Shunkan Readies New Single

11054372_919207408100054_2420515434765103079_oI first heard from Shunkan last year, and it seems fitting that the band returns now, as there’s definitely a movement to give the lady rockers of the indie world their long overdue credit.  In less than two minutes the group cuts through with strong riffs and energy, behind the tenacity of Marina Sakimoto’s vocals pushing forward all the while.  The new single’s being released by Art is Hard Records who have commissioned a rad comic to accompany it’s release, so if you’re feeling this tune, then be sure to grab it before the limited run is gone!


Download: Sunken – Our Names [MP3]


fruity_athI’m really tired of people making assumptions about my masculinity based on the fact that I like fruity cereals. I just like the way they taste, okay!? The skin tight sequin shirts, however, are a bit harder to explain.


pudding_athWho decided to make washing machines and toilets the exact same color? A simple color code system could prevent accidents like this. Clearly there should be some sort of advocacy group for drunks

Zero Dollars

zero_dollarsathI hear some people are downloading free software off bit-torrent sites. Not me. I would NEVER condone something like that. I can assure you this comic was made using software that I gladly payed hundreds, perhaps even thousands of dollars for.

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