Last Week’s Jams (4.8 – 4.12)

Apparently it’s that time of year when I just can’t help myself; I’m going full-time it seems, as we ran 28 brand new tracks this last week, plus some nods to albums we liked that dropped on Friday. We got some fresh premiere activity from the Wesleys and Max Blansjaar, then there were some recent favorites dropping in new stuff like Lightheaded, Neutrals and Autocamper. Me personally, I loved the new Gregor single, and that new CBVB plays into similar territory. This collection of songs, like my own catalog, is pretty random, though we always tend to aim for left of the left of the dial. Stream on.

Mammoth Penguins Share Flyers Single

It should go without saying that the new LP from Mammoth Penguins is definitely high upon my list of things I’m most excited to get my hands on, and today they’ve dropped another bop right into your ears. On my two cents, I love how the group manages to bang out these heavily distorted riffs, yet wrapped them this buoyant rhythm section, creating this infectious edginess. Emma Kupa, of course, sells the hook with her typical powerful vocal performance; the track’s detailing of the challenges of that rock n’ roll lifestyle are likely relatable to anyone who’s managed to get a record recorded and hit the road; it’s not an easy life…but I’m guessing folks like Mammoth Penguins wouldn’t trade that for the world. Here is out May 3rd via Fika Recordings.

Last Week’s Jams (3.11 – 3.15)

For some reason or another, we were rather preoccupied with the Austin goings-on, so perhaps we didn’t cover as much as we might have liked. I’ll be circling back through this week to try and get as much of it up as I can. But, we did have some really solid jams…and a few premieres…or whatever you call it. I was definitely feeling a little electronically inclined, covering new stuff from Maria Chiara Argiro and Cong Josie. Got blown away by the new Lightheaded track, not to mention fawning over tunes from Kindsight and Mammoth Penguins. Oh, and speaking of premieres…we had a new Unwed Sailor and a live cut from The Wind-Ups. Check them below.

Mammoth Penguins Share Everything That I Write

It should be obvious this many years on in our site that we’re probably always going to rep Emma Kupa acts, especially if its Mammoth Penguins. Today, they’ve got a fresh single from their forthcoming Here LP, and it’s pretty much a staple track for the band in terms of their sound. They have this enthralling pattern of taking their sharp angular licks and pushing them into distortion, which always pans out in this magnificent vocal display from Emma. Here, her voice hits its peak, only to fold back into the warm melodic range. And what, you don’t like bobbing bass lines? Then don’t stop here! But, if you do, Here is out May 3rd via Fika Recordings.

Last Week’s Jams (2.12 – 2.16)

Sorry for taking off yesterday, but we’ll be honest, this site’s run by folks in the education field, so when we’re granted a rare day off mid-semester, you better believe we’re hanging with our families! But, here I am with hopefully a link to last week to set you up for this week. We covered perhaps too much music last week, getting 28 songs on the mark, and I was super stoked to hear that both Parsnip and Mammoth Penguins were back in business…with new albums heading our way. Plus, Kindsight gave us another sparkling single from their forthcoming LP via Rama Lama Records. I’m in on new Bolis Pupul, so we’ve got that, plus Unwed Sailor have a new release…there is maybe too much new stuff out there! Just take a listen!

Mammoth Penguins Return with New Single/Album

As an avowed Mammoth Penguins fan, I was over the moon finding this tune on the horizon for today. There’s something magical about Emma Kupa’s delivery, even when, she’s spelling out the lyrics as she does in the chorus on this note. Behind the vocals, the group consistently pump out no-frill pop rock, running through jangling-adjacent riffs and clever little interludes that allow them to set up the truest rock punch you’re going to encounter. I can totally picture myself in the crowd at an MP show, screaming along to every word Kupa tosses out; you won’t find more fun pop rock singalong tracks than what Mammoth Penguins offer. Happy to have them back after nearly five years since the excellent There’s No Fight We Can’t Both Win.; they release Here on May 3rd via Fika Recordings.

Rock n’ Recipes: Emma Kupa

We return to Rock n’ Recipes features with one of my absolute favorite musicians, Emma Kupa. I first stated my fandom with Standard Fare, but she’s gone on to her current projects Mammoth Penguins, Hayman Kupa Band…and, this month she’ll release her new solo LP. We caught up with her via email to chat about her songwriting process, the new LP, and she shares her go recipe for Vegan Banana Pancakes! It Will Come Easier is out Friday via Palo Santo Records and Fika Recordings.

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Emma Kupa Announces It Will Come Easier

Make no mistake about it…Emma Kupa is one of my absolute favorite songwriters; I loved Standard Fare; I love Hayman Kupa Band and Mammoth Penguins (that MP LP last year is still great!). So, when she announced her new solo effort, It Will Come Easier, I nearly knocked over my chair to get a listen. It’s interesting to hear this track, as it seems to draw on bits and pieces of her musical career, from the folkier moments with the banjo to that ripping guitar line you can hear in the distance…but of course, its always about that distinctively powerful voice. It’s hard to not see this song’s lyrics through the lens of the last few weeks, however, as the protagonist seems fed up with facing the same dilemma time and time again…so even our art is starting to call us out. A beautiful tune, and one we’ll look forward to picking up when It Will Come Easier drops via Palo Santo Records and Fika Recordings this Fall!

Mammoth Penguins Share B-Side

Needless to say, There’s No Fight We Can’t Both Win, was one of my favorite records of last year. One song that didn’t make the final cut for Mammoth Penguins was this gem they’re sharing titled “Sorry I Hurt Your Feelings.” It’s a special b-side tune that they’ve run up especially for today so that they can donate those funds to Trussel Trust, who support food banks…which I imagine becomes even more important in the current climate. Plus, the song makes up for the fact that we’d be seeing the band here in Austin for SXSW.

You can donate directly to Trussel Trust HERE.

SXSW Interview: Mammoth Penguins

When Standard Fare called it a day, Emma Kupa moved on to from Mammoth Penguins. I’ve been a huge fan from day one, and There’s No Fight We Can’t Both Win was one of my favorite LPs last year. All that said, I’ve never caught the band live, so I’m more than excited to finally get to see them at SXSW this year. We caught up with the group real quick to grab some answers to our little interview.

Oh…and if you’re so inclined…it’s tough to get bands from the UK to the US, so you can help by buying some Mammoth Penguins merch HERE.

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