Have Another From JW Francis

After my compadres both shared some tuneage from New York based JW Francis over the last several months, I felt it was my turn to get in on the hype. Today we have this new song called “Lofi” which is a lovely bit of guitar pop music similar to a guy like Albert Hammond Jr. in his earlier solo days. What draws me in here is the infectious, breezy sound that is super easy to fall head over heals into. Now having shared three songs from Francis, I think it’s safe to say he’s ATH approved.

JW Francis Shares Place I Know Video

JW Francis quietly dropped his I’ll Love you Forever, Bye EP almost a year ago, but to be honest, its just now making its way to my ears, especially now that he’s sharing this brand new video for one of the standout tunes. The tune has this sort of warped pop bent to it, it’s got this warbling meander to it; I feel that’s apt as the video sort of encompasses the same sentiment, particularly in the bike scenes. That said, I think the full-toned voice of Francis is particularly charming, weaseling its way right into my ear holes; this is a nice early Monday morning jam, if you’re listening.

JW Francis Doesn’t Want To Go “Too Fast”

JW Francis was born in Tulsa, raised in Paris, and is now based out of New York, so it’s safe to say he’s got a wide range of musical influences and styles to pull from. On the bedroom pop of “Too Fast,” you get a little taste of these widespread influences. I hear a bit of Mac Demarco in those twangy guitars, a bit of French pop in the fuzzy percussion, and a bit of doo-wop in the vocals. As he puts it the track is about life going too fast, and perhaps the blatant irony here is that this track is only a minute and a half. Take a listen to the small cut of groovy chillwave and start your work week off right.