New Austin Music Dropping Today

Today is one of those weird days where you look through your email and everything reeks of Austin. Feel like it’s our duty to spend some time and give a little coverage to those working in our city, even if its just the littlest bump. We’ve got old friends, old standbys and an artist I’ve just been getting into, so I’ll let you decide which is which!

Genuine Leather – “Tear It Down” (The Animal Farm)

BLK ODYSSYDiamonds & Freaks (Earthchild/Empire)

Ram Vela – “Fight or Flight” (Self-Released)

A Giant Dog – “Different Than” (Merge Records)

The Clientele Share Dying in May

Long ago the Clientele were able to create these foggy soundscapes of striking beauty, but for their latest release, it seems like they’re set on building beyond the expectations of the masses, even going so far as to strip songs of guitars. That’s exactly what they’ve done here, with layered percussion (both live and sampled) driving the song, while the atmospheric realm is built by varying other instruments like french horn and cello. Oddly, it somehow feels still every bit like a Clientele song; you still feel as if you’re listening to pop music for outsiders, leaning out the window with the wind at your face while everyone inside is rocking away on the radio. Totally excited to hear what the band can do wit a 19 song journey; we’ll find out when the band release I am Not There Anymore on July 28th via Merge.

Obligatory Teenage Fanclub Post

Yesterday there was news that Teenage Fanclub would be releasing a fresh record, and since I’m late to the party and you likely already heard the single, we’ll start our day here. Now, perhaps this is a bit of a stretch, but as someone who was raised by a hippie, this feels like this is the Grateful Dead season of the band. The melodies, which have always been brilliant, seem to take on this more almost pastoral sensation, with the whole group sort of riding on this locomotive rhythm guitar. Sure, there’s the lead guitar sliding in here and there in its own slithery manner, but I promise you, if you slid this track in a remastered version of Workingman’s Dead, it wouldn’t be out of place. Their new album, Nothing Lasts Forever, is out on 9.22 via Merge Records.

The Clientele Announce I Am Not There Anymore

If I were to be honest here, I admittedly haven’t thought about the Clientele in quite some time. That’s not to say I don’t listen to their record, only that time, and my continuously rapid consumption seem to have passed them by these last few years. But, that being said, there announcement of I Am Not There Anymore, their first LP since 2017, is a welcome bit of news. Interestingly, the band still sounds very much the same as they always have; you can hear it in the ornate guitar lines and vocals. That said, the density in their work seems to be lighter this go round; their inclusion of jazz and bossanova elements seem to give some feathered pop flurries to what’s in store. Looking forward to hear what this all sounds like when it comes together; the new LP is out on July 28th via Merge Records.

Have To Share This New Wye Oak

I am not sure what happened to my close relationship with Baltimore’s finest Wye Oak over the last few years, but I honestly didn’t spend a lot of time with their last two releases. Maybe it was the more electronic sound of 2015’s Shriek that threw me for a loop after many years of die hard fandom from their stunning debut If Children to the absolutely perfect 2011 release Civilian. For whatever reason I dismissed the band for a few years, I am notwback in full force with this new single “Fortune”. It’s a total stunner of a track with super heavy bass and guitar which harkens back to releases like the My Neighbor/My Creator EP from 2010. Simply put, I cannot get enough of this song today. Play, repeat.

Right now this song is intended only as a one off single as Andy and Jenn begin a short tour in February. Those dates can be found here.

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Show Preview & Interview: Photo-Ops with Tracyanne & Danny at 3TEN ACL Live 2/8

Friday night has some great options for you this weekend here in the ATX, and while it’s going to be a bit chilly out, I’ve got the perfect show to keep you nice and warm. Tracyanne & Danny are bringing along Photo-Ops to 3TEN ACL Live for a night of indie pop that is bound to dispel all bad vibes from the cold front. Opener Photo-Ops dropped a killer single that I shared with you last week, and has new materials in the works that are all sunshine. Tracyanne (of Camera Obscura) & Danny put out a killer record last year that checks the box of bedroom pop with stunning vocals and a little bit of bluegrass-ish swagger to it. You can buy pretty cheap tickets here, which I suggest you do, as it’s gonna be a great evening. Terry Price, the man behind Photo-Ops, obliged us to give us some brief answers to some random questions. Tunes and interview are after the jump!

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Indiepop from Tracyanne and Danny

I had heard rumors of this album, but really happy that today Tracyanne and Danny have released their first single from their forthcoming self-titled LP. It’s strange, but just hearing Tracyanne (of Camera Obscura) again is something that immediately establishes nostalgia; she was a huge part of my 00s listening experience (and beyond). Hearing her pull off a duet with expansive arrangements behind the vocals reminds me just how much I miss her songwriting touch. Look for the new LP via Merge on May 25th.

Destroyer Drops New Video

I don’t know what it is, but even when Dan Bejar seems to go out of his comfort zone, he’s able to execute as Destroyer. For instance, his new track definitely has an early 80s pulse to it, heavy on the synths and sterile percussion. Somehow, Bejar’s unique croon is able to slide carefully in between the grooves, delivering contemplative lines that reverberate as the synths echo in the background. In the video, there’s some great imagery captured in the stills that fill it. Look for his new album, ken, to hit on October 20th via Merge.

Brand New Destroyer Tune

While I’m enjoying going through all last week’s tunes, it would be hard to overlook that there’s a new Destroyer tune floating out there today. He’s perhaps one of the most distinctive voices out there in the music world, and he puts that voice on display for this song’s opening two minutes. For that period, the song’s pretty sparse, but then it expands with furthered textures…keyboard, guitar and more pronounced percussion. He’s titled his new record, ken, and it will be out come this October via Merge Records.

Obligatory Teenage Fanclub Post

teenagefanclubWell, you had to know this was coming, and you had to know I was going to be the one to remind you about this new Teenage Fanclub tune. It just popped up yesterday, offering that classic TF sound, bringing heavy distorted guitars into a melodious zone while the vocals carry your heart home. I’ve listened to their new album Here quite a bit lately, and I think anyone remotely interested in the finer side of guitar pop will want to get their hands on it; it’s available via Merge on September 9th.

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