Spice World Share Useless Feeling

If you haven’t boarded the train to Spice World, might beg you to join, as the band seem set on releasing a pretty timeless record at the start of next year. There’s something in the vocals that brings about this striking familiarity, like a friend’s on your porch detailing their latest yarn. It provides this naturalness that’s been drawing me in like some sort of crazy pop tractor beam. Behind those vocals, you get a steady tapping of the feet, like bouncing a baby on your knee as guitar notes flirt with jangling. It all comes together perfectly when you hit that chorus, adding in the backing vocals to maximize the saccharine core that makes this group so endearing. There’s No I in Spice World drops to the world on January 20th via Tenth Court and Meritorio Records.

Model Shop Share Lucky

In just a coupe of weeks, we’ll get to hear the entirety of the new Model Shop LP, but we finally get to hear the opening tune, which certainly sets the tone for the record and the band’s intentions. A thumping drum joins up with an acoustic strum, bringing about a galloping earnestness that kicks off hook-laden pop rock you’ll rush to turn up. They up the ante though, as one hook surely isn’t enough for the average pop fan, so they add in some vocal harmonies, adding both contrast and exuberance; it’s an immediate shot to the listener, letting us all know the group aim to please! Love Interest will be out via Meritorio Records on November 25th.

Model Shop Share Compilation Tape

Forgive us if you’ve already spent a good amount of time with this new Model Shop, as it dropped last week, but I wanted to be sure we gave it a little nod over here as well. While the opening bass line bounds in with this bit of frivolity, the vocals wash that away rather quickly, bringing a steadier charm, something that feels like a mature indiepop croon. There’s a nice little burst too in the chorus, surging through like the KoolAid guy breaking through your stereo with pitcher of joy. There’s so many different plays on the indiepop sound here, it’s easy to find yourself a dozen little ear worms that’ll make your day. Their album Love Interest is out at the end of November courtesy of Meritorio Records.

The Smashing Times Share Candy Bar

When I first encountered The Smashing Times, the band was all jangles and pop, and I adored it. Now, as they prepare for the release of their Bloom LP, the band are flexing their songwriting, showing off a maturity that shines equally as bright, if not more so. This latest single illustrates that growth, slowing down the jangle to build almost a garage rock ballad; it honestly reminds me of the last Harlem record that I thought was drastically overlooked. It’s like a the perfect sunny daydream, or the brilliant closing moment to a movie set. Can’t say enough great things about this band, so be sure to grab Bloom from Meritorio; it drops on October 28th.

Model Shop Announce Debut LP, Love Interest

It didn’t take much convincing for me to jump on this new track from Model Shop, as the band features members from Math and Physics Club, plus they’re releasing their debut on Meritorio Records. This new single illustrates the promise that awaits; there’s this striking positivity that resonates from the various textures, always hitting the pop notes. As I listened on repeat, I found the tune landing somewhere between Nada Surf and early Jimmy Eat World, leaving me with a tune I could let live in my head all day long. Love Interest will be out on November 21st, and it’s going to spin on my end non-stop.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (9.12 – 9.16)

We covered a lot of territory last week, with a few songs not on streaming services (the Persian Leaps/Cindy), so here’s a wrap-up of last week to kick off your Monday morning blues. I was stoked to hear new Intelligence, but I had to start off the playlist with a new track from I Was a King, as its one of my favorites this year. Some cool stuff came our way from the UK, from the likes of European Sun, Chorusgirl and Pete Astor. Meritorio Records had a solid presence with the new Jim Nothing LP stream and a fresh single from Spice World. Plus, we touched up on some bonus Austin sounds from Twain and High Heavens. Stream it all below, friends.

Spice World Share Dying to Go/What a Pity What a Shame Single

It’s hard not to get overly excited when you hear the immediate infectiousness from Australia’s Spice World. That drum beat dropped in behind the guitars on “Dying to Go” and I just felt like I had been welcomed into a party with all my best friends; there’s this natural freedom to the track, rambunctious and fun, tethered to a hook all the while. Then they slip in and slow things all the way down on the flip, getting a little more of a look-in to the band’s ability to switch speeds mid-album. And speaking of album, the band are using this double single to announce There is No “I” in Spice World out on January 20th via Tenth Court and Meritorio Records.

Stream Jim Nothing’s Debut Album, In the Marigolds

New Zealand’s Jim Nothing are no stranger to these pages the last few months, but seeing as they’re a little bit ahead of us in terms of daylight, we get to stream their debut LP a bit earlier than Friday! For those of you into the traditions of lo-fi and early 80s DIY aesthetics, you’re certainly going to feel the charms of this entire listen. Take “Seahorse Kingdom,” for example, using this thumping rhythm and aura of whimsy to carry the exuberance of the song immediately to the listener. Maybe you want to swing the other way and hit on one of the great singles like “Fall Back Down,” which reminds me a lot of their Oceanic neighbors Twerps (and other “dole” wave) acts. Brief songs and steady bounce just guarantee you’ll run right over to Meritorio Records/Melted Ice Cream and grab yourself a copy of In the Marigolds!

The Smashing Times Share Lost, When I Remember

One of the records I picked up last week was the forthcoming LP from Smashing Times, and today there’s another new single out there that illustrates the group’s musical growth. You can hear sort of a late 60s psychedelia in the guitar work, just hanging in the twang, but the vocals definitely feel like they’ve been chiseled out of early 90s Britain. So you get this interesting juxtaposition, putting melodic pop balladry right alongside the smoke-filled rooms of the past; I’m totally digging on the mixture of the two, kind of like traveling through time in a kaleidoscope of rad sounds. Bloom is out in late October via Meritorio Records.

Jim Nothing Share Fall Back Down

Our friends over at Meritorio Records consistently unearth great acts and bring them to my attention, like New Zealand’s Jim Nothing. The band play just on the edges of modern jangle pop, perhaps mellowed on the edges to have a softer feel to the natural bounce. This fits perfect into the style, as the vocals are delivered in that manner that’s just above spoken word, steady and just hinting at the melody; that, of course, gets a little aid by the sped up jangle of the guitar when necessary. In the Marigolds is destined to win you over when it drops on September 15th.

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