Class Drop Just Another Number

We ran a fresh track from Class just a few weeks ago, and the group are back with another tune from their forthcoming LP, If You’ve Got Nothing. While their first single flirted with the catchy realm of pop punk meets power pop, their latest is all bite and no bullshit. It opens with this dangerous riff, setting the scene for a stalking vocal performance that leaves the group growling through an old school brand of rock n’ roll. An emphatic refrain is barked at the listener as noise swell and punches to the close. Feel It Records will drop the LP on October 6th.

Class Announce New LP, Share Behind the Ball

Pressing play on any record or track from Class is going to have you immediately digging through your closet for that OG leather jacket and a pair of black sunglasses; it’s an all encompassing cool that’s simply inescapable. Today, they add to their legend with the announcement of If You’ve Got Nothing, their latest ripper. The announce comes with a new jam that’s currently rattling the speakers here; it’s high-octane riffs run amok, with a rhythm section built in to tickle your ears. Still, like any Class record would have, there’s this anthemic quality that makes your listening experience such a joy; that owes to the handclaps and “ahhs,” all of which get executed with effortless cool. I know you’re digging it, so be sure to grab a copy of If You’ve Got Nothing before it drops on October 6th via Feel It Records.

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