlier singles.  For me, there’s a darkness that lurks beneath this track, but the attention to details is what really grabs me–just listen for the trickling keys.  This song seems to wander a bit, giving you the feeling that this track’s a haunted traveler, perhaps leading up to some abstract association with the title.  I’m just guessing.


Download: Frank Smith – Been 4 Months, Feels Like 5 [MP3]

More New Frank Smith Jams

We’re getting closer and closer to the release of Frank Smith’s brand new record here in January of 2012.  The group has already leaked “Monsters,” and in their promise to release three of the tracks, they’ve got “A Decline” for you this time around. From what we’ve been given so far, Before You Were Born will feature a more ornate sound, carefully crafted to evoke maximum emotion from the listener.  I really enjoy the way this song unfolds, seemingly alternating the pace of the track without ever losing a bit of the magic.  Seems like it should be a great 2012 for Frank Smith.


Download: Frank Smith – A Decline [MP3]

New Music from Frank Smith

Let’s get things straight: Frank Smith is not one man, it’s a band, and one of Austin’s brighter rising stars (though they’ve been about for some time).  While the official release of their new album, Before You Were Born, won’t hit until 2012, the band is slowly unleashing teaser tracks to build our anticipation.  This first track, which also has an accompanying VIDEO, is titled “Monsters.”  It begins with sort of a mellow dip into the autumnal/wintery quality accustomed to most indie folk, but as the chorus bursts, you’ll realize exactly why we think so highly of the group.  It’s just a blissful cascade of melody, placed perfectly in the song, creating a wonderful musical moment we hope you’ll enjoy.


Download: Frank Smith – Monsters [MP3]