Dig on New Music from The Dig (SXSW Artist)

The Dig have graced our pages here before, and with this new single, I’m still backing the band as a group built for success in 2017. On this tune, the band continues their musical shape-shifting, channeling a blend of glam and new age psychedelia. Piano work allows for the song to sustain a natural bounce to it, with guitars and added synths circling overhead. The vocals have this androgynous tone, fitting for a tune about astronauts. Their album Bloodshot Tokyo will appear on February 3rd via Roll Call Records. And, like the post says, they’ll be in attendance for SXSW this year, for those of you in Austin for the festival.

Fresh Music from The Dig

thedigI really don’t think there are a lot of bands out there running things the way that The Dig do. They’ve got something that’s almost bares an R&B inflection to it, though the music is far more upbeat. You’ve almost got an anthemic approach, though these guys keep things just weird enough with their musical layering that you end up reveling in how they make things both infectious and cool all at the same time. Feel free to turn this one up loud, and get ready for the group’s Bloodshot Tokyo on February 3rd.

Play This New Dig Tune, Ya’ Dig?

thedigMan, I can only use the word dig so many times in reference to The Dig, but I definitely am enjoying their new single. It’s this shiny bit of indie pop drenched in a playful rhythm and a nice soothing vocal throughout the various verses. There’s this really subtle melodic wash grooving in it too, jumping out with an even larger hook during the chorus to grab the listener. You liked that last Tame Impala LP? You’ll probably find a nice home here. Look for the band’s debut, Bloodshot Tokyo, in February of next year via Roll Call Records.