Dress Warm Release A Cowboy on Ice EP

We’ve been keeping a close eye on Dress Warm over here, as the band are an upstart act from our home; they’ve just released their new EP, A Cowboy on Ice. The one song we hadn’t heard as of yet is the nicely strummed “Close,” which wraps up the four-song listen. It operates on a nice little bedroom beat and gentle strum, but then it bursts into life, albeit momentarily as the group pull back to really hit those warm indie rock notes that make guitar pop so enjoyable. I really appreciate the band maneuvering back and forth in this track, mixing up the pacing, allowing the song to really swell into something lasting. Here’s “Close,” but be sure to check out the whole EP.

Lachlan Denton Keeps Writing Songs

Lachlan Denton has to be one of the most prolific songwriters this year. He’s already released one album with his friend Emma Russack; he’s got a new record coming our way with The Ocean Party…and now he’s let us know he’s got a solo effort coming out at the beginning of June. This first single is fairly relaxed, with Lach working his voice over careful guitar work; I’ve always loved his voice, so you win right away here. Just after the 1 minute mark a simple drum line enters, adding an extra layer to the track; still, the warmth of his voice carries on, aided by a comforting backing vocal from an unnamed friend. Osborne Again Music will release Two Months in Ben Woolley’s Room on June 1st.