Top Albums for Nathan

Honestly, I thought about foregoing a year-end list this year. I mean, if you read our site, you know what we love. But, list making can be fun, especially if you really really love music. My criteria was simple, and not based on what I think is “best,” but rather looking at the stuff I listened to the most, and eventually bought (or was gifted). Popular locals for my Nathan Wrapped have me living on an island in between San Francisco and Australia; label of the year would be Trouble in Mind (congrats to Bill and family!); genre would be: most awesome. Again, this is one man’s personal tastes, take it for what its worth.

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Last Week’s Jams (11.6 – 11.10)

It may not have been a week covered in big names, but there were tons of ridiculously quality tunes dropped this last week. We had tons of ATX stuff, from Daily Worker to Wet Dip to S.L. Houser to Voxtrot, so we were all over that. I fell in love with Dumb Things, which is the Aussie outfit opening up this week’s playlist. But, it’s probably a toss up for me whether the new track from The Witching Waves got more plays than that new Weakened Friends. A ripper of a week with some new names we hadn’t come across before like Amelia Coburn, so give the whole mix a Monday morning spin.

New Austin Music: Wet Dip, Voxtrot, Resound + SL Houser

Seeing as we’re all living in Austin, somehow, we always have to try and hold up our end of the scene by throwing our weight behind what we love. So, seeing as it’s Friday, there’s a few new releases to get on your radar.

Wet DipSmell of Money – A record filled with twists and turns and odd little moves of frantic punk sounds. A ripper of a record best listened to loud!

S.L. HouserHibiscus EP – We’ve long been fans of Sara Houser’s songwriting, so we’re excited to see where her career goes now that she’s focused on her solo stuff. Release show at Mohawk tomorrow!

VoxtrotNew World Romance – What? Like we’re not going to let you listen to new Voxtrot? They continue to dive into a darker pop realm, and Ramesh’s voice continues to sparkle.

Resound Presents: A Very Homie Holiday – A charity compilation featuring a ton of local acts lending their songs to raise money for Free Lunch ATX. New music each week, until it drops! New Being Dead tune below!

Last Week’s Jams (6.12 – 6.16)

Summer keeps on rolling right along like the hellfire that is Texas, and the song’s just keep hitting that sweet spot. Had some old acts make a return this past week with Devendra Banhart and Sigur Ros making the cut, but also excited to see old ATH Records act Being Dead with their banging new single. Along the way we had some hits from Night Beats, Dippers, Kindsight and Sonny & the Sunsets…to name but a few of the bands we can’t seem to stop covering on our end. A good little 20 song collection for you to kick off your day here!

Being Dead Release Last Living Buffalo

If there was a song that encompassed the live energy and personality of Being Dead, think that their latest single is perfect. Imagine watching the band as the song begins with a bit of almost teasing with the audience, like they’re warming up here. Soon, they drop into the song, rolling drums and delivering a powerful chant of “you killed them.” But, like they do in the live setting, they switch into a different gear, letting the hook come at a buffalo’s gallop, building in layered melodies from their vocal work. Then, as if the show’s wrapping up, the song evolves into cacophony; it’s an entire show in one quick 3 minute blast! The group release When Horses Would Run on July 14th via Bayonet.

Last Week’s Jams (5.15 – 5.19)

It was a busy week to start, then as usual at this time of year, I teetered out with our coverage; I blame the fact that I stayed up late to catch a great set from En Attendant Ana. We covered a lot of territory, bringing in an old school song from Heavenly, but with a new video to celebrate. Austin got some love with another great Feeling Small tune, plus some bonus Being Dead coverage popping up in there. ATH faves Melenas announced a new record, so really, we had an all out awesome week on our end. Feel free to stop in and check out what we had going.

Being Dead Release Daydream Video

I am really hoping that the genius and joy of Being Dead shines through and emerges into the greater musical realm outside of Austin; they feel like they’ve been our best band for years, and finally it seems everyone else is catching on to their act. Generally speaking, the band operate with lots of live humor and constant switches mid-tune. But, here, you get a little bit of their wit by way of their performance in the video, although the song is much more traditional in a sense. It’s got this natural warmth from Juli’s vocal performance, settling into the song once the galloping percussive element is peeled away. When it meets up with Cody’s voice, they build in this creamy psychedelia that pervades the whole tune. It’s time for you to be listening to Being Dead; they drop When Horses Would Run on July 14th via Bayonet Records. (Plus there are like five or so copies of their debut 7″ from ATH Records HERE.)

Last Week’s Jams (4.10 – 4.14)

Looking back at last week, there was tons of really great stuff out there, and admittedly, there are a few things we just didn’t have time to get to on our end. But, stoked for Austin, as there was great new music from Being Dead, Transy Warhol, Holy Wire and new project Feeling Small. My favorite track from the most recent Blues Laywer LP got a video treatment, so I had to have that one out. RayRay covered that huge banger from Night Beats, who will be in town for Psych Fest. And, one of my favorite SXSW acts Snooper announced their new LP too, so you get a bunch of winning hits!

Being Dead Announce When Horses Would Run

We here at ATH have been championing Austin’s most captivating band for some time; I screamed it so loud I put out a Being Dead 7″, and I hope you heard because the band are ready for breaking out with their new LP. Of all the songs on this album, those that are first being introduced to the band will surely get a feel for the group’s vibe. They fill their sets with classic hooks, vocal duets, breakdowns, improvisation plus more, and you get the entirety of that feel if you listen from start to finish. Ultimately, they’re like the supreme house band for Sour Patch Kids; they’re sweet and sour and incredibly lovable. I promise you when I say you’ll be adding When Horses Would Run to your LP collection; it drops July 14th via the Bayonet.

About Last Night – ATH vs SOTO @ Vegas

Your friendly neighborhood ATH staff kicked off our SXSW yesterday with the recently reborn ATH vs. Side One Track One party at Hotel Vegas in East Austin. We had a packed house from the time doors opened until things closed down a little after 1am. Hopefully everyone stayed safe out there and got home without incident to start off the week on a high note.

After the jump you can find a few quick thoughts and photos from our team.

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