Great Earthquake Share I’m Hiding Behind a Mask Video

I first got turned onto Great Earthquake when Thinking & Making was released. I immediately fell in love with the songwriting, so when Organized Religious Sounds quietly dropped on Friday, I was rushing to listen to it. This great song is the perfect introduction to the record; it’s like this steady pop meditation on identity…do we want to be noticed or hide because its easier? The song’s unassuming, but I love that about it. It almost seems too subtle to be noticed, like hiding behind a mask…but there are these slight little tonal shifts the give the song its natural little charm. If you’re looking to spend some time today, you should probably stream all of Organized Religious Sounds, out now via Lost and Lonesome.

Brand New Great Earthquake Number

Great Earthquake came to my musical world because Noah is a member of Lost Leaves, who I obviously raved about last year (I still do, privately). But, in his work as Great Earthquake, he takes on a different vibe, at least in so far as the tune below goes. It’s almost as if he’s crafted this number as a performance piece, with the vocals added as just another layer to the overall sound; there’s little inflection in the notes, entrancing listeners. Once you’re caught up in the song, little guitar notes begin to rise from the mix and the drum fills illustrate careful attention to detail. Thinking & Making will be released this Friday via Lost and Lonesome.

Love This New Track from Great Earthquake

Admittedly, I’m a label stalker, and for the last few years, Lost and Lonesome is a label I repeatedly go back to each week to unearth new gems. They’ve quietly put up this beautiful new track from Great Earthquake…the project of Noah Symons who drums for Lost Leaves. This number is one of patience and restraint, slowly plodding along with lyrical content revolving around the song’s title; it’s a tune about appreciating the life around you. If you’re looking for like-minded acts, then perhaps travel back in time to the music of American Football, simplistic and rewarding. Your day will only get better with this song floating around in your world. Look for Thinking & Making to come out later this year!