Another Hit from Teether & Kuya Neil

Why not start off Tuesday with a little hip-hop, since you know, its not every day that pops up on our radar. This Teether & Kuya Neil is the latest pickup from Chapter Music, and honestly, it kind of feels like what you’d get if you took those old Dizzee Rascal hits and slowed things down to an almost creep…then they smooth it out with this haunting little bounce. But, one of the reasons I love the work of this duo is that they draw strong narratives in their lyrical content, with this track taking on their own background as children of immigrants. They’ll drop their GLYPH Mixtape this coming November.

Chapter Music Sign Teether & Kuya Neil

You’d be forgiven for having expectations when it comes to a Chapter Music release/signing; I’m probably even guilty on my end of promoting a certain sound from the label. But, if you look into the label’s discography, as well as their online tastes, you’re going to see a really diverse sound, which no doubt influenced their latest signing Teether & Kuya Neil. Today the label announced they’d signed up with the band to work with them on the follow up to their acclaimed God of Surprises EP. The duo’s sound combines the lyrical flows of rapper Teether with Neil’s darkened dance beats, leaving you with this eclectic sound that’s hard to pigeonhole. Is it rap? Is it down tempo electro? Well, I’m not sure, but its good, and thus, warrants your enjoyment.

Geoffrey O’ Connor Shares What a Scene ft. Sui Zhen

Every time one of the new singles comes out from Geoffrey O’ Connor‘s new LP, I’m just floored. For starters, there’s this timelessness to his craft; the thumping guitar line that rolls through the core of this track in an understated fashion serves as this tether to the listener’s emotions. But, thus far, O’ Connor seems to have found the perfect foil for every track, and having Sui Zhen guest on this tune does not hurt. Geoffrey has this more baritone nature, like a heavy melodic sigh, but Sui Zhen sparkles, effectively bobbing and weaving back and forth between the two distinct voices, creating this dreamy freefall sensation. Do I want more? Yes please! Geoffrey’s new LP, For As Long As I Can Remember is out on August 6th via Chapter Music.

Pleased to Meet You: The Belair Lip Bombs

Figured we’d spend a little time hanging out in Melbourne on the site today, so we’ll begin with a little love for The Belair Lip Bombs. At the moment, this single’s just a one off, and it’s self-released, though singer Maisie is currently on Chapter Music‘s roster with her other band CLAMM. So, this track we’ve got is sort of a classic college rock bop; it’s all begun by a muted little riff and vocals running over a stomping beat that keeps the song in place. But, quickly the track erupts, detailing Maisie’s thoughts on the “confusion of relationships in your early twenties;” it bounces back and forth between forceful bursts of pop and steadied melodic charms. Honestly, despite the band’s Aussie locale, this feels very much in the vein of what you’d come to expect from a slew of pop rock acts in the States, so it should be universally loved. Play it a few times and tell me I’m wrong.

Geoffrey O’Connor Shares Brand New Single (ft Jonnine)

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a devoted Geoffrey O’ Connor fan, whether that was through his role as a songwriter with Crayon Fields, or his underrated solo output. On this brand new tune, he’s working with Jonnine, who plays the accomplice, with both artists having this delicate croon to their voice. Personally, I just love the textured arrangements in O’ Connor’s songs, with little woodwind instruments popping their heads out from behind the synthesized shrubbery. For me, this is the brand of pop music that makes me swoon, enchanting and polished, elevating the genre beyond the trappings of kitsch. Geoffrey will be releasing For As Long as I Can Remember, his new solo LP, via Chapter Music on August 6th.

The Goon Sax Announce Mirror II

Through two albums, the Goon Sax have been nearly flawless with their brand of jangling guitar pop, but as they announce Mirror II, their third LP, it sounds like they’re taking some chances. In this tune, both the video and the song seem to have this heavy anxiety, almost a sense of foreboding; it’s a weight that even seems to hold the chorus down, with Riley and Louis seemingly holding back where they’ve been buoyant before. Still, that little change has me drawn to the tune like a moth to the light; I particularly like Riley’s vocal performance just as the song fades to nothing but synths and drums at the 3 minute mark. They’ve changed things up a bit, while still managing to sound wholly like the vibrant pop band that seemingly sprung out of nowhere; I’ve got to applaud them for pushing their sound into new territory. I look forward to hearing more from Mirror II…out July 9th via Matador Records.

Geoffrey O’Connor Announces Duets Album

Geoffrey O’Connor was a major gateway drug for me getting into Australian music; I fawned over his Crayon Fields outfit, which led me down the Chapter Music wormhole…and, well, you see where that led! Today I’m excited to hear the debut single from his forthcoming solo effort, which seems like it might not be a solo effort at all; it’s a duets album featuring the likes of Laura Jean, Jess Ribeiro, Nicole Thibault and more. On the first single, he’s paired up with Laura Jean, and it’s incredible just how well their voices match up; at times they seem to operate the same tonal space, while there are other moments when the song allows for one or the other to highlight their own gifts. Geoffrey, for his part, has this weird little lift in syllabic notes that gets me every time; he just kind of lifts the last note to give it this added breath. Oh, and as if O’Connor’s voice and songwriting wasn’t enough; he directed the video here too! For As Long as I Can Remember will be out August 6th via Chapter Music.

Sweet Whirl + Gregor Cover Have You Ever Seen the Rain

Generally speaking, I shy away from cover songs; it’s just not my thing. But, who doesn’t have a soft spot for “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” Plus, who wouldn’t love to hear their favorite up and coming artists, like Sweet Whirl and Gregor unite to put their spin on it. The duo turn the classic rock ballad into this slinking synth pop snake that weaves its way into your brain, somehow nestling right next to the original. I love the dense combination of the vocals during the chorus, giving a heaviness to those notes, rather than letting them soar wistfully as they do in Credence’s version. Both artists are also great in their own right, so be sure to visit their solo work as well…all if you can find with Chapter Music!

Chapter Music Reissues Tangled Shoelaces

There are very few things in life that are a sure bet, but one of those is that if Chapter Music has their hands in it, its probably going to be something worth your listen. And for me, I’ll be honest, I had no idea who Tangled Shoelaces were prior to Guy and company sending out their press release about the forthcoming Turn My Dial – M Squared Recordings and More 1981-1984 (that’s a mouthful!) LP. The collection gathers 22 songs from the limited recordings of the young Aussie outfit, enhanced and ready for your consumption. I mean, if you’re going off this track below; you can see the lineage between the various current acts, all the way up to the Goon Sax. That vocal delivery, that intertwining of male/female vocals; that damned energetic “ba ba ba ba;” this is a fucking necessity! It will be available on April 23rd.

Rock N’ Recipes: Gregor

I’ve been covering Gregor for some time, particularly with the release of his 2018 album, Silver Drop. But, in case you haven’t been in the loop, we will soon get to celebrate the release of Destiny, his new LP for Chapter Music. We reached out to see if he’d be willing to answer a few quick questions and share his favorite recipes, and thankfully, he’s obliged. Read on below…and as you browse, press play on the stream to sample a few of the album tracks. He’s also been so kind as to share a delicious Artichoke Soup recipe!

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